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CAKE loves mini-comics so much we want to punch them! Mini’s are where so many of us begin and continue to work, and in many ways, the mini-comic is the backbone of a successful comic expo. In an effort to encourage people to buy and explore mini-comics at our show, CAKE is instituting a new program, our mini-comics incentive “punch card.”

When you arrive at CAKE, be sure to pick up one of our punch cards. When you buy a mini-comic from one of our exhibitors, you can ask them to add a sticker to your card (based on the value of the mini you just bought). Once you collected enough stickers, you can redeem it at the front info table for one of our historic posters by Laura Park, Jo Dery or Carrie Vinarsky

Be on the lookout for Debuts
& Mini-comics in low quantity!

Exhibitors will be displaying small signs to let you know their comic is debuting at CAKE, or that the mini-comic they have on their table is a rare one! Here’s the list of debuts CAKE knows about (who knows what bleary-eyed exhibitor will point to their comic and mumble “I finished copying this mini at five this morning”):
Acid Ankh by Dawn Aquarius Table 9A
The Amateurs by Conor Stechschulte Tables 6 & 7
The Anthropologist by Whit Taylor Table 65
Blacktop Mourning by Peter & Maria Hoey Table 40A
Blimpakind: Drinking Buddies By Talya Modlin, Table 92A
Blimapkind: The Isles of Amos By Talya Modlin, Table 92A
Blow Out by Corinne Halbert Table 96A
Borderland by Rumi Hara Table 77B
Buddy Buys a Dump by Peter Bagge Tables 6 & 7
Buffalo: High Hopes and Dead Elm Trees by Caitlin Cass Table 61A
Carbon Book 1 by Justin Madson Table 39B
Chicago: From the Swamp to the Slaughter House by Caitlin Cass Table: 61A
The Complete Peanuts Vol. 1 1991-1992 softcover by Charles M. Schulz Tables 6 & 7
Crass Sophisticate vol 1 by Josh Reinwald & Justin Rosenberg Table 76B
CS by Inés Estrada Table 71
Cult Classic by Hector Serna and Clayton Bond Jr. Table 80B
DAYGLOAYHOLE The Beast In Me by Ben Passmore Table 18A
Detectives Collection No. 1 by Simon Reinhardt Table 85
Detrimental Information by John & Luke Holden Table 11
Don’t Cry Wolfman Chicago by Nate Beaty Table 38A
Flower Daze by Sarah Leitten Table 3A
Forming Volume 2 by Jesse Moynihan Table 59
Fruit by Mita Mahato Table 60A
Gatherer by Isabella Rotman Table 93B
The Granville Syndrome by Dawson Walker Table 16A
Grave by K. Wroten Table 91B
Houses by Amy Peltz Table 62A
Islands 06 by KJ Martinet Table 1
Jerry’s Journal, Volume Three by Neil Fitzpatrick Table 39A
Juvenitive #1 by Jason Murphy Table 56A
Juvenitive #2 by Jason Murphy Table 56A
Limp Wrist by Scout Wolfcave & Penina Gal Table 51A
Lost Films by Simon Reinhardt Table 85
Love Bunglers by Jaime Hernandez Tables 6 & 7
Midwestrn Cuban Comics #8 by Odin Cabal Table 44A
Mortville compilation: My life by the MORTVILLE crew Table 80B
Mr. Cheeks by Alyssa Herlocher Table 81A
Near Water by Jack Gross Table 15B
Occupation by Andrice Arp Table 66A
Palm Ash by Julia Gfrörer Table 68A
Poop Boobs Poo by Sam Sharpe Table 41
Powdered Milk vol 13 by Keiler Roberts Table 37B
Powder Shiver by Isabel Reidy Table 12B
Release by Amy Peltz Table 62A
Rorshach #3: Medusa by Sara B. Heymann Table 80B
Rudy by Mark Connery Table 11
The Ruins by Amara Leipzig Table 93A
Saint’s Love by Krystal DiFronzo Table 56B
Sally by Scott Travis Table 30B
See Thru Cement by Math-you Land-vote Table 76A
Shopping by Amy Peltz Table 62A
Sister BFFs by Philippa Rice Table 43B
Speed Guru of Acid Mother’s Temple Vs. Plastic Crimewave by Plastic Crimewave and Makoto Kawabata Table 9A
The Star-Spangled Angel Part One by Scott Roberts Table 37A
Stun Nuts #10 by C. Cilla Table 55B
Traducciones by Inés Estrada Table 71
Twelve Gems by Lane Milburn Tables 6 & 7
Unlovable by Esther Pearl Watson Tables 6 & 7
La viejita y el viejito by Lauri Piña Table 33B
Well Come by Erik Nebel Table 41
Worse Things Happen at Sea by Kellie Strom Table 59
You Were Swell #2 by Sophie McMahan Table 82A