2018 Special Guests

Tony Breed

Table 413
muddlersbeat.com, @tonybreed on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr

Tony Breed is the man behind the web comics Muddlers Beat and Finn and Charlie are Hitched (nominated for an Ignatz in 2011). Both are newspaper style slice-of-life-comics with the same cast. Muddlers Beat is about the creative floundering of a group of young and middle-aged people; Hitched tells the story of married gay couple and their friends. Expect jokes about indie rock, romance, sperm banks, and depression. In addition to making comics, Tony is a founding member of Chicago’s CHIRP Radio, where he DJs every Friday morning.

Eddie Campbell

Table 106

Eddie has made a career of drawing comics of an idiosyncratic and personal nature, as collected in Alec: The Years Have Pants. At the same time he has lent his graphic abilities to the enormous and internationally bestselling graphic novel, From Hell, written by Alan Moore. He has been married to novelist Audrey Niffenegger for two years and together they have created the book, Bizarre Romance. He is also a writer on the history and theory of comics and The Goat Getters is his latest contribution to that line of inquiry.

Nick Drnaso

Table 407

Nick Drnaso was born in 1989 and grew up in Palos Hills, Illinois. He is the author of Beverly (2016) and Sabrina (2018), both published by Drawn & Quarterly. He lives in Chicago.

Nicole Hollander

Table 314
badgirlchats.com, twitter: @nhollandersyl insta: @nicole_hollander

Nicole Hollander is best known for her syndicated comic strip, Sylvia. Her work has been archived in the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library at Ohio State University, alongside Roz Chast’s, Bill Watterson’s, and other greats. She has published fifteen books and blogs at badgirlchats.com. She lives in Chicago.

Audrey Niffenegger

Table 106
https://www.audreyniffenegger.com, Twitter: @AANiffenegger FB: @Aniffenegger

Audrey Niffenegger is a writer and artist who makes artists books, prints, comics and novels. Her books The Time Traveler's Wife, Raven Girl, Her Fearful Symmetry and others have been published internationally. She's married to Eddie Campbell and they have collaborated on a new book, Bizarre Romance.

Mimi Pond

Table **

** Available during panels and signings only

Mimi Pond is a cartoonist, illustrator, humorist and writer. Her graphic memoir, ""The Customer is Always Wrong,"" will be published by Drawn and Quarterly in Spring 2017. It is the long-awaited 400 pages+ sequel to 2014's ""Over Easy,"" which detailed her post-art school waitressing career in the late 1970s in Oakland Ca. ""Over Easy"" garnered a tremendous critical response, a place on the New York Times Best Seller List, the PEN Center USA award for Graphic Literature Outstanding Body of Work, and an Inkpot Award from Comic Con International in San Diego.
Pond has also produced a mug that both promotes and celebrates the title of her new book. You can find it at http://www.fishseddy.com/the-customer-is-always-wrong-mug.html
Pond has created comics for the Los Angeles Times, Seventeen Magazine, National Lampoon, and many other publications too numerous to mention, along with five humor books. She has also written for television: her credits include the first full length episode of the Simpsons, ""Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"" in 1989, and episodes for the television shows ""Designing Women"" and ""Pee Wee's Playhouse"". She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, the painter Wayne White.

Fiona Smyth

Table 511
fionasmyth-blogspot.ca, @fionasmythlukkie, https://www.facebook.com/fionasmythart/

Fiona Smyth is a feminist painter, illustrator, and cartoonist. For thirty-two years she has covered Toronto and elsewhere with her distinctive female charged graphics. She illustrated writer and sex educator Cory Silverberg’s Kickstarter funded picture book “What Makes A Baby” in 2012, re-released by Seven Stories Press in 2013. The second book in the series “Sex Is A Funny Word” was named a 2016 ALA Stonewall Book Award Honor book and won the 2016 Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children’s Non-Fiction. Fiona collaborated with writer Mariko Tamaki for her story in “Secret Loves of Geek Girls”, and cartoonist Ron Rege Jr. on Perish Plains Volume 4 for Perish Publishing. Her comics can be found in Resist #1 and 2, edited by Francoise Mouly and Nadja Spiegelman.

Carol Tyler

Table 220
http://www.fantagraphics.com/artists/carol-tyler/, @carolcomix (twitter)

Carol Tyler is a cartoonist whose autobiographical stories reflect her struggles and joys as an artist, worker, wife, and mother. In 2016, Tyler received the Cartoonist Studio Prize from the Slate Book Review. The legendary cartoonist Robert Crumb describes her work as having “...the extremely rare quality of genuine, authentic heart. Hers are the only comics that ever brought me to the verge of tears.""

Georgia Webber

Table 301
georgiawebber.com, IG: @gee_webber

Georgia Webber is a cartoonist living in Toronto, where she is the Comics Editor for carte blanche and a freelance comics editor working directly with artists to realize their best work. She is known for Dumb, her autobiographical comics series about living with a vocal disability.

Jim Woodring

Table 315
http://www.jimwoodring.com/, @woodring_jim (twitter) @jimwoodringcartoonist (facebook, insta)

Jim Woodring’s cartoons chart a course through some of the most surreal imagery ever seen in any artistic medium, drawing visions from the realms of the subconscious to create a graphic world of dreams. Jim's work has taken him around the world, from Australia to Alaska to Oslo, and has garnered him numerous awards, including an Artist Trust Gap Award in 2003, a 2008 Artist Trust Fellowship; an Inkpot Award at the 2008 Comic-Con International in San Diego; a Rasmuson Foundation, and most recently, The Stranger named Jim their 2010 Literature Genius.

Gina Wynbrandt

Table 105
ginawynbrandt.com, twitter: @gwynbr / instagram: @wynbr

Gina Wynbrandt (b.1990) is an artist from Chicago. Her work has been featured in The Best American Comics and nominated for an Ignatz award. She loves sitcoms, teen pop stars, makeup, the Internet, and being the center of attention. Her first book Someone Please Have Sex With Me has been translated into Danish, Spanish, and Norwegian.

Bianca Xunise

Table 517
biancaxunise.com, @biancaxunise for twitter & instagram

Bianca Xunise is an illustrator and cartoonist based out of Chicago. Her work primarily focuses on the plight and daily struggles as identifying as a young black feminist weirdo in modern society. Her story-telling can range from simple relatable slice of life content to complex nuanced narratives like police brutality that have garnered her an Ignatz Award for Promising New Talent. Bianca’s work has been published on diverse platforms such as Hello Giggles, The Nib, Bitch Magazine, The Washington Post and NYLON and has been interviewed on platforms such as The BBC, The Nerdist, and Riot Fest. When she’s not doodling away Bianca is usually somewhere dreaming of the mothman, while listening to The Damned.

2018 Exhibitors


First Slice: Emerging Artist Showcase

Table 110

This table features artists who have never exhibited at a comics festival! Curated by CAKE Organizers, each artist will table for one day of CAKE, free of charge, to expose them to exhibiting at a festival, and expose attendees to these new comics voices. This year’s First Slice artists are Olivia Walch (Sat), Haley Tweedell & Adelaido Olea (Sat), Andrea Pearson (Sun) & Shelby Kahr (Sun).
Artists’ individual bios are listed among the exhibitors.

CAKE Comics

Table 111B

CAKE is an all-volunteer operation, and our passion for comics runs deep. Check out the comics CAKE organizers, coordinators, and volunteers make when they’re not putting the show together!


Table 211-12A
2dcloud.com @2dcloud, @2d.cloud

comic arts • culture • community | ALTCOMICS

David Alvarado

Table 406B
www.hello-david.com https://www.instagram.com/tuffasaurus/

David Alvarado is a cartoonist and illustrator who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. A graduate of Columbia College Chicago his comics are often characterized by quirky characters, bizarre scenarios and absurd humor. His Illustrations are often densely layered in detail with rich flat color. He has also contributed comics to the back pages of Newcity under the comic title ""Life is Beautiful""

Iasmin Omar Ata

Table 225
iasminomarata.com DELTAHEAD (twitter, instagram, itch.io) / iasminomarata (tumblr)

Middle Eastern / Muslim / epileptic comics artist, game designer, illustrator, and curator who creates art about coping with illness, understanding identity, dismantling oppressive structures, and Islamic futurism. Their works include Mis(h)adra (creator), Four Horsemen (character designer / CG artist), Ghosts of Miami (background artist), Zenith (creator), and Being (creator). Let’s make powerful things together!

Leon Avelino / Secret Acres

Table 408B-409

Secret Acres titles and artists have been recognized with Ignatz Award wins and nominations, an Eisner Award nomination and an LA Time Book Prize nomination. Several titles have appeared in international editions. A longtime champion of the minicomic format, Secret Acres began publishing minicomics in 2011 and continues to distribute minicomics in their online Emporium.

Rachel Bard

Table 213A
www.rachelbard.com instagram: @rachel_bard

Rachel Bard is a cartoonist and illustrator who loves monsters, sad stories, and small press publishing. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016, where she drew a lot of cute things trying to not get eaten. Now she spends her time making comics, inventing strange new animals, and assembling an endless amount of tiny books.

Kelly Bastow

Table 221B
http://kellybastowart.com/ http://moosekleenex.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/Moosekleenex

Kelly Bastow is a tradition illustrator and comic creator from Newfoundland, Canada.

Sarah Becan

Table 102B
www.sarahbecan.com twitter/instagram: @sarahbecan facebook.com/sarahbecanart/

Sarah Becan is a comics artist, author, illustrator and designer, and the creator of “I Think You’re Sauceome”, a food-centric autobiographical webcomic.

She was awarded a Xeric Award and a Stumptown Trophy for Outstanding Debut for her first graphic novel, The Complete Ouija Interviews, and her work has twice been nominated for the Ignatz Award.

Becan’s second graphic novel, Shuteye, was funded with a successful Kickstarter campaign and released in early 2012. In 2014, she wrote and illustrated Luna de Cuernos, a long form graphic story for Fifth House Ensemble’s spring 2014 concert series.

Most recently, she provided dozens of pages of comics and illustrations for The Adventures of Fat Rice, in stores now.

Andrea Bell

Table 226A
http://andreabelldraws.com/ Instagram: @andyharvest Twitter: @andyharvestyeah Facebook: @andreabelldraws

Andrea Bell has a midwest heart and the biggest love for denim. She spent half her time growing up playing in the woods and the other half doodling on walls. Now days she works as a freelance illustrator and comic artist in the city of Chicago throughout the best and worse seasons. She studied Art & Design and Illustration at Columbia College Chicago and her work now reflects adventure, honesty, and strong relate-able characters combined with an intriguing palette.

Brandon Berry

Table 218A
brandonaberry.weebly.com graffittifunk@instagram reprimitive.tumblr

Brandon Berry has been publishing mini comics since 2011. He has exhibited at the Fluke mini comics and zine festival in Athens Ga and at the Pittsburgh Indy Comix Expo.

Landis Blair

Table 401B

Pen and ink illustrator and author brooding in Chicago.

Archie Bongiovanni

Table 231B
annabongiovanni.com @greasebat on twitter and @babywrist on instagram (the best way to see my stuff)

Archie Bongiovanni has been drawing comics for over a decade, which also means that they also have several part-time jobs. They publish monthly comics on Autostraddle.com and has worked with The Nib and Everyday Feminism, as well as on their own printer. They also teach comic courses to high schoolers at a local library, run a huge queer book club, and work at a feminist owned sex shop. They're newest graphic novel, A Cheap And Easy Introduction To They/Them Pronouns (Limerence Press) will be out 2018.

Domino Books

Table 307
Dominobooks.org @dominocomics twitter/insta

Domino Books is a publisher and distributor of artists books, comics, and all types of printed media.

Domino Books believes that all people---not only those that call themselves artists---have images and phrases lying in their hearts and minds. We'd much prefer a world where people sit down and try to bring these things to the surface, rather then attaching widgets to gears for someone else's benefit.

We publish artists that remind us that art is worth devoting your life to, even if there are no tangible rewards. It is our sincere hope that readers of our publications will have yet another pressure put upon them to not ignore their innate creativity any longer.

Katie Bourgeois

Table 218B
www.behance.net/kbourg https://www.instagram.com/glittergheist/

Katie Bourgeois is a lesbian cartoonist-illustrator living in the Chicago area. She's still too young to realize she's made a grave vocational error.

Bred Press

Table 202
www.bredpress.com IG: @bredpress

Bred Press is an artist books, comics, and zine publishing house located in Chicago. Started by Brad Rohloff in 2014, it provides a platform by which to support contemporary artists working within the medium of printed and published matter. I love you.

Kevin Budnik

Table 226B
kevinbudnik.com twitter - @knittedsweater instagram @kevin_budnik

Kevin Budnik is a cartoonist from Chicago. He makes autobiographical comics and zines

Jim Campbell

Table 217B
angryjim.com http://facebook.com/officialangryjim/

Jim Campbell has been drawing comics off and on since teaming up with the Meathaüs collective in 2001. In addition to numerous anthologies, his 2005 book Krachmacher was published with a Xeric grant. His day job is working as a colorist for Dark Horse, Marvel, Spongebob Comics, Mad Magazine, and Tony Millionaire, and drawing storyboards for Cartoon Network. In his spare time, he plays in the Brooklyn band Paper Fleet. Jim recently drew the comics for the Boom comics adaptation of Over the Garden wall and his most recent graphic novel ""At The Shore"" was published by Alternative comics in 2016.

Tyrell Cannon

Table 515A
http://www.tyrellcannon.com/ @tcannoncomics on twitter, instagram, tumblr

Tyrell is a comic book artist living and working in Chicago, IL known for his comics Gary, Simon, and Victus. He is also the co-editor of the science fiction romance comics anthology Speculative Relationships.
Tyrell strives to create comics that are thoughtful, well-crafted, diverse in subject matter, and push the comics medium forward. He hopes to help promote the art form by supporting fellow creators and engaging in meaningful discussions about the potential of comics.

William Cardini

Table 410A
http://www.hypercastle.com Twitter and Instagram: @williamcardini

William Cardini's comics include Vortex and Tales from the Hyperverse. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri, with his wife and daughter.

Lilli Carré

Table 104B

Lilli Carré works primarily in comics, sculpture, and animation. She has published several books of comics and is the co-director of the Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation.

Caroline Cash

Table 304B
http://carolinecashcomics.com/ https://www.instagram.com/cash_browns

Caroline Cash is a cartoonist currently getting her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She enjoys long walks on the beach and complaining about minuscule things.

Flannery Cashill / Flanland

Table 302A
www.flanland.com twitter.com/reggaefanatic99

Flannery Cashill is an artist and writer from Kansas City, MO. She works in a variety of media, including comics, claymation, and fiction. Her favorite book is ""Miss Piggy's Guide to Life."" Please feel free to utilize her chat room!

CCC Illustration Student Group

Table 103A
https://www.facebook.com/Illustration-Student-Group-280864819098565/ https://www.instagram.com/isgcolumbia/

Illustration Student Group (ISG) serves as the student organizational branch of Columbia College’s Illustration Program. Our group strives to create a community in art and design while facilitating events and opportunities for students in Chicago's art scenes. Since 2015, our student group has encouraged growing illustrators of all backgrounds to explore careers and communities before even getting their degrees. We strive to create a constructive environment for young professionals in all branches of illustration and art.

Mike Centeno

Table 302B
www.futilecomics.com @mike_centeno

Mike Centeno is a Venezuelan cartoonist now residing in Chicago, IL. The majority of his work deals with explorations of the self, cultural identity, and the latin american perspective, often sprinkled with twilight zone-inspired sci-fi and noir.

Angela Chen

Table 308A
www.angelafanche.com instagram: @angelafanche


Chris C. Cilla

Table 205B
www.cccilla.com https://www.instagram.com/cccilla1/

C. Cilla is a cartoonist and screenprinter. His comic book Labyrinthectomy/Luncheonette is available from Revival House Press, and Sparkplug Comic Books published his full length book The Heavy Hand. His work has been featured in anthologies such as Kramers Ergot, Corpus Corpus, and appears regularly in Portland’s free comics newspaper Vision Quest. He has been publishing minicomics since 1987. Born in Tucson, Arizona, he has since lived in Portland, Oregon and Gwangju, South Korea. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Helsinki, Lucern, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Detroit.

Sage Coffey

Table 516B
https://sagecoffey.myportfolio.com https://twitter.com/SageCoffey

Sage Coffey is a small nonbinary critter living it up in Chicago, IL. Since 2016, they've edited Sweaty Palms, an anthology about anxiety. They love wrestling, beetles, and most of all, their cats.

Coin-Op Books

Table 219B
coinopbooks.com https://twitter.com/CoinOpBooks instagram.com/coinophoey/ https://www.facebook.com/coinopstudio/

Coin-Op is bi-coastal brother and sister artists Peter + Maria Hoey. Their comics have been recognized by Best American Comics, American Illustration, and the Society of Illustrators. They are debuting their new multistory comic book: Coin-Op no.7 at CAKE.

Cold Cube Press

Table 310A
coldcubepress.com @coldcubepress

Cold Cube Press is a risograph publishing and printing collective based out of Seattle, Washington. We are committed to publishing a wide variety of books representing the many mediums and creators making books today. We specialize in publishing comics, art books and poetry and representing a diverse group of artists from all over the world.

Cow House Press

Table 305A
http://cowhousepress.com twitter: @CowHousePress / instagram: cowhousepress

A Chicago-based micropress, we were created with the intent to publish works by queer and

Czap Books

Table 215B
http://czapbooks.com @czapbooks

Czap Books is a Providence-based micropress dedicated to celebrating the poetic, the personal, and the weird in comics’ rich ecosystem. We champion artists who pull from a wide net of influences and who explore what the comics medium is capable of.

Evan Dahm

Table 210B
www.rice-boy.com twitter, tumblr: evandahm

Evan lives in Brooklyn, NY and has been creating and publishing fantasy graphic novels since 2006, including Rice Boy, Order of Tales, and Vattu. He's working on the graphic novel Island Book for First Second Books and a bunch of other things.

Dandelion Wine Collective

Table 108A
www.dandelionwinecollective.com/ Twitter: @dandy_wine Tumblr, instagram: @dandelionwinecollective Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dandelionwinecollective/

DWC is a small press publishing company based in Baltimore, MD and founded by Paloma Hernando and Sunmi. We specialize in anthologies and publishing newcomers to the indie scene (just like us!)
We believe that comics are important to the future of storytelling, especially in regards to uplifting marginalized voices and supporting the careers of diverse creators. Honest stories, compelling comics, and the vision of independent artists, are at the core of our publishing practice.

Nicole Del Rio

Table 104A
http://ndelri.tumblr.com ndelri.tumblr.com and https://www.instagram.com/nicolecdelrio/

Nicole Del Rio hails from Northern California and attended the the Art Institute of Chicago. She indulges in narrative based work such as experimental comics and illustration, which are often nostalgic, self-deprecating and emotional.

Krystal DiFronzo

Table 311B
krystaldifronzo.com https://twitter.com/skinnednstewed toothandnail.tumblr.com instagram: @skinnedandstewed

Krystal DiFronzo is a cartoonist, curator, and educator based in Chicago. Her work is mostly self-published but has also been featured in publications by Believed Behavior, kuš! , and Bred Press. She's a libra/cancer rising, has a chipped tooth, and collects taxidermied frogs.

Miriam Dubinsky

Table 212B
https://miriam-dubinsky.tumblr.com/ https://miriam-dubinsky.tumblr.com/

Miriam is an artist and printmaker currently residing in Denver, Colorado. She grew up in San Francisco and received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012. She’s currently exploring the bright, artificial and manufactured colors which remind her of candy and the palette of her teenage profession, an ice cream scooper. She plays with her forms and, as if her medium is a punch-line, her final works coax the humor from the lives of her current and former pets. These themes appear in Miriam’s work through both digital drawing, printmaking techniques and painterly compositions.

Melissa Duffy

Table 228B
Melissatheduffy.com @melissatheduffy

Melissa Duffy is a cartoonist and illustrator. She publishes short stories, including the serial-chapter ""OUTWARD"".

Jen Epervary

Table 503B
jepervary.com @jeperbees (facebook, twitter and Instagram)

Jen Epervary is an illustrator, dog enthusiast based in Boston, MA. Focusing on narratives emphasizing mental health awareness and learning all of the tricks of the trade, Jen has been working within the illustration and design industry for the past four years. Nowadays you can find Jen at local fairs selling novelty patches, telling ghost stories, crying over cartoons, and yelling about the beauty and majesty of ALL DOGS


Table 317-8

Publisher of the World’s Greatest Cartoonists

Emil Ferris

Table 316B

Emil Ferris is the author of ‘My Favorite Thing Is Monsters – Part1’ (Fantagraphics) Emil is also a painter, writer, illustrator and sculptor for the toy industry.

Fine OK Press

Table 506B
http://arrocomic.com/ Twitter: @fineokpress; Instagram: @fend13th; Facebook: Fine OK Press; Tumblr: fffend

Hi, we're Tara and Ali. We've been creating comics together for almost 10 years now. Our core piece is an ongoing apocalyptic adventure story called ARRO. We’ll be selling issues 1-5 at CAKE. In addition to ARRO, we enjoy making stand-alone mini-comics — like Marta, about a woman on a journey of self-discovery; and The Ooze, a pulpy space horror vignette. Ali is based in the Boston area and Tara is in Chattanooga, TN. We both love cats, creek hikes, and the smell of freshly printed books. We can’t wait to meet you.

Floating Head

Table 230A
Floating Head graphic science fiction quarterly

Floating Head collects graphic science fiction in an indie/art comics vein into a quarterly magazine that specializes in an experimental open format design.

Ashley Robin Franklin

Table 305B
www.arfranklinstein.com @arfranklinstein (instagram & twitter)

Ashley Robin Franklin is a cartoonist & artist based in Austin, Texas. She works in a variety of traditional mediums, including ink, pencil, & watercolor. She's into making comics about: feelings, memories, cute girls, animals, & spooky stuff.

Mike Freiheit

Table 417A

Mike Freiheit is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Chicago. He's working on a graphic novel about caring for monkeys in South Africa called Monkey Chef.

Lydia Fu

Table 306B
www.lydiafu.com @lungfu (instagram), @lydiafu (twitter), @pzilla (tumblr), lydiafu.artist (facebook), @lydiafu (ello.co)

Lydia is an illustrator and animator based in Chicago. She has a hard spot for new school but a soft spot for old school. Her personal work focuses on identity and how that shapes our world and our relationships to each other. She throws late night sketch parties with her cat BaoBao.

Penina Gal

Table 215A
http://penina.net Instagram: @penina.gal

Penina Gal is a cartoonist living in Providence, RI. They make comics about feelings, cats, lost kids, and glamorous monsters. Their comic, ""Limp Wrist,"" won the SPACE prize for best minicomic.

Marnie Galloway

Table 402A
www.marniegalloway.com Twitter: @marniegalloway Instagram: @marniegalloway_comics

Marnie Galloway is a Chicago-based cartoonist who makes personal and fictional poetic comics. She is the author of ""In the Sounds and Seas,"" ""Particle/Wave,"" ""Burrow,"" and a growing pile of minicomics of questionable quality.

November Garcia

Table 501B

November Garcia makes comics about life, and is based in the Philippines. Foggy Notions is her first comic published in the U.S. by Hic and Hoc Publications. Her self-published mini-series, Malarkey, is available at the Spit and a Half distro. She has only one working eye so don’t wave at her from her left side.

Megan Rose Gedris

Table 515B
rosalarian.com facbook.com/rosalariancomics, twitter.com/rosalarian, rosalarian.tumblr.com, instagram.com/rosalarian

Megan Rose Gedris, aka Rosalarian, is a comics writer and artist based in Chicago. She started making webcomics in 2002, with a focus on women and LGBTQ characters, as well as body/sex positivity. Her style is expressive with a penchant for bright colors and textures. When not making comics, she performs burlesque around the country as “the comic stripper” Florence of a’Labia.

Pris Genet

Table 309B
ratsvvarm.tumblr.com ig: ratsvvarm

Pris is a cartoonist from Chicago.

Xia Gordon

Table 512B
http://xiagordon.com http://twitter.com/carefulblackgrl - http://instagram.com/carefulblackgrl

Xia is a freelance Illustrator and comic artist based Brooklyn. She grew up between Orlando, FL and NYC, and graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Cartooning & Illustration.

Adam Griffiths

Table 408A

CAKE is proud to award the fourth annual Cupcake Award to Adam Griffiths! Adam is a cartoonist, illustrator, artist living in Takoma Park, MD. Adam just released the first installment of his graphic novel, Washington White.

Enrique Guerra

Table 208B
Primeslime.com https://twitter.com/Primeslimee

Enrique is a cartoonist from Chicago Il, his work has been featured on vice and various other anthologies. He runs a weekly comic group at the arts of life, and

Corinne Halbert

Table 518B
http://corinnehalbert.com/home.html @corinnehalbert is my Twitter and Instagram handle

Corinne Halbert toils away relentlessly on an ongoing explosion of carnal, sardonic artwork that includes comics, paintings, and illustrations awash with flesh, blood, sick jokes, dick jokes, occult invocations, acid divinations, and severely naked ladies. Since 2009, Halbert has self-published Hate Baby comics, as well as contributed to Black Eye, Magic Whistle, and Suspect Device. When she isn’t rendering body cavities real and/or imagined with her signature psychedelic aplomb, Halbert peddles zines, comics, and other incendiary literature at Chicago’s revered Quimby’s Bookstore. She received her BFA in Film/Video at Massachusetts College of Art in 2003 and her MFA in Painting and Drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2008.

Cathy Hannah

Table 518A
www.sayrabbitrabbit.com https://www.facebook.com/ChainsawCathy/, https://twitter.com/ChainsawCathy, https://www.instagram.com/chainsawcathy/, https://chainsawcathy.tumblr.com

Cathy Hannah writes and draws black and white, sad bastard autobiographical comics about boys, cats, and naps.

Dustin Harbin

Table 512A
www.dharbin.com Twitter: @dustinharbin Facebook: facebook.com/the.dharbin Instagram: @dharbin Tumblr: dharbin.tumblr.com

Dustin Harbin is a cartoonist and illustrator from Charlotte, NC. He's best known for his continuing series of diary comics, cleverly titled ""Diary Comics,"" published by Koyama Press. More at dharbin.com

M.S. Harkness

Table 417B
http://msharkness.bigcartel.com/ http://m-s-harkness.tumblr.com

M.S. Harkness makes autobio comics that are printed on paper and aren't very expensive. Last year she forgot to bring her bag of clothes to Chicago so hopefully she gets it together this time.

Keith Herzik

Table 205A
Alamoigloo.blogspot.com @keithherzik on instagram

Keith Herzik makes screen printed zines and posters and is one half of Wet Wallet.

Beth Hetland

Table 214A
www.beth-hetland.com @bethhetland

Beth Hetland is a graduate of The Center for Cartoon Studies and faculty member teaching comics at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her solo work, FUGUE, is an autobiographical three-part story about her family using music as a metaphor for their relationships. Her most recent collaborative work, Half Asleep, is the story of a young girl whose mother enrolls her in a college program in a reality where you can manipulate your dreams and they affect the real world.

Hidden Fortress Press

Table 415A
www.hiddenfortresspress.com @hiddenfort

We bought a printing press in 2010 and formed the Hidden Fortress Press, which initially served as the publishing house for the Fort Thunder anthology MONSTER but has since published work from a number of other artists, including the ongoing SCREWJOB anthology series.

Ana Hinojosa

Table 505A
anahin.com theskinnyartist.tumblr.com

Ana Hinojosa is a Dominican comic artist and illustrator currently living in Minneapolis. Her work mainly focuses on providing a space where Latinx characters from all different types of backgrounds can take part in stories surrounding magical realism and coming of age. She does this all while making her artwork saturated with consistent recurring palette of light colors and keeping it close to nature as much as possible through Latin American flora and island landscapes. Ana's comic work deals with magical realism, coming of age, and fantasy all including an underlying feeling of melancholy and familiarism.

Stephanie Hovden

Table 227A
http://www.stephaniehovden.com/ http://stephaniehov.tumblr.com/ , https://www.instagram.com/stephanie.hov/ , https://twitter.com/stephaniehov

Stephanie Hovden queer designer, illustrator, comic artist and enthusiast. They are passionate about media geared toward children and young adults that feature girls, women and the LGBTQIA community. Stephanie is currently working on a comic called Wolf Years as well as short form comics and illustration.

Luke B Howard

Table 230B
http://lukehoward.net twitter.com/lukehwrd , instagram.com/lukehwrd

Luke Howard is a Cartoonist, Illustrator, and Print Maker living in New Orleans. He makes an ongoing comic called Dead-End Rob, collects autobio(ish) comics in a zine called Abandon Ship, and thinks about D&D a lot.

Sage Howard

Table 509A
sagehowardillustration.com Twitter: @editedthought / Instagram: @editedthought

Sage Howard makes comics and zines from a damp and molding tower in Portland OR. He drops standard treasure if defeated.

Gabe Mason Howell

Table 306A
gabehowell.com Instagram: @snowglobeenthusiast, facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plushiefan

Gabriel Mason Howell is a 21 year old transgender male cartoonist and self publisher currently in living Chicago, Illinois receiving a BFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago Spring 2018. He makes work based on the concepts of de stigmatizing mental illness, childhood development, queer spaces, and his own gender transition.

Amber Huff

Table 502A
http://berhuff.com Twitter & Instagram: @berhuff Tumblr: @story-tell

Amber Huff is a Chicago-based graphic designer and illustrator. She has a MFA in visual communication design from SAIC. Her passion for storytelling has recently taken the form of comics, illustration, writing, and sculpture.

Issue Press

Table 204
https://issue.press @issuepress (everywhere!)

Issue Press is an independent publisher of artist publications, comics, multiples, and other printed matter based in Grand Rapids, MI

e jackson

Table 514A
http://ehetja.com twitter: @ehetja

e is a trans comics maker + scholar who's interested in communication, intimacy, and vulnerability. They cohost the podcast Drawing a Dialogue which looks at comics in academic and educational contexts.

James the Stanton

Table 514B
gnartoons.com @gnartoons on Instagram

James the Stanton draws his comic 'Gnartoons' in the beautiful and wet, Pacific Northwest.

Logan K.

Table 415B
https://www.logankruidenier.com/ logan_kruidenier

Hello, I am an artist and creator of comics. I am originally from California. My favorite food is probably a PB & J.

Shelby Kahr

Table 110 (First Slice: Sunday)
www.shelbykahr.com instagram: @shelbysoldseashells tumblr: shelbykahr.tumblr.com

Shelby Kahr is currently pursuing her BFA in Painting and Graphic Design at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She recently self-published two zines of her uncomfortable comics and illustrations that her mom still doesn’t like. She is a part time Gallery Attendant at her local Contemporary Art Museum by day and the only female delivery driver at her local pizza hellscape by night.

Lara Kaminoff

Table 503A
http://larakaminoff.com/ @larakaminoff (instagram)

Lara spills gouache, counts cats, and cuts rugs in Los Angeles

Nomi Kane

Table 213B
http://www.nomikane.com Insta: @NomiKane, Twitter: @Nomiramone

Nomi Kane is an alumna of The Center for Cartoon Studies who pens editorial, humor, autobiographical, and fictional comics. Nomi's original work has been published by The Nib, The New Yorker, and College Humor; she loves dogs, rock and roll, and the Oakland Athletics.

Kilgore Books & Comics

Table 418
www.kilgorebooks.com twitter: /kilgorebooks, instagram: /kilgorebooks

Kilgore Books & Comics was founded as a used book/indie comic shop in Denver on June 1, 2008 and we're delighted to be celebrating our 10th anniversary at CAKE. We started publishing in 2009 and in the last nine years have put out nearly fifty comics, as well as a documentary on John Porcellino & King-Cat Comics. Our publishing concern is now headquartered in the D.C. area, while our flagship store continues in Colorado.

Lucy Knisley

Table 102A
lucyknisley.com instagram.com/lucyknisley

Lucy Knisley is a critically acclaimed and award-winning comic creator. She lives in Chicago.

She specializes in personal, confessional graphic novels and travelogues.

Her last name is confusing and has a silent K. It's pronounced kind-of like ""nigh-slee.”

Koyama Press

Table 510

Founded in 2007, Koyama Press is a Toronto-based small press. Our mandate is to promote and support a wide range of emerging and established artists. Projects include comics, graphic novels, art books, and zines. We are known for our alternative edge and diverse range of titles that include a myriad of genres from autobiography to photography, from horror to humour, and more.

Luke Kruger-Howard

Table 214B
andsothen.com @andsoluke

Luke Howard is an Ignatz Nominated Cartoonist who works and teaches in Vermont. He was fathered by a fighter jet and mothered by a warm pile of laundry. He received his MFA from The Center for Cartoon Studies, where he now teaches. Several of Luke’s comics have been named “Notable” in The Best American Comics series, and his mini-comic Trevor (2014) was nominated for the “Promising New Talent” Ignatz category in 2014. Luke’s latest books, “Talk Dirty To Me’ (AdHouse 2016) and ‘Our Mother’ (Retrofit/Big Planet Comics 2016) have received positive reviews from The Comics Journal and the Av Club, among others

Yewon Kwon

Table 208A
litlslaywon.com @litlslaywon on instagram

Yewon Kwon is an artist, printer and publisher currently residing in Chicago, IL. Yewon publishes their own work through the use of risograph, offset, and silkscreen printing, and also publishes Pallor Pink, a submissions based publication put out twice a year. When not working on art, Yewon dreams about dobermans and one wrestling on WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live.

Kate Lacour

Table 228A
www.sharkbrains.com https://www.instagram.com/katelacourart/, https://www.facebook.com/kate.allen.9849

Kate Lacour lives in New Orleans.

Wenting Li

Table 411A
http://www.wentingli.com/ @wentingthings (twitter & instagram)

Wenting Li is an illustrator who sometimes finds that the stories she wants to tell are longer than a single image. You can find her working, biking & cat-spotting in Toronto.

Katie Longua

Table 227B
klongua.com @katiesaurusrex (Twitter)

Katie Longua is an award-winning comic book artist and magical girl. An Illustration graduate from the Academy of Art University, Katie has published a host of comics including RÖK, Munchies, and Her Space Opera. She loves creating comics, making cool costumes, and drawing awesome space knights!

Vance Lump

Table 222A
vancelump.com @vancelump on IG and Twitter

Vance Lump is a cartoonist and illustrator living in the Pacific Northwest that loves the peaceful sounds of the countryside. He lives on a small farm with his wife, two cats, a dog, and 5 chickens.

Tiffany Mallery

Table 504A
http://www.tiffanyillustrating.com/ instragram: @notiffanyno ; twitter: @_tiffant

Tiffany Mallery is a Filipino-American illustrator based out of the Midwest. She loves eggs, space, and reading. When she was 10 her dream was to be an astronaut and the first woman on Mars – being an artist was a close second. It’s ok though because she can just draw outer space and pretend it’s real.

Jon Marchione

Table 502B
http://www.jonmarchione.com @itsspelledjon / http://jonmarchione.tumblr.com / https://www.instagram.com/itsspelledjon/

Jon Marchione is an illustrator, printmaker, and comic artist currently based in Baltimore, MD. He grew up in a tiny town in Upstate New York surrounded by lots of trees, farms, and more than a few cows.

Kate McDonough

Table 508B
www.prettyprettyugly.com https://m.facebook.com/katemcdonoughcomicsandart/ www.katemcdonough.tumblr.com Instagram: @prettyprettyuglycomics

Kate McDonough is an illustrator from Minneapolis, MN currently living in Iowa. She creates comics about living with anxiety and learning to laugh through the awkward moments life brings.

Madeline McGrane

Table 414A
http://madelinemcgrane.com/ https://twitter.com/madmcgrane

Madeline McGrane live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and makes comics about vampires.

JJ McLuckie

Table 310B
JJMcLuckie.com instagram.com/artworkbyjj

Chicago-based illustrator, cartoonist, muralist, and handpoke tattoo artist

Through geometrically calculated designs, maximalist rendering, and working in multiple perspectives simultaneously I distort elements of everyday life in order to amplify their inherent natures that may often go under-appreciated.

The most fascinating concept to me is not using art to project narratives, but using it to project emotions that people can use in conjunction with their own memories to create narratives.

Molly Mendoza

Table 509A
mollymendoza.com Twitter: @fussfusspot / Instagram: @msmollym

Molly Mendoza is an illustrator and comic person living in Portland, Oregon. Her recent stories have included two swimmers having a falling out, a tiny knight saving a woman from some house plants, and a ghost girl trying to kick adventurers out of her cave. Currently she is working on some more weird, drippy-teared comics for you to enjoy. Molly loves small dogs, stinky food, and you.

Lane Milburn

Table 312B
lanemilburn.storenvy.com http://spectralworlds.tumblr.com

Member of Baltimore's Closed Caption Comics collective from 2005-2010. Xeric winner in 2010 for horror comic Death Trap. Graphic novel Twelve Gems published by Fantagraphics Books in 2014. Currently posting diary comics on Instagram and working on a graphic novel called Lure.

Kelly Leigh Miller

Table 224A
kellyleighmiller.com https://twitter.com/bookofkellz

I am an illustrator, writer, and all around creative person! I mostly work in gouache, ink, colored pencil, and digital. My style seems to fit most with children's work, young adult work, comics, and editorial.

Scott R. Miller

Table 518B
https://www.instagram.com/scottare/ @scottare (Instagram)

Scott R. Miller is a freelance illustrator and small press publisher of Printsploitation, an art zine celebrating horror and cult movie inspired illustration. He is a book and magazine layout specialist and enjoys screen printing and drawing in his leisure time.

David Mitchell

Table 111A
https://djmcomics.com/ twitter: https://twitter.com/djmcomics ; tumblr: https://djmcomics.tumblr.com/

David John Mitchell is a freelance illustrator based in Chicago, Illinois. He works on numerous ongoing projects, including ""The Blue Valkyrie"" (w. Emily Reisbeck) and ""Sidlings"" (w. Dee Emm Elms). He has done diverse freelance work including children’s book illustration, background paintings for animated films, posters for theater companies, and concept art for contemporary artists’ project proposals. He periodically writes theory & criticism about comic art. He graduated with a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012. During the day he works for a contemporary art gallery.

Max Morris

Table 206A
http://doyouevenreadcomics.storenvy.com https://www.instagram.com/doyouevenreadcomics/

Comics maker in Chicago.

Ray Nadine

Table 235A
http://www.raynadine.com facebook.com/raynadineart , Insta + Twitter - @rays__helll

Ray is a comic illustrator, colorist, and jack-of-all-trade from St. Louis who loves all things grunge and queer. Knife aficionado, skull collector, and rowdy punk. They're currently illustrating Messenger (written by Paul Tobin, edited by Bekah Caden, and published on Webtoon) and doing work for the Everything Is Going Wrong anthology (edited by Mark Bouchard and Megan Rae).

Ben Nadler

Table 416A
https://www.bennadler.ink/ @bennadlercomics

Ben Nadler is a Chicago based cartoonist. His debut graphic novel, ""Heretics! The Wondrous (and Dangerous) Beginnings of Modern Philosophy"" is out now from Princeton University Press.

Alex Nall

Table 416B
http://alexnall.blogspot.com https://www.facebook.com/alex.nall.56, @alexnall0

Alex Nall is a cartoonist and teaching artist living in Chicago. His books include 'Teaching Comics' and 'Let Some Word That Is Heard Be Yours', a comic book biography of Mister Rogers.

Pranas T. Naujokaitis

Table 207A
http://ghostcarpress.com twitter: @pranas tumblr: ghostcarpress instagram: ghostcarpress

Pranas is a Chicago-based Ignatz nominated cartoonist specializing in handcrafted minicomics with an emphasis on packaging (#unpresidented, Laffy Meal). He also works on all-age licensed comic books to help pay the bills (Adventure Time: Ice King, Rugrats).

Neoglyphic Media

Table 101
https://www.neoglyphicmedia.com/ http://neoglyphicmedia.tumblr.com/ - https://www.facebook.com/NeoglyphicMedia/

Neoglyphic Media is a publisher of visual media located in Bellingham, WA. We are dedicated to publishing and promoting work from unique and visionary artistic innovators.

Liz Nugent

Table 224B
http://www.liznugentdraws.com @liznugentdraws on twitter & instagram

Liz Nugent is an illustrator and comics artist interested in flora, fauna, food, and feelings.

Alicia Obermeyer

Table 212B
http://aliciaobermeyer.tumblr.com @alicia.rose.o

Alicia is an artist living and working in Chicago. Her projects include one-off drawing zines and immersive installations investigating celebrity, camp, and femme iconography with a psychotic cartoon aesthetic. She exhibits at local small press expos with a collective of artists called “Pubes & ‘Tudes.” In 2017 she released “Prism Pop” and “Happy Face Bonkers”, as well as an anthology of drawings by Midwestern femme freaks. She co-organizes a DIY art space called Learning Machine, located in Bridgeport

Kyle O'Connell

Table 214A

Adelaido Olea

Table 110 (First Slice: Saturday)
http://adelaidoolea.com/ Instagram: @adelaidoo Twitter: @adelaidoolea

Adelaido, also known as ""Del"", writes and draws comics around a theme of introspection to the human condition, and philosophical perspective. He builds narratives around feelings of inadequacy and isolation using characters that people are capable of projecting a self image onto.

One Percent Press

Table 103B
onepercentpress.com twitter.com/onepercentpress, facebook.com/onepercentpress,

One Percent Press was started by Stephen Floyd and JP Coovert in the fall of 2004 with the idea of self-releasing their own music and comics, along with anything they could help their friends with. There have been many amazing people involved with the label, and many more who serve as an inspiration. One Percent Press is very much informed by the larger DIY community and spirit.

Onsmith & Nudd

Table 304A
http://westernexhibitions.com/exhibition/metaphysical-meatloaf/ https://www.facebook.com/OnsmithNudd/

Onsmith the cartoonist, a documentarian of modern isolation and purveyor of grim humor, and Nudd the painter of gunk, pox and plasmic filth have sculpted out of beef-clay a body of work that autonomously bottles and sells its own pungent nectars. The proof, as well as all of the hairs, toenails, and used band-aids, is in the vats of pudding that comprise their wet and glistening body of work.

Paradise Systems

Table 410B
http://www.paradise-systems.com/ Instagram: paradisesystems Tumblr: paradisesystems.tumblr.com Twitter: para_systems

Publisher of exemplary comics from the United States and China.

Andrea Pearson

Table 110 (First Slice: Sunday)
http://www.apearsonart.com/ https://www.instagram.com/saturn2169/

Andrea is a comics artist from Chicago. She is a tea fanatic. For fun she enjoys reading and drawing comics, watching movies and hanging out with friends. She also likes long walks on the beach, sunsets and kittens.


Table 234
www.peowstudio.com https://www.instagram.com/peowstudio/ , https://twitter.com/peow_studio

Peow is making world comics with some of our favorite artists in the whole world. If you bring us magic cards, you can get special deals and secret items at our table.

Perfectly Acceptable Press

Table 201
http://www.perfectly-acceptable.com/ @perfectlyacceptable

Perfectly Acceptable Press is a Risograph print studio and publishing house in Chicago. Besides doing contract printing for artists all over North America, Perfectly Acceptable publishes books spanning the genres of comics, artist books, and essay with an emphasis on narrative and craft.

Chloë Perkis

Table 311A
http://www.chloeperkis.com/ https://www.instagram.com/chloeperkis/#_=_

Chloë Perkis is an artist, cartoonist, printmaker, and ceramicist that lives and works in Chicago, IL.

Laurie Piña

Table 504B
http://crushedpeanut.com Twitter: @crushedpeanut Instagram: @crushedpeanut

Laurie Piña makes comics with the pencil of a mischievous angel.


Table 507
https://www.plumillustration.com/ instagram: @plumillustration

Plum is a collective of artists who publish zines and other printed products, host events, and work in other various art forms.

Richie Pope

Table 229B
richiepope.com Twitter: @richiepope IG: @richiepope. Tumblr: richiepope.tumblr.com

I'm an illustrator and cartoonist currently living in Dallas, TX. I've worked with publications such as The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Atlantic, Google, Scientific American, TIME, Nautlius,Tor Books/Tor.com and The Washington Post among others. I've also been recognized by Society of Illustrators and Spectrum. My most current book is Super Itis, through Shortbox.

John Porcellino / Spit and a Half Distro

Table 405
www.spitandahalf.com https://twitter.com/The_Real_John_P https://www.tumblr.com/blog/johnporcellino https://www.facebook.com/john.porcellino https://www.instagram.com/johnporcellino/

John Porcellino has been self-publishing his zine King-Cat Comics since 1989 and running the Spit and a Half Comix Distro since 1992. He lives in Beloit, Wisconsin.

George Porteus

Table 206B
georgeporteus.com instagram.com/porteusporteus

George Porteus is a pure product of Chicago's underground comics scene. Since 2013 his work has appeared multiple times in 'Lumpen' magazine as well as issues of 'Trubble Club', 'NewCity' and 'The Smudge'; he has self-published three zines, two comics, and one graphic novella and presented them at five CAKE's. In 2016, he performed at 'Zine Not Dead', a local live comics experience. He lives with his spouse and their cat on Chicago's lower west side.

Ashly Powley

Table 235B
http://ashlypowley.tumblr.com/ @ashlypowley

Ashly is a Florida transplant in Chicago. She a proud dog mom of two. She can be found at your local pizzeria chowing down while also working on her latest project which probably involves sequins.

A. T. Pratt

Table 501A
ATPratt.net @atpratt on instagram, @CartoonTycoon on twitter, facebook.com/atpratt, atpratt.tumblr.com

A. T. Pratt is a cartoonist & designer from NYC. He graduated from RISD with a BFA in Illustration in 2013. He has self-published comics since 2010 in a variety of formats, often including pop-ups, fold-outs, & peek-a-boos. With business partner Munish Taneja he created a sock brand called MrMiSocki, socks with their own faces & personality that come with comics that tell their stories. He is also the host of The Porgcast, a podcast about an alien from the most recent Star Wars film.

Pyrite Press

Table 214B
pyritepress.com @pyritepress everywhere

Pyrite Press publishes the gold standard of comics, artist books, and literary zines.

Radiator Comics

Table 401A
http://radiatorcomics.com @radiatorcomics (twitter, tumblr, facebook) @radiator_comics (instagram)

Radiator Comics distributes hand-made and self-published comics by over 50 alternative comics artists from across the country! In 2017 Radiator Comics published The Chronicles of Fortune by Coco Picard. Run by Neil Brideau, Radiator Comics works to promote alternative comics in new venues through distribution, publishing, and other hair-brained schemes.

M. Sabine Rear

Table 513A
www.michaelsabine.com @michaelsabine on instagram and twitter

M. Sabine Rear is a cartoonist and zine-maker, and the cute blind lady you gave your seat to on the bus. She makes comics about disability, gender and public space. Her work addresses the intersection of blindness and visual culture.

Tess Eneli Reid

Table 221A
http://www.tessenelireid.com/ @tessreid

Tess Eneli Reid is an Estonian-Canadian illustrator and printmaker creating comics and experimenting with handmade books. Her work explores how memory and myth can be graphically read and focusses on stories about the agency of womxn people in raw landscapes and personal histories in small town Canada.

Emily Riesbeck

Table 111A
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bluevalkyriecomic/ ; twitter: https://twitter.com/thebluevalkyrie ; tumblr: https://emilyriesbeck.tumblr.com/

Emily Riesbeck is a technical writer and comics author based in Chicago. She is most well known for superhero webcomic “The Blue Valkyrie” and the children's supernatural comic “Howling Night.” When she isn't writing comic books, Emily plays a paladin in dungeons and dragons. She graduated with a BFA in Journalism and Writing Intensive English from Marquette University in 2012, where she received the Jerry Dretzka award for fiction.

Nicole Rifkin

Table 513B
reformforest.com Twitter: @nicole_rifkin Instagram: @nicolerifkin

Nicole Rifkin is an award winning illustrator from Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been in the New Yorker, the New York Times, the Village Voice, and more. She loves sleep and Oprah.

Brad Rohloff

Table 202
www.brohloff.me IG: @bredpress

Brad Rohloff is an artist living in Chicago. He runs Bred Press, and he likes to have Fun.

Isabella Rotman

Table 231A
http://www.isabellarotman.com/ Twitter: @IsabellaRotman Instragram: @This_Might_Hurt

Isabella Rotman is a cartoonist and illustrator from Maine living and drawing in Chicago. Her art is usually about the ocean, mermaids, crushing loneliness, people in the woods, or sex. She is Artist in Residence at Scarleteen.com.

Marian Runk

Table 412A
marianrunk.com instagram: @marianrunk twitter: @msrunk

Marian Runk is a Texas-born, Chicago-based cartoonist & musician who loves birds, cats, and country music. Her pastimes include singing the blues, writing country tunes, and watching birds along the shore of Lake Michigan.

Ann Ryan

Table 411B
rymakes.com Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr: @rymakes

Ryan is a cartoonist/illustrator based in Minneapolis and raised in Hawaii. Their comics and illustration span themes of home, travel, and memories. They have a special love for tiny plants, collecting stickers, and matcha flavored anything.

Johnny Sampson

Table 316A
www.johnnysampson.com twitter, instagram: @johnnysampson; facebook: @johnnysampson123

Johnny Sampson is an American Cartoonist and illustrator based in Chicagoland. He likes eating pizza, taking long walks on the beach, and sticking it to the Man.

Dave Scheidt

Table 313A

Dave Scheidt is a radical dude from Chicago, Illinois. When he's not writing comic books he enjoys eating pizza. He is the writer and co-creator of Wrapped Up published by Lion Forge Comics.

Ben Sears

Table 509B

Last seen in Louisville, no reward if found.

Chad Sell

Table 412B
https://chadsellcomics.com/ @chadsell01 on IG and Twitter

Queer Chicago cartoonist making inclusive kids comics! Creator and artist of THE CARDBOARD KINGDOM!

Ally Shwed / Little Red Bird Press

Table 219A
http://allyshwed.com @ally_is_short; facebook.com/ally.shwed; instagram.com/allyshwed; littleredbird.press

Ally Shwed is a cartoonist, writer, & editor, originally from New Jersey. She received her MFA in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art & Design and has contributed to the Boston Globe, The Nib, Splinter, Jezebel, and IDW Publishing. Most recently, she served as a Creator-in-Residence at the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Together with artist Gerardo Alba, she runs Little Red Bird Press, a visual arts studio specializing in comics and printmaking. Ally currently lives in Querétaro, México.

Tim Sievert

Table 406A
timsievert.com https://twitter.com/tim_sievert, https://www.facebook.com/timsievert, https://timsievert.tumblr.com/

Tim Sievert is a cartoonist in Minneapolis. His first graphic novel, That Salty Air, was published by Top Shelf Productions in 2008. Other notable works include heavy metal comics for Satan is Alive : A Tribute to Mercyful Fate, and Metal Gods: a Tribute to Judas Priest. Tim currently working in the animation industry while trying to complete a graphic novel detailing his adventures in the weirdly wonderful world of Bigfoot hunting.

Mad Sparrow

Table 216B
madsparrowcomics.tumblr.com/ Instagram: @mad.sparrow

Mad Sparrow is a queer Minneapolis-based comic artist, originally from a small town in northeast Iowa. She explores whimsical and supernatural themes in her comics and enjoys highlighting the strange magic behind tiny towns.
She received her BFA in Comic Art at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Silver Sprocket

Table 232
http://www.silversprocket.net https://www.facebook.com/silversprocket , https://www.instagram.com/silversprocket/ , https://twitter.com/ssbcpunk

Silver Sprocket is an art crew, comic and zine publisher, record label, and collection of budz making things while being self sustained disasters out of a bedroom and basement in San Francisco.

Jasjyot Singh Hans

Table 308B
jasjyotjasjyot.com instagram & Twitter: @jasjyotjasjyot

Jasjyot Singh Hans is an illustrator who is unendingly inspired by the confluence of music, fashion and pop culture. He has a constant regard for things past and a voracity for all that is current. His personal work chronicles around themes of body image, beauty and sexuality.

Caitlin Skaalrud

Table 402B
http://talkweirdpress.org Instagram = @talkweird

Caitlin Skaalrud is a cartoonist, comics instructor, self-publisher and aspiring astrologer based in Minneapolis. She lives on the southside with her partner and two cats. Her work deals with the intersection of life with fantasy and fairy-tale, identity through gender, sexual, and family roles, body horror/dysmorphia, and the occult - in particular the afterlife, witchcraft, and astrology.

Her debut graphic novel, ""Sea Change: A Choose-Your-Own-Way Story,"" was awarded one of the last Xeric Foundation Grant for Self-Publishing in 2012. She hand-printed all copies on a 1960's AB Dick printing press in a garage, under the name of her small-press imprint, Talk Weird Press. ""Houses of the Holy,"" published in 2015 by Minneapolis-based Uncivilized Books, received an honorable mention in the Best American Comics 2017 edition. Currently, she is working on her next full-length graphic novel, ""The Godhead,"" which will be available for its debut in the physical realm for CAKE 2018.

Alexander Sloves

Table 224A
slov.es https://twitter.com/sloves https://www.instagram.com/slovander/

Alexander Sloves is a Chicago based designer and art director, and lover of all things comics and zines. He's created several self-published stories, including ""Can You Make the Dog Sexier,"" ""Clawboy,"" ""One Million Garys,"" and ""Triangulord."" He also has original art prints.

So What? Press

Table 313B
http://www.sowhatpress.com/ @sowhatpress [Twitter, Insta, Tumblr], facebook.com/sowhatpress

So What? Press has been publishing comics about coffee, monsters, chickens, and space (among other things) since 2011.

Tiny Splendor

Table 223
www.tinysplendor.com instagram: tinysplendor

Tiny Splendor is a collective publishing press running out of Berkeley and Los Angeles, California. It was founded on the idea of finding a way to share our friends' artwork, while satisfying our obsession with and love of ink on paper. We are a small publishing press that focuses on illustrative content that is printed using the risograph.

Thad Stalmack II

Table 505B
https://www.artstation.com/thadstalmackii http://thadstalmack.tumblr.com/

Thad Stalmack II Is an American comic artist and Illustrator currently living in Minneapolis and pursuing his BFA In Comic Art at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design; Graduating in 2018.

He has been creating and self-publishing Independent comics since 2014
Recently he is working as an Illustrator for NTC Corporate creating educational comics for children. He is also publishing mini comics through Uncivilized Books.

His work mainly focuses on science fiction and fantasy; often revolving around themes of action, masculinity, failure, tragedy and individual growth. He does so with sharp, threatening ink work, consistent muddy desaturated color tones, and dirty, textured, pencil illustrations.

Conor Stechschulte

Table 312A
www.conorstechschulte.com https://www.instagram.com/crepusculine/ , crepusculararchives.tumblr.com,

Conor Stechschulte is an artist and cartoonist living in Chicago. He has published books with Fantagraphics and Breakdown press and was featured in the 2017 edition of Best American Comics. Last year he completed a Masters Degree in Printmedia from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and was a special guest at the Bilbolbul comics festival in Bologna, Italy.


Table 109A
sunmiflowers.com @sunmiflowers on Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram.

Sunmi is an illustrator, cartoonist, and small press publisher currently residing in Baltimore, MD after having received their BFA in Illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2017. Their work explores themes of emotional distance and fantastical femininity, in relation to queer and Asian-American/Korean diasporic identity and history. Their small press, Dandelion Wine Collective, publishes comics anthologies that center compelling stories from marginalized voices. They are a transcendent, transgender, sparkling disco darling!

Taller Secreto Press

Table 107
tallersecretopress.com https://twitter.com/TSpress_pr

Taller Secreto Press was born in the multi-disciplinary artist space called Taller Secreto in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico. Inspired by the crude surroundings of the Metro Area, these artists take on a different perspective of what low brow art and comics are.

Tan & Loose Press

Table 203
http://tan-n-loose.com/ instagram.com/clayhickson

Tan & Loose Press is an independent publisher of limited edition artists prints and zines based in Los Angeles, CA. We pride ourselves on producing medium quality, Riso printed ephemera for the tasteless art collector.

Daria Tessler

Table 209B
animalsleepstories.com instagram: animalsleepstories

Daria Tessler is the weather pattern that results in a collection of silkscreened art, illustrations and comics under the name Animalsleep.

Sam Thurman

Table 506A
comics.samthurman.com @sam_thurman

Sam Thurman writes comics about anxiety, depression, and the aging male body. You can find him huddling in a blanket and covered in ink in Brooklyn.

Tinto Press

Table 210A
tintopress.com https://www.facebook.com/Tintopress/, @T_Into

Tinto Press is a small Denver-based publisher of award-winning, creator-owned comics since 2011. Specializing in but not limited to reality-themed work, we have published some great independent artists; Noah Van Sciver, Sara Lautman, Kevin Budnik, Sam Spina and Karl Christian Krumpholz to name a few.

Kristin Tipping

Table 508A
http://www.kristintippingillustration.com/ Twitter: @KristinTipping, Tumblr: http://kristintipping.tumblr.com/, Instagram: @kristintipping

Kristin Tipping is a Minneapolis based graphic artist and comic creator with a masters degree in illustration from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Kristin makes creepy-cute work full of fluffy animals, queer feelings, and existential dread. She is best known for her comics Bedtime Stories For Strangers and Evil Witch Allie.

Lizzy Tiritilli

Table 235B
http://lizzytiritilli.tumblr.com/ @lizzytiritilli

Lizzy is a Chicago native who is constantly behind in all the things she loves, comics, TV, podcasts and video games but wouldn't have it any other way. She tries to draw everyday. She is currently struggling to capture the perfection that is Kurt Russell in comic form.

TO BE Continued Comics

Table 217A
www.tobecontinuedcomic.com https://www.facebook.com/tobecomics/

TO BE continued comics is an universe full of hopes, doubts, frustrations and sometimes superpowers. After three years of the weekly updated webcomic TO BE continued, we started a spin off series on paper, MILLENNIALS - Born to be Heroes, about a new generation of superhuman celebrities.

Abby Jo Turner

Table 109B
www.abbyjoillo.com @abbyjoturner

Abby is a cartoonist and illustrator currently based in Chicago, IL. Her style focuses on clean line work, patterns, and honest storytelling that is inspired by her own life experiences. When she's not drawing, she's most likely watching Chopped with her cat, Luna.

Haley Tweedell

Table 110 (First Slice: Saturday)
http://htweedell.com/ Instagram: @haleytweedell Twitter: @htweedellart

Haley is a Cartoonist based in Chicago. Their work is centered around personal narrative and coping with mental illness. Haley hopes that their work comforts those with similar feelings, while bringing understanding and awareness towards mental health and what that experience may be.

Uncivilized + ODOD

Table 403-04
http://www.uncivilizedbooks.com/ https://twitter.com/unciv, https://www.facebook.com/Uncivilized.Books/, https://www.instagram.com/uncivilizedbooks/

Uncivilized Books has been publishing comics and graphic novels for over 6 years. We've published books by Gabrielle Bell, Joann Sfar, David B., Peter Wartman, Alan Moore, Kevin Czap, and more. Last year we launched ODOD Books. A new imprint of comics for young readers. Our first series in the imprint, Musnet by Kickliy, was nominated for the prestigious Angouleme Prize in 2017 for comics for young readers. Uncivilized Books is run by cartoonist Tom Kaczynski.

Beatrix Urkowitz

Table 209A
bmfu.net @bmfu (Twitter and Instagram)

Beatrix Urkowitz lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

Liz Valasco

Table 309A
Lizvalasco.com Instagram: Vialcomics

Liz Valasco writes spooky stories and often uses her background in printmaking with her books.

Rosemary Valero-O'Connell

Table 414B
hirosemary.com twitter.com/hirosemaryhello, instagram.com/hirosemaryhello, livertaker.tumblr.com

Rosemary Valero-O'Connell is a small bundle of sticks and twine that a witch turned into a person in 1994. She's been drawing comics ever since.

A. Cris Valles

Table 218B
http://avcris.com https://twitter.com/acrisvalles

Cris is a Chicago-based illustrator and animator from Chihuahua, Mexico. Storytelling is his passion. Sometimes he makes video games and music.

Estrella Vega

Table 516A
http://www.estrellavega.com twitter + instagram: @EstrellaVega1, tumblr: estrellavega

Estrella Vega is a printmaker who makes books about nature and science. She likes to experiment with book formats, like pop up books, accordion books, flipbooks, anaglyphic 3D books...and she also does normal books and comics.

Mary Verhoeven

Table 233
http://illustratingmary.com/ Twitter: @sob_comix Instagram: sob_comix Tumblr:

Mary Verhoeven is a Toronto-based illustrator and comics creator. Her work focuses on stories about queer youth, navigating complicated emotions and adventure. She has contributed work to the Beyond Anthology, the Other Side Anthology, Ladies Week, Frosh Week and the Sweaty Palms Anthology.

Alden Viguilla

Table 222B
https://www.behance.net/aldenviguilla Instagram+Twitter= @ald3nv, aldenviguilla.tumblr.com

Freelance Illustrator and Printmaker of Heroes, Villains, and the Cutesy.

Cathryn Virginia

Table 229A
www.cathryn-virginia.com cathrynvirginia

Cathryn Virginia is an illustrator who enjoys drawing stories about mythology, medical science, feminism, and revenge.

Olivia Walch

Table 110 (First Slice: Saturday)
http://instagram.com/imogen.quest/ Instagram: @imogen.quest, Twitter: @oliviawalch, Tumblr: @imoquest

Olivia Walch draws the webcomic Imogen Quest. She also draws nonfiction comics that have appeared on The Nib and elsewhere. Outside of comics, she makes apps and developed the iOS animation app Squigglish.

Weakly Comics

Table 303

Weakly is a NY-based comics collective founded by Andrew Alexander, Max Huffman and Jack Reese, specializing in small strange anthologies and larger, unwieldier anthologies.

Jenn Woodall

Table 233
http://jennwoodall.format.com Twitter: @jenn_woodall Instagram: funeralbeat

Jenn Woodall is a comics creator and illustrator from Toronto. She is a member of Friendship Edition, a group that publishes anthologies featuring comics and illustration from each of the members. She self-publishes her own work but is also represented and published by Silver Sprocket. Her ongoing series is 'Magical Beatdown,' about a vicious magical girl with a spiked bat who punishes cat-calling and sexual harassment.

Ann Xu

Table 108B
http://annixu.com/ Twitter and Instagram: @epershannd

Ann Xu is an Ignatz-nominated cartoonist and illustrator working in Baltimore, recently graduated with a BFA in illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her comics are filled with themes of childhood, home, and relationships. In her free time, she eats too many hot Cheetos and drinks too much milk tea.

Jessi Zabarsky

Table 216A
http://cargocollective.com/hugbox https://twitter.com/jessizabarsky https://www.instagram.com/hug_box/

Jessi Zabarsky makes comics about small feelings in big places. She likes plants, rabbits, and snacks. She was raised in the woods and will someday return there.