A. T. Pratt

Table 207A

tw: @CartoonTycoon
ig: @atpratt

A. T. Pratt is a cartoonist, designer, and self-publisher. He printed his first mini comic for MoCCA Fest in 2010, and sold 0 copies. Since then he has created comics and illustrations that have taken on a variety of 2, 3, and 4-dimensional forms. His comics and other printed work often features tricks and special features such as fold-outs, pop-ups and peek-a-boos. He is also Chief Creative Officer of MrMiSocki, a sock brand that comes with comics about the characters (who are the socks). Besides MrMiSocki, he writes and self-publishes all of his comics, which range in subject matter from semi auto-bio stories about his dog walking day job to funny animal stories featuring his own original character Miggy Mouse. He has also been published in a handful of anthologies, including kus!, Happiness Comix, Rotland Press’ American Fly Trap, and Weakly Comics.

Abby Jo Turner

Table 304A

ig: abbyjoturner

Abby is a cartoonist and illustrator from Chicago, IL, but is currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

Her style focuses on clean line work, shapes, and honest storytelling that is inspired by her own life experiences.

When she's not drawing, she likes to spend her time traveling and exploring the outdoors. New adventures means new stories, and that drives her passion to continue creating. However, there's also a good chance that you’ll find her at a local coffee shop, or relaxing at home with her cat, Luna.

Adam Griffiths

Table 406B

ig: grifftones

Adam Griffiths is a Washington DC-based illustrator and cartoonist. He is working to complete his civil rights sci-fi graphic novel, "Washington White."

Aim Ren Beland

Table 107B

tw: aimrenatus
ig: aimrenatus

Trans-masc Yooper in Chicago making comics about trauma, werewolves, and the blessing that is French press coffee.

Alecia Gatlin

Table 312A

tw: @aleciagatlin
ig: blueredandgray

Alecia Gatlin is a queer disabled artist making comics about Rheumatoid Arthritis, invisible identities, and being sincere. Alecia graduated the IPRC's Comics Certificate Program in August 2017, and went on to become a founding member of Soft Skills Comics, a five-person comics collective in Portland, OR. Alecia loves the Oregon coast, maple bars, and wearing too many layers.

Alex Kostiw

Table 235A

ig: meanwhile_alex

Alex makes comics about the nebulousness of personal experience, identity, relationships, and language. She is also a graphic designer and haver of two cats. She teaches now and then at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Alex Nall

Table 413A

ig: @alexnall0

Alex Nall is a cartoonist and teaching artist living in Chicago.

Alicia Obermeyer

Table 229B

ig: @prism_pop

Prism Pop is a collection of visual conversations between Miriam Dubinsky and Alicia Obermeyer. Using free association lists and compulsive drawing, the two have created a sugar-fueled landscape for goofy cartoon faces to morph into mythological creatures and objects. They produce art books, animations, and immersive installations of screen-prints and drawings in a gallery or storefront context. Their projects include “Prism Pop”, “Happy-face Bonkers”, and “Prism Castle Pop”. “Prism Pop” is a 32 page offset book designed and printed by Brian Rush. “Happy-face Bonkers” and “Prism Castle Pop” are two self-released artist books screen-printed and hand painted by Miriam and Alicia.

Amber Huff

Table 230A

tw: @berhuff
ig: @berhuff

Amber is a graphic designer, illustrator, and comic artist from Chicago. She likes to make stuff inspired by nostalgia, myth, childhood, and fantasy.

Andrea Pearson

Table 109A

tw: @Saturn2169
ig: @Saturn2169

Andrea Pearson is a comics artist from Chicago. In 2012 she started drawing a daily journal comic as a drawing exercise. In 2014 she collected several of those comics into her first self published zine “No Pants Revolution”. Since then she has self published three sequels to “No Pants” and two short children’s comics titled “Mito and Me 1 and 2”. She has had comics published in several comic anthologies including: Northisde Comic Artists’ “Memories”, “Misadventure” and the Ladies Night Anthology “Sisters”. In her spare time she loves watching animated movies and spending time with her friends and family. She likes long walks on the beach, sunsets and kittens.

Andrea Bell

Table 510B
tw: @andyharvestyeah
ig: @andyharvest

Andrea Bell spent half her time growing up playing in the woods and the other half doodling on walls. Now days she works as an illustrator and comic artist in the city of Chicago throughout the best and worse seasons. Her illustration and comics work reflects adventure, honesty, and strong relate-able characters combined with an intriguing palette.

Andrew Misisco

Table 503B

tw: @andrewmisisco
ig: @andrewmisisco

Andrew's work is populated with magical beasts and courageous heroes drawn forth from the mists of an ancient world. He is know for the illustrated novel ‘Codex Mysteria,’ a guide to the fae realm of Aclion. Andrew is also in the process of completing a series of short story comics called ‘Tales from Tyr’ that explore Aclion’s main continent and people who live there.

Andrew Pena

Table 507A

tw: @penjamin_
ig: penjamin_

Dingus from the Bronx, NY. I make zines about friends, I draw comics about everyday struggles, I illustrate and design for a living, and I make food for myself. I hope to look back at my past someday and regret nothing. I want to laugh and remember things both good and bad and be content with how it all turned out. I hope to be somebody worthwhile.

Angela Fanche + Claire Gunther

Table 231A

ig: @angelafanche + @clairgunther

Cartoonists based in Brooklyn, NY

Archie Bongiovanni

Table 504B

tw: @grease_bat
ig: @babywrist

Archie Bongiovanni is is a genderqueer mesh-wearing, french fry luver, leather-daddy-in-training sex educator and cartoonist living in Minneapolis. They are best known for their book A Quick And Easy Guide To They/Them Pronouns with Limerence Press and Grease Bats on Archie is an avid zine-maker and self-publisher and is always looking for new projects to work and collaborate on.

Audrey Niffenegger

Table 204
tw: @AANiffenegger

Audrey Niffenegger is a writer and visual artist. Her novels include The Time Traveler's Wife, which Steven Moffat is making as a series for HBO. Her comics and illustrated books include The Night Bookmobile, Raven Girl, and The Three Incestuous Sisters. Ms. Niffenegger was a co-founder of the Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts. Her artists' books and other artwork are collected in Awake in the Dreamworld, a catalog of her 2013 retrospective at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Becky Hawkins

Table 211A

tw: @hawkins_becky

Becky Hawkins makes comics in Portland, OR with her tiny cartoon sidekick, Shoulder Angel. She spent her twenties traveling the world as a cruise ship musician, where she started her watercolor comic journal on postcard paper. She also co-creates SuperButch, a 1940s lesbian superhero webcomic, with Barry Deutsch.

Ben Nadler

Table 413B

ig: bennadlercomics

Ben Nadler is an illustrator and writer from Wisconsin living in Chicago. He self publishes the annual anthology collection "Sonder" and has since had books published by Princeton University Press and Toon Books.

Ben Sears

Table 304B

tw: bensears
ig: freebensears

Cartoonist from Kentucky

Benjamin Kraco

Table 409A

ig: @worldsbiggestminecraftsbarro
ig: bethhetland

Benjamin Kraco makes zines and comics exploring topics including: The place of the Honda Civic in a post-apocalyptic world, their travels to post-USSR nations, possible outcomes and solutions in regards to instances of dungeon skeletons, and more. Benjamin is also permanently banned from the Costco location in Bloomingdale, Illinois for reasons beyond their control.

Beth Hetland

Table 503A

tw: @bethhetland
ig: bethhetland

Beth Hetland is a graduate of The Center for Cartoon Studies and faculty member teaching comics at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her solo work, FUGUE, is an autobiographical three-part story about her family using music as a metaphor for their relationships. Her most recent collaborative work, Half Asleep, is the story of a young girl whose mother enrolls her in a college program in a reality where you can manipulate your dreams and they affect the real world.

Betsey Swardlick

Table 514A

tw: hot_tang
ig: memoirs_of_a_gay_shoe

Betsey Swardlick is a Providence, RI cartoonist with bros in different area codes. Her evenings have a lot of roller-skating; her dreams have a lot of musical numbers. Her comics usually have a lot of yelling, and so does her life! She is currently seven issues into Failwolves, an ongoing series about vegan werewolves vs. themselves, and punching away at a stand-alone work about a single-dad-turned-stage-dancer.

Bianca Xunise

Table 215A

tw: Biancaxunise
ig: Biancaxunise

Bianca Xunise is an illustrator and cartoonist based out of Chicago. Her work primarily focuses on the plight and daily struggles as identifying as a young black feminist weirdo in modern society. Her story-telling can range from simple relatable slice of life content to complex nuanced narratives like police brutality that have garnered her an Ignatz Award for Promising New Talent. Bianca’s work has been published on diverse platforms such as Hello Giggles, The Nib, Bitch Magazine, The Washington Post and NYLON and has been interviewed on platforms such as The BBC, The Nerdist, and Riot Fest. When she’s not doodling away Bianca is usually somewhere dreaming of the mothman, while listening to The Damned.

Bitmap Prager

Table 224B

tw: @BMPrager
ig: @BMPrager

Bitmap Prager is a Chicago based digital illustrator and comic artist. She is the creator of The Ashen Princess and To Catch a Dream Eater, as well as numerous comics featured in anthologies including We’re Still Here and The Other Side. Buzzfeed has featured her on their list of “Trans, Queer, And Non-Binary Comics Creators Who Tell The Stories We Need Right Now.”
Once her art was about societal dread, but now it is about coping with personal trauma and building safe spaces in a dangerous world. Friend to queer trans babies, enemy to fascists and sympathizers.

Things I’ve made:
The Ashen Princess (2016- Ongoing) - ASHENPINCESS.COM
To Catch a Dream Eater (2014- 2015) -

Featured in:
The Other Side: An Anthology of Queer Paranormal Romance (2016)
We’re Still Here (Stacked Deck Press, 2018)
Buzzfeed -

Blue Delliquanti

Table 234A

tw: bluedelliquanti

Blue Deilliquanti is a comic artist based in Minneapolis. She is the creator of the Lambda-nominated comic O Human Star and the co-creator of the graphic novel Meal.

Brandon Lehmann

Table 405A

ig: @brandon.lehmann

Brandon Lehmann is a humorist writer and comic artist from Seattle, Washington. In a fight, his muscles have never let him down yet.

Bred Press + Brad Rohloff

Table 202

ig: bredpress

Bred Press is an artist books, comics, and zine publishing house located in Chicago. Started by Brad Rohloff in 2014, it provides a platform by which to support contemporary artists working within the medium of printed and published matter.

Brad Rohloff is a cartoonist living in Chicago who runs Bred Press and Co-Hosts ZINE NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bridget Bilbo


tw: gingerbridgettt
ig: gingerrbridge

Hiya! I'm a Chicago based cartoonist with devotion to animation and print. I delve into the mundanity of life with humorous peaks and existential valleys. I make art whilst occasionally unhinging my jaw to toss tea down my gullet and enjoy placing sentient existential fruits in square boxes. Most recently, I self-published a zine called Hot Bread which can be found at Quimby’s book store. In my free time I stresses about everything, go to sleep early, and gorge on peanut butter toast. Currently, I am studying for my BFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and am determined to continue exploring the macrocosm of comics in my practice.

Bruce Worden

Table 512B

tw: @bruce_worden

Based on the way his face is put together, Bruce Worden is most likely a random assemblage of cartilage and skin. His hands make comics.

Caitlin Skaalrud + Scotty Gillmer

Table 502A


Caitlin Skaalrud is a cartoonist, comics instructor, self-publisher and aspiring astrologer based in Minneapolis. She is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design's comic art program and a current MFA candidate in the University of Minnesota's MFA program. With her life partner Scotty Gillmer she runs the small publisher Talk Weird Press.

Her graphic novel, Sea Change: A Choose-Your-Own-Way Story, was awarded one of the last Xeric Foundation Grants for Self-Publishing in 2012. Houses of the Holy was released by local comics publisher Uncivilized Books. The first chapter, originally released self-published, received an Honorable Mention from Best American Comics 2015, edited by Bill Kartalopoulos and Jonathan Lethem. Skaalrud's work deals with the intersection of fantasy and fairy-tale, identity through gender, sexual, and family roles, body dysmorphia, and the occult.

Scotty Gillmer is a writer of fiction and comics. He assists his life partner Caitlin Skaalrud in the management of Talk Weird Press.

Campfire Comics & Stories

Table 501B

ig: campfire_comics_and_stories

Campfire Comics & Stories is an anthology comic project published by Dennis Madamba and Kyle Harabedian, based in Minneapolis, MN. Dennis and Kyle met in graduate school and began collaborating soon after. To date, they have produced several publications including: Campfire Comics and Stories, a two-color Risograph zine, and Campfire Sunday Comics, a broadsheet newspaper comics anthology. Both have featured a diverse lineup of international artists.

Caroline Cash

Table 205B

ig: @cash_browns

I'm no artist --- I've wasted my entire life.

Caroline Hu

Table 303B

ig: hudrewthis

Caroline Hu is a biologist and cartoonist from Massachusetts. She draws inspiration from the natural world and our struggle to understand it.

Carta Monir + Carolyn Nowak

Table 103

tw: @cartamonir + @CarolynCNowak
ig: cartamonir

Carta Monir is a cartoonist and micropress publisher from Ann Arbor, MI. She's very beautiful, especially compared to Carolyn Nowak. She is the boss of Diskette Press.

Carolyn Nowak is a multiple Ignatz award-winning cartoonist. She is shorter and less impressive than her best friend, Carta Monir, who wrote this bio.

Cathy G. Johnson

Table 508B

tw: @cathygjohn
ig: @cathygjohn

Cathy G. Johnson is a cartoonist and educator in Providence, Rhode Island. The Breakaways is her third graphic novel, after Gorgeous (2016) with Koyama Press and Jeremiah (2015) with One Percent Press. Cathy has also published shorter comics work with publishers such as Silver Sprocket and Youth in Decline. In addition to creating artwork, Cathy works as an educator in the New England area, serving many local communities within schools and community centers.

Cathy Hannah

Table 215B

tw: @chainsawcathy
ig: Chainsawcathy

Cathy Hannah draws black and white sad bastard comics of the indy persuasion. Her comics are mostly about boys, cats, naps, and what does it all mean.

Chad Sell

Table 512A

tw: @chadsell01
ig: @chadsell01

Chicago cartoonist and co-creator of THE CARDBOARD KINGDOM from Knopf Books for Young Readers and Random House Children's Books.

Chloë Perkis

Table 230B


Chloë Perkis is a non-binary artist, cartoonist, ceramist, and print-maker living in Chicago, IL. Their work has been featured in The Best American Comics 2018.

Coin-Op Books

Table 213A

tw: CoinOpBooks
ig: Coinophoey

Peter and Maria Hoey (Brother and Sister artists) make comics under the name Coin-Op. The first collection of their work, COIN-OP COMICS ANTHOLOGY 1997-2017, was published by Top Shelf Productions in the summer of 2018. They live on opposite coasts of the United States.
The Hoeys are 2019 Eisner Award nominees for their short story: “Supply Chains” (which appears in Coin-Op No. 7).

Cold Cube Press + Aidan Fitzgerald

Table 303A

tw: @coldcubepress
ig: @coldcubepress

Cold Cube Press is a Risograph printing and publishing studio based in Seattle. We focus on abstract and non-traditional comics, art books, and zines. We work with a variety of artists at all different stages of their development, from all over the world.

Conor Stechschulte

Table 221A

ig: @crepusculine

Conor Stechschulte was raised in rural Pennsylvania and began self-publishing comics while attending the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. His debut graphic novel, The Amateurs was published by Fantagraphics in 2014 and translated into Italian by Edizioni 001 in 2017. He is currently serializing Generous Bosom with Breakdown Press in London. He lives in Chicago where he teaches courses in comics and self-publishing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Cow House Press

Table 107A

tw: @cowhousepress
ig: @cowhousepress

Cow House Press is a micro-press based in Chicago, IL.
Our focus is on publishing diverse comics for a wide audience, including young adult and young readers. We create handmade comics, zines and limited edition art books. Our goal is to help emerging and established creators get their work into more hands.

Czap Books

Table 508A

tw: czapbooks
ig: czapbooks

Czap Books is dedicated to publishing comics that celebrate the poetic, the personal, and the weird. Their goal is to support and nurture a growing family of artists who pull from a wide net of influence and explore what the comics medium is capable of. They also co-publish the Ley Lines series with Grindstone Comics, a quarterly comics tribute to other art forms.

David Alvarado

Table 509B

ig: tuffasaurus

David Alvarado is a Chicago based illustrator and cartoonist. Growing up in the Chicagoland suburbs he was always drawn to cartoon imagery, the Chicago Imagists and hand painted signs. He has had his illustrations and comics published on both a local and national scale, he is also a frequent contributor to Newcity Chicago.

Detroit Comix Party

Table 218A


Detroit Comix Party has taken many forms over the years: starting as a weekly collaborative drawing night for local artists, taking a detour into aktionist-performance, doubling back to be a thoroughly nihilistic podcast, evolving into a pretty fun-loving public access talk show, and settling down to where we are now: a small-scale producer of beautifully bound and printed books and artist-multiples; for-hire consultancy for like-minded artists, writers and illustrators; and promoters and organizers of a large-scale trade-show and symposium for independent publishers and book-artists.

Detroit Comix Party is operated entirely by Kevin Eckert and Michael Burridge, multimedia artists and entrepreneurs at-large. Truth Dart is their ongoing series of comix, focusing on the nature of friendship.

Eddie Campbell

Table 204

Eddie Campbell (born 10 August 1955) is a Scottish comics artist and writer now living in Chicago. Probably best known as the illustrator of From Hell (written by Alan Moore), Campbell is also the creator of the semi-autobiographical Alec stories collected in Alec: The Years Have Pants, and Bacchus, a wry adventure series about some of the Greek gods surviving to the present day. The Fate of the Artist, in which the author investigates his own murder, and The Lovely Horrible Stuff, an investigation of our relationship with money, are also among his graphic novels. A Disease of Language is a collaboration with Alan Moore, The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountain is with Neil Gaiman and in Bizarre Romance Eddie turns the short stories of his wife, Audrey Niffenegger, into comics. Eddie is also a historian of cartooning and comics; The Goat Getters is his first large scale work in this field.

Eli Howey

Table 305A

ig: ehowwy

Eli Howey is an artist based in Toronto. They use watercolour and gouache to create hand-painted art comics and large-scale works on paper. Their artwork aims to reinterpret the body within an imaginative framework and open it up to symbols that are expansive, building towards an imaginative-poetic-visual language to visualize buried and potential new ideas. The stories they create attempt to go beyond what can be seen by incorporating the emotional/imagined spaces within environments and narratives.

Elise Dietrich

Table 219A

tw: @djsereia
ig: djsereia

Elise Dietrich is a cartoonist and educator who hails from the woods of New Hampshire. Her work is autobiographical, and she most recently self-published "Key West Diary," a kind of hero's journey for the 21st century mother.

Emily Riesbeck + David Mitchell

Table 417A

tw: @thebluevalkyrie

Emily Riesbeck has been publishing their webcomic series, The Blue Valkyrie, for over four years. Their short comics have been featured in the Chubby LGBT Anthology and the Local Haunts Anthology. Their debut graphic novel, It's Your Funeral, will be published in Spring 2020 by Iron Circus Comics.

David John Mitchell is a freelance illustrator based in Chicago, Illinois. He works on numerous ongoing projects, including The Blue Valkyrie (w. Emily Reisbeck) and Sidlings (w. Dee Emm Elms). He has done diverse freelance work including children’s book illustration, background paintings for animated films, posters for theater companies, and concept art for contemporary artists’ project proposals. He periodically writes theory & criticism about comic art. He graduated with a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012. During the day he works for a contemporary art gallery.

Emmanuel Guerrero

Table 109B

ig: @perdido_blues

Cartoonist. Creator of Dirt Growlers.

Enrique Guerra

Table 408A

tw: primeslimee
ig: Prime_slime

Enrique is a cartoonist based in Chicago IL, you can find their work in Good boy! magazine, Vice, Sweaty palms, and various other anthologies. they are currently working on a bootleg "Yu-Gi-Oh" series for the recently kickstarted "good Boy! mag.

Eric Kostiuk Williams

Table 310B

tw: kostiukwilliams
ig: kostiukwilliams

Eric Kostiuk Williams is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has been nominated twice for the Doug Wright Spotlight Award: in 2013 for Hungry Bottom Comics, and in 2018 for Condo Heartbreak Disco, which was also nominated for a Lambda Literary Award. In 2017, Williams was nominated for an Eisner Award in Best Single Issue/One-Shot category for Babybel Wax Bodysuit. He was the recipient of the 2018 Queer Press Grant for his graphic novella Our Wretched Town Hall.

Erin K Wilson

Table 514B

tw: @erinwilsondraws
ig: @erinwilsonillustrates

Erin K Wilson love anime. Their work has been published by Silver Sprocket, Outside Magazine, Penguin Randomhouse, Vice Sports, Birthmark Doula Collective, AntiGravity Magazine, Rolling Stone, and Whole Foods Market. But they are most proud of their gay fanfiction, which has been printed only on xerox machines

Erin Nations

Table 211B

ig: elnations

Erin Nations is the writer and illustrator of the comic book series Gumballs (DINKY Award winner, and Ignatz Award nominated) published by Top Shelf Productions. His work has appeared in Full Bleed, and the We're Still Here anthology. He is a frequent contributor to the quarterly comics newspaper Vision Quest. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Estrella Vega

Table 306A


Estrella is a self-published artist who likes to draw nature. She also likes to explore different book formats, because books should be more interactive and fun.

Eva Azenaro Acero

Table 302B

fb: none
tw: @birdlets
ig: @birdlets

Eva Azenaro Acero is an illustrator, artist, and writer currently based in Chicago. Through their work they seek to explore and process the personal and collective trauma of marginalized groups. Surreal and unusual, their comics emphasize the identity of the unseen and art as activism, through the lens of a queer person of color. They spend their time drawing, writing, and exploring, often at odd hours.

Fantagraphics Books

Table 317-318

tw: @fantagraphics
ig: @fantagraphics

Fantagraphics Books got its start in 1976 by publishing The Comics Journal, an incendiary magazine of critical and journalistic advocacy that lambasted the comics industry for churning out mediocrity and squandering the potential of the medium. In 1982, fed up with a status quo consisting of superheroes and generic genre work, the company decided to enter the fray, publishing its flagship comics title, Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez’s Love and Rockets. Ever since, Fantagraphics has sought out and published the world’s greatest cartoonists from the beginning of the form to the present day.


Table 509A

tw: galvosaur
ig: galvosaur,

Assembled in the burbs of Chicago, GABO was programmed to make comics for sci-fi lovers. He is the artist for DEAD OF WINTER as well as THE LIFE AFTER published by Oni Press. He is also the creator of comic battle website ENTERVOID.COM

Gabriel Howell

Table 206A

ig: @snowglobeenthusiast

Gabe Howell writes and publishes comics dealing with topic matter such as the destigmatization of mental illness, undergoing hormone replacement therapy, and the various struggles of living as a transgender man. He enjoys self publishing his comics and zines, collecting Precious Moments paraphernalia, and going to therapy every week.

George Porteus

Table 301B

ig: porteusporteus

George Porteus is a pure product of Chicago's underground comics scene. Since 2013 his work has appeared multiple times in 'Lumpen' magazine as well as issues of 'Trubble Club', 'NewCity' and 'The Smudge'; over five years he has self-published several zines and comics, as well as a graphic novella, all presented perennially at CAKE. In 2016, he performed at 'Zine Not Dead', a local live comics experience, and recently had work in the inaugural issue of ‘the Bridgeport Lathe’. He lives with his spouse and their cat on Chicago's lower west side.

Gimme Action

Table 209A

ig: @gimmeaction

Gimme Action is an Oakland-based publisher responsible for books such as Liz Suburbia’s Thee Collected Cyanide Milkshake and author/musician Brontez Purnell’s The Cruising Diaries, as well as a multitude of fanzines and mini comics of varying degrees of filth by founder Janelle Hessig.

We stay true to our subversive roots, operate with integrity, and firmly believe that there's a universal thread found in laffs, art, and storytelling that unites us all. With this mission at heart, we endeavor to uplift humanity, one dick joke at a time.

Good-Bye Press

Table 203A


Good-Bye Press is a self-publishing project by artist Ben Marcus.

Grace Abe

Table 516A

ig: @midorikoa

Born and bred in suburban New Jersey, Grace is an art director in Boston. Her work tends to be about her roots, her surroundings, and the discomfort of growing.

Haleigh Buck

Table 217B

fb: n/a
tw: n/a
ig: haleigheyboy

Human based out of Baltimore, MD. Enjoys drawing highly detailed comix with hatch lines and stippling, chugging enough caffeine to kill an elephant, trying not to be sad, and hanging out with her 12 year old chocolate lab, Frankenstein. Please enjoy her comics now, before her arm falls off.

Harry Gao

Table 505A

ig: sunshine.gaoh

Harry Gao draws stories about home--whatever that means, with all the complications that entails. They've studied philosophy, taught ecology, cooked noodles, and sold produce; now, they're learning to make comics in Minneapolis.

Hello Boyfriend

Table 104

tw: hello_boyf

We are Hello Boyfriend! Hello, it's nice to meet you!! We're a group of friends based in the Greater Toronto Area who make comics.
Hello Boyfriend is made up of Jade Armstrong, Victor Martins, Christine Wong, Keelin Gorlewski and Jesse DeNobrega.

Hi-Bred Studio

Table 210B

ig: hi__bred

Hi-Bred Studio is the work of Ian Mackay, a San Francisco-based artist whose work spans comics, illustration, animation, and sculpture.

Ido Yogev

Table 228B

ig: dodogev

Ido Yogev is an illustrator and comic artist residing in Israel. He makes comics about music, heartache, both or neither.

Iona Fox

Table 105A

tw: @iona_fox
ig: @iona_fox

Iona Fox draws a weekly 1-page newspaper comic called Almanac, which runs in Seven Days alt-weekly, and which is collected & expanded in a book each year. Almanac 2017 was included on the Notables list in Best American Comics, and was awarded a MICE grant. Fox has also been twice-nominated for the EXPOZINE “Best Comic” award.

iron Circus Comics

Table 233

tw: ironcircuscomix
ig: ironcircus

Iron Circus Comics, est. 2007 and dedicated to the Strange and Amazing.

Issue Press

Table 302A

Issue Press is an independent publisher of artist books, comics, multiples, and other printed matter based in Grand Rapids, MI

James Dillenbeck

Table 415A

tw: @jamesdillenbeck
ig: @jamesdillenbeck

James D is an LGBTQ artist who takes the all too often ancillary plus-sized men of comics, movies, and frankly our entire culture and gives them a shot at the leading man slot. Art and adventures Spanning from perilous desert planets on fire, to lovers on a quite neon train platform hundreds of feet high in a super city of the future. Love, Body Positivity, Sacrifice and Compassion are at the core of his art, which he aims will inspire many LGBTQ people with no representation or nothing to root for in comics. Born and Residing in New York, James has been operating as a freelance artist, working with bands and small brands creating designs, logos, stickers, playbills and posters. He is currently working on commissions and a self published project that you can follow until it's release on social media

Jasjyot Singh Hans

Table 416B

tw: @jasjyotjasjyot
ig: @jasjyotjasjyot

Jasjyot Singh Hans is an illustrator and zine-maker unendingly inspired by an explosive neon mix of fashion, music and pop culture. He has a constant regard for things past and a voracity for all that is current. His work chronicles around themes of body image, sexuality, self love and his identity as a Sikh queer man.

JB Roe

Table 409 B

tw: mortcrimpjr
ig: Mortcrimpjr

JB Roe is a Chicago-based artist and writer. His work often deals with monsters, mutants, pro wrestling, and the institutional horrors perpetuated by capitalism and the state. He also co-owns Hardway, a small clothing label.

Jeff Zwirek

Table 401B

tw: @jeffzwirek
ig: jeffzwirek

Jeff's comics work includes Burning Building Comix, and several issues of his solo comics anthology BlackStar. He's worked in and around comics his whole life, in retail, convention organizing, teaching, publishing, and printing. He lives and works in Chicago with his wife and three kids.

Jen Epervary

Table 30BA

tw + ig: @jeperbees

Jen is a trans illustrator, photo editor, long island medium and aspiring Twitter made comedian, living in Boston making auto-biographical comics about mental health and wellness in our very unwell world. They draw a lot of sad people floating, monsters, food, and girls, usually all together and usually while crying.

Jessica Checkeroskio

Table 313A

ig: @checkerosk

My work uses humor to reflect on the ongoings of daily life, explore dating, as well as take jabs at pop culture.
Occasionally my comics feature my terrific dogOscar, and illustrations that only begin to capture his magnificent beauty.

Jim Kettner

Table 101A

tw: xkettnerdx
ig: xkettnerdx

Kett is the 40 year old straight-edge kid and coffee shop cartoonist behind Adult Crash Comix and is the artist and co-author of Ink In Water: an illustrated memoir. When not making the funny books, Kett teaches as part of the MFA in Comics program for California College of the Arts. He lives in Portlandia with his pup/muppet Tortellini.

JJ McLuckie

Table 206B

ig: artworkbyjj

JJ McLuckie is a Chicago-based illustrator, cartoonist, muralist, and handpoke tattoo artist. They primarily self-publish surreal/formalist comics based around under-appreciated aspects of the world, gender/sexuality, mental health, and stream of consciousness writing. Each has a high amount of focus dedicated to the structure and keeping it specific but open ended enough to instigate personal thought more-so than thought about a specific narrative in the book. This attention to structure leads to doing gig posters and paintings in a style that some would describe as psychedelic due to the experimentation in color, forms, and the relationships between objects and communicating information.

Joe Maccarone

Table 517A

tw: joemaccaroneart
ig: joemaccarone

Joe Maccarone is an illustrator living and drawing in Baltimore. His self-published comics and books are always colorful, playful and humorous, often using vibrant shapes and forms to create surprising situations, spanning a range of emotions from comfortable and balanced to funny and unusual. He's really into slime, ooze, and goo, and would like to live on a mountain one day.

John F. Malta and Siobhán Gallagher

Table 220

fb: +
tw + ig: @johnfmalta + @siogallagher

John F. Malta and Siobhán Gallagher work together out of a studio in New York City. They have collectively released 40+ books over the past three years, exhibiting regularly at festivals like Comic Arts Brooklyn and Comic Arts Los Angeles. John's comics Living Land [2017] and Haunted Francis [2019] were awarded Silver Medals from the Society of Illustrators. Siobhán's first book, In a Daze Work: A Pick-Your-Path Journey Through the Daily Grind, is a humor-based, illustrated choose-your-own-adventure story and was published by Penguin Random House in July 2017.

John Porcellino

Table 226

tw: @The_Real_John_P
ig: @johnporcellino

John Porcellino has been self-publishing his zine King-Cat Comics since 1989. Since 1992 he's run the Spit and a Half Comix Distro. A native of Chicago, he now lives in Beloit, Wisconsin.

Johnny Sampson

Table 309A

tw: @johnnysampson
ig: @johnnysampson

Johnny Sampson is a proud member of the Usual Gang of Idiots. He likes making funny pictures and making people laugh. He does not eat his boogers– not that there's anything wrong with that.

Jonathan Baylis, So Buttons Comix

Table 213B

tw: @JonathanBaylis
ig: @AlchemyJMB

Jonathan Baylis is the author of the autobiographical comic series, So Buttons. In the tradition of Harvey Pekar's American Splendor, Baylis matches his stories with groundbreaking artists to capture down-to-earth slices of everyday life and pop culture. He has collected his stories into the self-published, “So Buttons” series, of which there are nine issues and a coupl’a specials.  He lives in the birth borough of his dad, Brooklyn, with his wife Ophira, their son Lucas, and their dog, Mocha.

JP Press

Table 511B

tw: @jppressnola
ig: @jp_press

JP Press is an anarchist comics press/distro based in New Orleans. Our comics feature movements against borders, fascism and pipelines, as well as radical histories and stories illuminating struggles for liberation across the world.

Julia Hutchinson

Table 414A

tw: @julia_the_hut
ig: @julia_the_hut

Julia is a Chicago born artist living in New Jersey. Her stories are often light and heartwarming, focusing on the theme of finding beauty in an imperfect world. Her work has appeared in half a dozen comic anthologies, most recently Alloy: Electrum, recently published by Ascend Comics. When not drawing comics, Julia can be found designing stickers, bird watching, and baking sweets.

Karl Christian Krumpholz

Table 404B

tw: @KarlChristian
ig: karlchristiankrumpholz

Originally from a city on the East Coast, award-winning cartoonist Karl Christian Krumpholz’s work has appeared in many different formats, publications and even animated in a documentary.

Karl is currently working on the weekly ‘The Denver Bootleg’ comic for the Westword newspaper, the sequel to his biographical comic ‘An Introduction to Alcohol’, and the continuing series of short stories and slice of life comics set in the city: ’30 Miles of Crazy!’

Karl continues to live in the city, though now a different one, and also owns way too many hats.

Karl Stevens

Table 404A

tw: @karlstevensart
ig: @karlstevensart

Karl Stevens is an the award-winning cartoonist whose books include Guilty, Whatever, The Lodger, Failure, and The Winner. He lives in Boston with his wife Alex and their two cats Penny and Pepper

Kat Schneider

Table 110

tw: @katschneids
ig: @katschneids

Kat Schneider is an illustrator and comics artist living and working in New Jersey. Taking inspiration from modern cinema, Kat places familiar figures and settings in new arrangements to form mercurial and novel narratives. Though her drawings and comics are often tongue-in-cheek, there are many small moments that give the viewer space to linger on a moment’s more subtle feeling. She only eats Italian food and M&M's! Get with it!

Kate Lacour

Table 301A

Kate Lacour makes comics rooted in body horror, biology, reproduction, and mysticism. Her science diagram based series, "Vivisectionary" won a 2016 MoCCA award, and will be published by Fantagraphics as a hardcover graphic novel in August. She lives in New Orleans.

Katie Schenkel

Table 513A


Katie Schenkel writes all-ages comics and wants to be Batgirl when she grows up. She co-wrote the 2018 critically acclaimed graphic novel The Cardboard Kingdom. Her werewolf comic Moonlighters (Space Goat Productions) premiered in March 2017. She lives in Chicago with her partner Madison.

Kevin Budnik

Table 510A

tw: @knittedsweater
ig: @kevin_budnik

Kevin Budnik is an autobiographical cartoonist from Chicago

Kevin Huizenga

Table 105B

tw: @kevinh1000
ig: @1000kevinh

Kevin Huizenga currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has written and drawn numerous zines, comic books, and graphic novels, including the GANGES series. He currently teaches classes in the Comic Art program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He can be reached at

Kevin VQ Dam

Table 208A

tw: @kevinvqdam
ig: @kevinvqdam

I am a queer Vietnamese-American illustrator and best friend currently based in Oakland, CA. I focus on color and shape to communicate. I love telling all kinds of stories, but especially ones about interpersonal relationships, science, and cultural history.

Kilgore Press

Table 412

Kristin Tipping

Table 224A

tw: @KristinTipping
ig: @kristintipping

Kristin Tipping is an asexual graphic artist and comic creator with a master's degree in illustration from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She is known for her strangely endearing bittersweet work full of fluffy animals, queer feelings, and existential dread. Her work includes the award-winning serial comic Evil Witch Allie and the short comic collection Bedtime Stories for Strangers. She is a recipient of the 2019 Artist Initiative Grant.

Landis Blair

Table 315A

tw: @landisblair
ig: @landisblair

Landis Blair is a pen and ink illustrator and author known for his whimsically dark picture books and for his illustration work on the graphic novel "The Hunting Accident: a True Story of Crime and Poetry," by David Carlson and the non-fiction book "From Here to Eternity: Traveling the World to Find the Good Death," by Caitlin Doughty.

Laura Lannes

Table 501A

fb: /
tw: @lauralannes
ig: @lauralannes

Laura Lannes is a cartoonist and illustrator from Brazil, living in New York City.

Liz Bolduc Sux

Table 307A

fb: n/a
tw: @liz_sux
ig: @liz_sux

Liz Bolduc Sux is an auto-bio cartoonist & doughnut enthusiast based in Boston, MA. Their work focuses on mental wellness, working as a librarian without a degree & the good ol' punk days.

Liz Valasco

Table 416A

ig: Vialcomics

Liz lives in the forests of northern California, where the landscape often informs her work.

Lizzy Tiritilli + Ashly Powley

Table 235B

ig: @lizzytiritilli + @ashlypowley

Lizzy works on comics that help her better understand the way she handles her anxiety, depression and general awkwardness. Mostly she handles this in the form of journal comics but she is trying her hand in fiction as well.

Ashly is a Florida born Chicago transplant. She tries to make comics about animals, pizza, demin and her feelings.

Lunarbaboon (Chris Grady)

Table 417B

tw: @lunarbaboon
ig: @lunarbaboon

Chris Grady is the creator of the webcomic Lunarbaboon, a comic about mental health, parenting, relationships, pizza, Star Wars, tolerance and other aspects of life. He currently lives in Toronto where he raises two children and works as an elementary school teacher. You can read his comics on Webtoon or at

M. Sabine Rear

Table 406A

tw: michaelsabine
ig: michaelsabine

M. Sabine Rear is an Ignatz-nominated cartoonist and zine-maker and the cute blind lady you gave your seat to on the bus. Her work addresses disability, embodied identity and public space. She is a founding member of Portland's Soft Skills Comics Collective, a pro wrestling fan and a karaoke celebrity.

M.S. Harkness

Table 410A

tw: msharkness
ig: m.s.harkness

✿♥✿░B░E░A░U░T░I░F░U░L ░✿♥✿ ● ಥ_ಥ αυтσвισ cσмιcѕ ಥ_ಥ ●

Maamoul Press

Table 312B


MAAMOUL PRESS is a multi-disciplinary collective for the creation, curation and dissemination of art at the intersection of comics, printmaking, and book arts. We seek to uplift work from a diverse range of creators from marginalized backgrounds, fostering the arts in those communities through publishing, workshops, exhibitions, and distribution.

Madeline McGrane

Table 518B

tw: @madmcgrane
ig: @madmcgrane

Madeline McGrane lives in Minneapolis and draws comics.

Magda Boreysza (Fox & Comet)

Table 218B


Magda Boreysza draws animals with human faces, feral children and other strange creatures.

Marc J Palm

Table 311B

tw: swellzombie
ig: marcjpalm

Eisner Award Nominee Marc J Palm, a Seattle based cartoonist illustrated the Ghastlygun Tinies for MAD magazine and self-publishes his comics called Punch to Kill and The Fang.

Margins Publishing + Cat Parra

Table 212B

tw: @marginscomics + @catparrts
ig: @catparrts

Founded by Zora Gilbert and Cat Parra in 2015, Margins Publishing is a micropress dedicated to working with marginalized and fledgeling creators to create intensely collaborative works. Our anthologies focus on increasing representation in comics and telling good stories, a mission that drives our flagship project: DATES! AN ANTHOLOGY OF QUEER HISTORICAL FICTION. We were honored to be awarded the PRISM Award for Best Anthology in 2018, and are hard at work on DATES 3.

Cat Parra is a Wisconsinite with a wicked wanderlust. My work travels through history and across the world in my place. I focus on queer stories and in 2015 my friend Zora Gilbert and I founded Margins Publishing to help others do the same. My comics have appeared in both volumes of DATES! AN ANTHOLOGY OF QUEER HISTORICAL FICTION and in BEYOND 2. In between comics projects I draw a lot of fashionable women and wild adventurers (yes, I would love to draw your tiefling).

Marian Runk

Table 402B

tw: @msrunk
ig: @marianrunk

Marta Chudolinska is a multidisciplinary artist from Toronto who makes comics, artist books and zines that are introspective, surreal, silly, and sad, featuring her drawings, woodcut & linocut prints and papercut art. Her first wordless graphic novel, Back + Forth: A novel in 90 linocuts, was published in 2009 by the Porcupine’s Quill and nominated for a Doug Wright Award, recognizing excellence in Canadian cartooning. Since then, she has continued to produce comics that incorporate her interests in personal narratives, fantastical stories and the handmade. Her papercut comic, Babcia, a historical memoir which aims to rebuild her connection to her late grandmother, is currently being serialized in Broken Pencil Magazine.

Marta Chudolinska

Table 108B

tw: @martachu
ig: @martawhodoli

Marta Chudolinska is a multidisciplinary artist from Toronto who makes comics, artist books and zines that are introspective, surreal, silly, and sad, featuring her drawings, woodcut & linocut prints and papercut art. Her first wordless graphic novel, Back + Forth: A novel in 90 linocuts, was published in 2009 by the Porcupine’s Quill and nominated for a Doug Wright Award, recognizing excellence in Canadian cartooning. Since then, she has continued to produce comics that incorporate her interests in personal narratives, fantastical stories and the handmade. Her papercut comic, Babcia, a historical memoir which aims to rebuild her connection to her late grandmother, is currently being serialized in Broken Pencil Magazine.

Max Bare

Table 314A

tw: @maxbareart
ig: @maxbareart

Max Bare enjoys making comics for a wide audience, from smelly kid to smelly geezer, as long as they like stories that are strange and silly. He is the artist for "Scally-Ho!" a new series for young readers written by children's book illustrator and author, Alex Willan. Other books include "Sour Milk" and "Mystery Afoot". Max has work published by Lion Forge/Quillion ("Rolled & Told") and Revolution Brewing ("Galaxy-Hero"). Max lives in Chicago with his lovely fiancée Melissa Sue Stanley where they sometimes make comics about beer and oftentimes pet their smelly dog, Rocko.

Max Clotfelter

Table 405B

tw: n/a
ig: slop_manual

Publisher of Snake Meat Zines & Mini-comics since 1997. Over 80 titles available and priced to sell. Subjects range from adolescent auto-bio to mind-melting alien freak out fables. Trades welcome!

Max Morris

Table 203B


Chicago Comics Maker

Megan Kirby + Rosamund Lannin

Table 502B

tw: @megankirb + @rosamund
ig: @dweebulous + @rosamund

Megan Kirby creates fanzines and memoir comics about things like One Direction, X-Files, the Bristol Renaissance Faire, and her own dumb life. She run a zine-making and storytelling show called Meanwhile at Delilah’s Bar in Chicago.

Rosamund Lannin has been reading and writing in Chicago for over a decade. During that time, she has published essays about feelings, food, and pop culture, performed stories around the city, and consumed many carne asada burritos. You can find her riding her bike around the northwest side. Check out her first foray into speculative fiction, "The Lake House," published as part of Lady Chatterley's Rosebud Wristlet in spring 2019.

Meredith Playground


fb: n/a
tw: @playground_park
ig: @meredithplayground

Meredith makes comics about being a person, relationships, spiritual and mental health. They mash magical realist imagery with autobiographical stories to push the boundaries of emotional communication in their comics. They also love drawing bikes.

Mike Centeno

Table 307B

tw: @mike_centeno
ig: @mike_centeno

Mike Centeno is a Venezuelan cartoonist currently based in Chicago, IL. His work has been featured in the Dig Boston Weekly, Chicago Reader, Southside Weekly, Netflix's "Easy", and in the Latinx anthology "Tales From La Vida." His ongoing series Futile Comics is currently in its seventh issue, with no signs of stopping. If there's ever a chance for him to be in the company of his dog over other humans, he will take it.

Mystic Multiples

Table 208B


Mystic Multiples is a Houston, Texas print shop and artist duo that self-publishes zines, comics, and prints. In May 2018 they released, Total Monsoon, a 300+ page risograph-printed comic about friends growing up and growing apart while navigating life on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Nicole Del Rio

Table 205A


Nicole is a Chicago artist who works in a variety of mediums, but primarily uses drawing, ceramics, and comics as a way to express loneliness, social anxiety boredom, and surreal imagery in relation to the monotonous daily routines of home life.

November Garcia

Table 411A

tw: novembergarcia
ig: novembergarcia

November Garcia is a cartoonist from the Philippines who makes humiliatingly funny autobio comics. Her tiles include Foggy Notions (Hic and Hoc), Rookie Moves, and her on-going series, Malarkey (both Self-Published). Her work has been featured in The New Yorker, PEN America and Popula. She has only one working eye, so don’t wave at her from her left side.


Table 210A

Organ is a comics and critical theory publisher located in the United States.

Paradise Systems

Table 505B

tw: para_systems
Weibo: ParadiseSystems

Publisher of exemplary comics from the United States and China.

Patrick Lay

Table 102B

tw: @Plutarian_2
ig: @plutarian_2

Patrick Lay (he/him) is a cartoonist from Northwest Ohio. He gets just as excited about sad things as he does about happy things (imagine a Golden Retriever raised by cats). His comics are teen and all-ages stories about our relationships with each other and the ups and downs of a wild world. He earned a B.S.F.A in Oil Painting from Valparaiso University and recently earned an MFA in Comics from the California College of the Arts. He is co-creator and artist of the all-ages adventure Multi-, which saw the fourth issue released in April of 2018. He also released the mini-comic Dance and has contributed to the anthology Vagabond Comics. Patrick his first webcomic, Screaming Mimi Kids updates every Sunday, and a he is working on his first graphic novel, Ramble.

Perfectly Acceptable Press

Table 201

ig: perfectlyacceptable

Perfectly Acceptable Press is a Risograph print studio and publishing house in Chicago. Besides doing contract printing for artists all over North America, Perfectly Acceptable publishes books spanning the genres of comics, artist books, and essay with an emphasis on narrative and craft.

Pete Faecke

Table 410B

ig: @the_stink_hole

Pete Faecke is very tall so he sits down behind his table to tryn be more approachable. He makes traditional genre comics (sci fi, western, romance etc.) with contemporary themes like grief, identity, and unlearning masculinity, while also celebrating homo-erotic imagery.

Phelix Venters-Sefic

Table 209B

ig: glitter.cowboi

Phelix Venters- Sefic is a trans Illustrator based in Denver, Colorado. They are currently attending school in Galesburg, Illinois and pursuing double degrees in Art and Education at Knox College; graduating in '21. Phelix is a art event coordinator for the Bluebrick Collective with the Galesburg Civic Arts Center as well as the art editor for Catch Magazine.
Phelix’s art takes a critical view on the routine subdued lifestyle that surrounds us in restlessness, instead focusing on what it means to simply live with the presence of consistent longing and how that affects the process of being happy with oneself. They hope that even though their art utilizes a lot of fun colors and possesses a playful cartoon style, the viewer is able to still sense the underlying aching of melancholy in the pieces. Even though the subject is going through mundane events, people are shaped by their seemingly common and minute daily events.

Plum Press

Table 207B

ig: @plumpress

Plum Press is a small press located in Brooklyn, NY. We publish comics, zines, and other printed materials and products. We host events and work in a variety of media. Plum is run by Paige Mehrer, Haejin Park, and Sophie Page. You may have seen Plum at MoCCA, TCAF, MICE, CALA, and the New York Art Book Fair.m

POMEgranate Magazine

Table 234B

tw: @pomemag
ig: @pomemag

POMEgranate Magazine publishes smart, strange content for thoughtful and sensitive weirdos in the form of anthologies, zines, and other printed comics work. We strive to produce work that is both inclusive and welcoming. We are a feminist publication full of dweebs who consume a lot of media and have a lot of Feelings about the state of this desolate mortal plane we all share.

Pranas T. Naujokaitis

Table 223B

tw: @pranas
ig: ghostcarpress
tumblr: ghostcarpress

Pranas is a Chicago based cartoonist who specializes in handcrafted minicomics with an emphasis on packaging, craftsmanship, and design. His minicomic Laffy Meal was nominated for an Ignatz Award. He also has worked on such various comic titles such as the Adventure Time Ice King miniseries and Rugrats. Someday he'll get that webcomic idea off the ground.

Rachel Bard

Table 407B

ig: @rachel_bard

Rachel Bard is a cartoonist and illustrator who loves monsters, sad stories, and small press publishing. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016, where she drew a lot of cute things trying to not get eaten. Now she spends her time making comics, inventing strange new animals, and assembling an endless amount of tiny books.

Rachel Comics

Table 219B

ig: rachelcomix

Rachel Comics are the autobiographical comics of Rachel Scheer, a comic artist living in Seattle, Washington. Rachel Comics have been published by The Stranger, the Seattle Weekly, Narratively, Lilith Magazine, Mutha Magazine, and Fantagraphics. When she isn’t making comics, Rachel works as a second grade teacher. More at:

Rachel Foss

Table 516B

tw: @RachelFTFoss
ig: rachelftfoss

Rachel Foss is a superhero by day and a comic artist by night... well no not really, but she's nice.

Radiator Comics

Table 402B

tw: @radiatorcomics
ig: @radiator_comics

Radiator Comics distributes hand-made, self-published, and small-press comics by over 55 alternative comics artists from across the country. In 2017, Radiator Comics published The Chronicles of Fortune by Coco Picard, and is expanding its publishing efforts in 2019 with several books and comics! Radiator Comics was founded in Chicago, and now operates in Miami, FL.

Read More Comix!

Table 229A

tw: @readmorecomix
ig: @readmorecomix

Read More Comix! is a Toronto based comic making collective that consists of James Spencer, David Craig and Robb Mirsky. Tales of vacationing wizards, colonizing aliens, foul mouthed cigarettes, lemon gangs, sewer mutants, and anthropomorphic bricks, bottles and teeth are sure to delight and disgust!

“Absurdist, stoner humour by a trio of madcap artists” -Copacetic Comics, Pittsburgh, PA

Sage Coffey

Table 517B

tw: @sagecoffey
ig: @sagemcoffey

Sage Coffey is a non-binary cartoonist in Chicago and the editor of Sweaty Palms Anthology, an anthology about anxiety. They love wrestling, their cats, and making comics about talking animals thinly veiled as fiction. (They/They)

Sam Szabo

Table 408B

tw: brainboogerinc
ig: brainboogerindustries

Sam Szabo is a Chicago-based cartoonist and performance artist. Sam has self-published dozens of comics and zines over the past decade. Her work is messy, both aesthetically and emotionally. She is well-intentioned, though.

Sarah Becan

Table 309B

tw: @sarahbecan
ig: @sarahbecan

Sarah Becan is a comics artist, illustrator and designer. Her work has appeared in various publications, including Chicago Reader, Saveur, Eater, and Her first graphic novel, The Complete Ouija Interviews, won a Xeric award, and her second graphic novel, Shuteye, was published with a successful Kickstarter. In 2014, she wrote and illustrated Luna de Cuernos, a graphic story for Fifth House Ensemble’s spring 2014 concert series. In 2016, she illustrated The Adventures of Fat Rice, and her newest graphic novel, Let's Make Ramen, will be released by Ten Speed Press July 2019.

Scott Miller

Table 216


Scott R. Miller is a freelance illustrator and small press publisher of Printsploitation, an anthology art zine celebrating horror and cult movie inspired illustration. He's a book and magazine layout specialist and enjoys screen printing, drawing and collecting VHS tapes. He has self published three issues of Strange Tapes about his personal collection.

Scott Roberts

Table 225A

tw: scaattr
ig: mrscottroberts

I'm a Chicago artist, cartoonist, animator, and printmaker. I make and print experimental art comics. The Risograph color printing process is an integral part of my art making. I'll be selling copies of my anthology "Loving Richard's Valley," and all proceeds will go to the Toronto Overdose Prevention Society.

Sean Dove

Table 511A

tw: @andthankyou
ig: @andthankyou

Sean Dove is an Illustrator based out of Chicago, IL, where he runs his one-man design studio And Thank You For Flying. Sean was born in Hawaii and grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In 2003 he graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work includes Brobots (Oni Press), The Last Days of Danger (self-published through Kickstarter), Madballs (Lion Forge), Rolled & Told (Lion Forge), and covers for Hawaiian Dick (Image Comics), Invader Zim (Oni Press), and Rick and Morty (Oni Press). He makes retro-inspired screenprinted posters, enamel pins, and other wares.

Sean Knickerbocker

Table 403
tw: @sknick20
ig: @seanknickerbocker

Sean Knickerbocker is a cartoonist, illustrator, and printer. He graduated from the Center For Cartoon Studies in 2012. His comics have appeared in Ecotone, Irene, and the Nib among other publications. He is a native of West Valley, New York and currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Rust Belt, published by Secret Acres, will be in stores on May 21st, 2019, following its debut at CAKE.

Secret Acres

Table 403

tw: @secretacres

“Not so secret anymore” (Douglas Wolk, Publisher’s Weekly), Secret Acres is a comics publishing company, founded in 2006. The company publishes original graphic novels, story collections and artist monographs. Secret Acres also distributes its creators’ mini-comics and other self-published works. Secret Acres can be seen exhibiting at better comics conventions.

Shreyas R Krishnan + Kruttika Susarla

Table 305B

ig: @sayerhs + @kruttika

Shreyas and Kruttika are illustrators and comic makers from India. Their work looks at gender through various lenses like memory, history and power, largely in the form of non-fiction comics. They also make drawings and zines about coffee and cats.

Silver Sprocket

Table 231B-232

ig: @silversprocket

t: @ssbcpunk

Silver Sprocket is a radical indie comics publisher, art-crew, gallery, and comic shop from San Francisco, CA, aiming to empower artists and our community. The roster of published artists includes Abby Jame, Ben Passmore, Benji Nate, Carolyn Nowak, Cristy C Road, Erin K Wilson, Isabella Rotman, Ivy Atoms, James the Stanton, Jenn Woodall, Liz Prince, Liz Suburbia, Michael Sweater, Mitch Clem, Nicole Goux and Dave Baker, Olivia Walch, Seth Katz, and Tom Neely.

Simon Moreton

Table 506A

tw: simon_moreton
ig: simon.moreton

Simon make drawings and writes about things that have happened to him. He has been been self-publishing zines and comics since 2007. His current series is called Minor Leagues.  His debut graphic novel, ‘Plans We Made’ was published by Uncivilized Books in 2015. He has also made comics for Kilgore Books (USA), Retrofit Comics (USA), Avery Hill Publishing (UK), and Sotokaramita (Japan). He lives and works in Bristol, UK.


Table 414B

tw: skelehime
ig: skelehime

Skelehime is a horror cartoonist working on her first collection of short horror stories. For fun, she enjoys horror novels, junk food, coding, and biking at a strictly leisurely pace.

So What? Press

Table 402A

tw: @sowhatpress
ig: @sowhatpress

So What? Press is a publisher and distributor of comics. Their roster of over 20 titles includes work by Marnie Galloway, Molly Ostertag, and Simon Fraser among others.

Sophie McMahan

Table 217A

tw: N/A
ig: @dreamingofjohnny

Sophie McMahan is an illustrator and comic creating living and working in Urbana, IL. She lives with her fiancee and their 6 cats. She is inspired by big hair, badass women, and vintager horror.

Stephen Winchell

Table 102A

tw: @sawinchell
ig: @usawinchell

Stephen Winchell is a playwright and cartoonist from Chicago, IL. His comic work includes the cathartically violent NATTY, the absurd and juvenile LITTLE BOYS ROOM, and the family-friendly fan-comic THE UNSINKABLE AQUAMAN. His theater work includes the baseball comedy STRIKE THREE, the murder-mystery/Frasier prequel DEATH COMES TO DUKES, and the upcoming play, THE PERFECT PLAY. You can tweet at him at @SAWinchell.

Steve MacIsaac

Table 415B

ig: @steve_mac_isaac

An expat Canadian living in Los Angeles after several years in Japan, Steve MacIsaac’s comics explore contemporary gay culture, identity, and sexuality. MacIsaac has released five issues of his solo series SHIRTLIFTER, with the sixth due for release in Spring 2019. His wordless collaboration with Dale Lazarov, STICKY, was recently re-released in a 10th anniversary edition by German publisher Bruno Gmuender. MacIsaac is an enthusiastic contributor to comics anthologies, including BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2010 (Houghton Mifflin), BLOCKED (Little Red Bird), and ALPHABET (Stacked Deck Press). His 240-page graphic novel UNPACKING was collected by Seattle LGBT Comics publisher Northwest Press in December 2018.

Steve Schaberg

Table 101B

tw: @extranapkins
ig: @onemandustbowl

Steve is a cartoonist and print maker who recently relocated to Los Angeles from Chicago.

Tess Eneli Reid

Table 515B

tw: @tessreid
ig: @tessreid

Tess Eneli Reid is a comic maker and storyboard artist living in Toronto. Her work explores ways of reading memory and myth, focussing on the agency of people in raw and lush landscapes.

Tim Peacock

Table 506B

tw: timothypeacock
ig: tim.peacock

Tim Peacock is and illustrator/cartoonist living and working in Brooklyn, NY.

Tom Hart

Table 225B

tw: @comicsworkshop
ig: @comicsworkshop

Tom Hart is the executive director of The Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW) and the author of Rosalie Lightning, Hutch Owen, and many other books. He was an early winner of the Xeric Grant for self-publishers and has published comic strips, graphic novels, graphic memoirs and now teaches online and offline classes at SAW.

Tom McHenry

Table 311A

tw: tommchenry
ig: tommchenry

Tom McHenry is a cartoonist and game developer based in Chicago. He and his wife Sara run the Patreon-supported publishing imprint Your McHenries, through which they publish monthly comic books, zines, and video games.

Tom Van Deusen

Table 411B

tw: @tvandeusen
ig: @tom_van_deusen

Tom Van Deusen is a cartoonist from Seattle Washington. Some of his titles include Scorched Earth, The Big Me Book and I Wish I Was Joking. He is debuting his book Expelling My Truth at CAKE. Kilgore Books will have it at their table. In his free time he enjoys body building and calling his mother.

Tony Breed

Table 310A

tw: @tonybreed
ig: @tonybreed

When he's not writing his current comic, Muddlers Beat (, or polishing the Ignatz nomination for his previous comic Finn and Charlie are Hitched (, or DJing his weekly radio show at Chicago's CHIRP Radio, Tony Breed spends his days fretting about the universe and thinking about what he's going to eat next.

Tyne Lowe

Table 513B

tw: @tynelowe
ig: @tynelowecomics

Tyne Lowe makes mini-comics and lives in Bloomington, IN. She also studies comics and modernism as an Art History grad student at Indiana University.

Tyrell Cannon

Table 315B

tw: @tcannoncomics
ig: tcannoncomics

Tyrell is a comic book artist living and working in Chicago, IL known for his comics Gary, Victus, Speculative Relationships, and ERIS. Tyrell is an active part of the online and Chicago based comics communities and likes to engage with comics of all types.
Tyrell strives to create comics that are thoughtful, well-crafted, diverse in subject matter, and push the comics medium forward. He hopes to help promote the art form by supporting fellow creators and engaging in meaningful discussions about the potential of comics.

Uncivilized Books

Table 222-223A

tw: unciv
ig: uncivilizedbooks

Uncivilized Books has been publishing comics and graphic novels for over 8 years. We've published books by Gabrielle Bell, Joann Sfar, David B., Peter Wartman, Noah Van Sciver, Kelsey Wroten, and more. Our first series for young readers, Musnet, was nominated for the Angouleme Prize and won the Moonbeam Silver Medal. Uncivilized Books is run by cartoonist Tom Kaczynski.

Vicky Leta

Table 212A

tw: vickyleetuh
ig: vickyleetuh

Vicky Leta is an illustrator and comic artist from Brooklyn. Her comics draw from personal experiences in hilarious or heart-breaking ways. Also, some are about magic.


Table 214B

tw: @stillvreni
ig: @vrenilee

Vreni is much better at writing comics than writing bios. But you don't have to take my word for it!

Walker Tate

Table 306B

Walker Tate lives in Los Angeles

Wavering Line Collective

Table 108A

ig: @waveringlinecollective
Our individual Instagrams are @jeanfrederickdemers @lissshu @akwanster

We are three buds from Canada forming the group Wavering Line Collective. We create both experimental and narrative comics in our curated biannual zine with other fellow illustrators. Our collective wingspan is approximately 20 ft.

Wenting Li

Table 515A

tw: wentingthings
ig: wentingthings

Wenting Li is an illustrator who sometimes finds that the stories she wants to tell are longer than a single image. You can find her working, biking & cat-spotting in Toronto

Wesley Sun

Table 314B

tw: @theSunBros
ig: @theSunBros

A local Chicago writer, author, and professor at the University of Chicago, I am also the co-founder of Sun Bros Studios! Together with my brother Brad, we've been writing, illustrating, and self-publishing comics since 2012, including "Chinatown," "Apocalypse Man," "Monkey Fist," and our latest mixed media comics satire, "Mr. Id." To reach our fans all over the world, we've raised over $50,000 through tremendously successful Kickstarter campaigns and now speak about crowdfunding indie and alternative comics to packed rooms at publishing festivals, comic conventions, universities, bookstores, and comic shops around the country.

Will Cardini

Table 221B

tw: williamcardini
ig: williamcardini

Will Cardini creates psychedelic space fantasy comics that feature undulating lines, bright colors, abstract sequences, poetic text, and digital patterns. His comics include Vortex, Skew, and Tales from the Hyperverse. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri, with his wife and daughter.

Yewon Kwon

Table 409A

ig: litlslaywon

Yewon Kwon is an artist and printer currently residing in Chicago. In addition to Risograph printing their own publications, Yewon also runs a collective publication called Pallor Pink. Yewon is an aries and if they were a wrestler their finisher would be the Corkscrew Shooting Star Press.

Zak Sally/ La Mano 21

Table 228A

tw: i sort of hate twitter
ig: zak_sally

Zak Sally is a cartoonist/ writer/ musician/ etc: he owns and operates La Mano 21, a micro press concern.