Brain Trubble Kicks Off the Weekend for CAKE!

June 14, 2012By NeilCAKE, Programming

You may have heard CAKE is this weekend, and you are invited to the opening night soirée! Get pumped, and settle in for an intense comics convention by attending this intense comics performance, brought to you by Trubble Club and Brain Frame. Trubble Club will interpret a number of comics from the Trubble Club oeuvre, … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Hot Dog Beach 2 by Lale Westvind

June 13, 2012By NeilDebuts

Hot Dog Beach 2 wants to rip your eyes out and cradle them in inky muck and half tone dots .This sequel to the first chaotic romp introduces new characters, new energy and new absurdities. Behold the vehicular love child of the flesh woman! Cry at the fall of Dinky the Jerk, follow Mop and … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Thickness #3 edited by Ryan Sands and Michael Deforge

June 13, 2012By NeilDebuts

The third (and final) issue of this erotic comics anthology is a doozy. Edited and published by Ryan Sands and Michael DeForge, the book features 80 pages of new comics, as well as a 16 page mini and pin-up poster… all published in lush/dirty risograph splendor! The book features the following contributors • 30XX by … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Fuck Shits by Box Brown

June 13, 2012By NeilDebuts

Fuck Shits, 32 pages, is two stories about kids pushed to the fringes of their little worlds. Box Brown is a cartoonist and runs Retrofit comics, a small publisher based in Philadelphia. It focuses on frequent publication of quality low priced stapled comics. Visit Box’s website, and pick up Fuck Shits at Table 68 June … Read More

Floor Plan Adjustment

June 13, 2012By NeilCAKE

Due to forces beyond our control, we have been forced to relocate some of our exhibitor tables and re-number others at the last minute. These changes affect table numbers 64-80. The information listed on our Guests & Exhibitors page is up-to-date, and reflects these changes. We want to reassure you that every exhibitor at CAKE … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: No Straight Lines edited by Justin Hall

June 12, 2012By NeilDebuts

LGBTQ cartooning has been one of the most vibrant artistic and countercultural movements of the past 40 years, tackling complex issues of identity and changing social mores with intelligence, humor, and an irreverent imagination. No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics, a massive 328-page hardcover anthology published by Fantagraphics Books, is the most definitive … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Need More by Kevin Czapiewski

June 11, 2012By NeilDebuts

“Need More” is a meditation on the timeless phenomenon of missing someone close to you, aided by modern technology. In this case, that means Tumblr and tattoos. A short mini comic, “Need More” is a 12 page comic in glorious black and white, with a color cover. Also be sure to come by Kevin’s table … Read More