All workshops take place in the board room on the second floor of the Center on Halsted.
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Saturday, June 6, 2015

11:30 – 12:00pm

Where Do You (Yes, You) Get Your Ideas From?
with ChiPRC / Transit Residency Artist
Roman Muradov

Ages: All Ages Welcome

Instead of answering the much-dreaded question, Roman Muradov will talk about the methods of constraint, repetition and accident in the escape from inspiration. Constraints that you (yes, you again) can try out yourself. From Hergé to Flann O’Brien, examples of lucky accidents and elaborate designs will be presented, as well as Roman’s own schemes and behind-the-scenes. Loads of fun for readers and authors alike.

12:30 – 1:30pm

From Panels to Pixels:
Making Comics Look Great on Digital Devices
with Beck Kramer

Ages: 14+

Ever tried putting your work online but ended up unhappy with the results? Want to start a webcomic but not know where to begin or how to design the website for it? Come learn how with Beck Kramer, the creator of the webcomic Relativity. Learn how to format your art for the web, what posting and hosting options are out there, how to make your art look great on any device without having to hold up an Apple store, and more! Finally, get to ask Beck the questions that have been plaguing your mind about all things digital.

2:00 – 3:00pm

Jaime Hernandez Inks Live!
with Tom Spurgeon

Ages: All Welcome

Come watch the master of all things Loca ink a true work of art! At this event, Jaime Hernandez will demonstrate the mysteries of his inking techniques while in conversation with Tom Spurgeon, former writer and editor at The Comics Journal and mastermind behind The Comics Reporter.
Jaime Hernandez appears courtesy Graham Crackers Comics and Fantagraphics Books.

3:15 – 4:00pm

ChiPRC presents:
The Doodle Dash with Johnny Misfit

Winners announced at 5 Ages: 18+

Whether you’re an occasional doodler or consider yourself an artist, CAKE and ChiPRC invite you to enter our first Doodle Dash! A secret drawing prompt will be revealed, from which participants will make a drawing. Entering your creations to the Doodle Dash gives you the opportunity to have your work seen by two fabulous jurors: special guest Zak Sally and established cartoonist Corinne Mucha. Be sure to stick around! At 5:00 three winners selected by our jury team will be announced on the CAKE floor and awarded original art trophies by local Chicago artists! Winners will have their work exhibited at the Doodle Dash Retrospective on Friday, July 10 at ChiPRC.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

11:30 – 12:30pm

Block Printing
with Anya Davidson

Ages: All Welcome

We welcome younger folks and families to this all-ages hands-on printmaking workshop! Come learn basic block printing techniques with cartoonist and printmaker Anya Davidson. After seeing some skills demonstrated by the master herself, you will get to transform a sketch into your very own relief print. No knives involved!
This workshop is sponsored by Spudnik Press.

1:00 – 2:00pm

Infinite Corpse Jam Comics
with Jeremy Tinder and Aaron Renier from Trubble Club

Ages: 14+

Come learn about Infinite Corpse, an infinitely expanding webcomic about Corpsey, the loveable skeleton, from two of the comic’s creators: Jeremy Tinder and Aaron Renier from Trubble Club. Jeremy and Aaron will lead you through making your very own 3 panel jam comic with helpful drawing and writing tips. Then, you can submit your very own part of the Corpsey story for possible inclusion in Infinite Corpse. Your comic might be accepted and appear online, or you might receive an e-mail with helpful feedback from Trubble Club.
This workshop is sponsored by Rotofugi.

2:30 – 3:45pm

The Regionalism Experiment
with Brian Cremins and Amara Leipzig

Ages: 18+

This experiment seeks to answer an infamous question of old . . . or at least to have some fun. In a 1983 interview, Will Eisner asked C. C. Beck about the Captain Marvel co-creator’s time at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. Eisner explained, “The reason I’m questioning you about that is that I believe geographic origin impinges on style of art considerably.” Beck never answered the question, but we’d like to see if Eisner was correct: Are there regional drawing styles in comics? If so, what are they? What role does place have in shaping the way artists understand and approach their work? Ben Passmore, Leigh Luna, Isabella Rotman, Anuj Shrestha, and Mickey Zacchilli take part in a group drawing experiment with prompts taken directly from the audience. The drawings will then be placed around the space and the audience will join a conversation about what connections we are seeing or not seeing.