Announcing the 2015 Cupcake Award Winner: Goda Trakumaite!

November 2, 2015By NeilCAKE

CAKE is proud to award the second annual Cupcake Award to Goda Trakumaite! Launched in 2014, the Cupcake Award emerges from CAKE’s commitment to support independent comics and the self-publishing community. As the winner of this year’s Cupcake Award, Trakumaite will receive $250 to support the printing of a new comic, a free half table … Read More


November 1, 2015By NeilCAKE, Exhibitors

Click here to apply to the 2016 Chicago Alternative Comics Expo! APPLICATION DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 30, 2015 APPLICANTS WILL BE NOTIFIED REGARDING ADMISSION: FEBRUARY 3, 2016 CAKE 2016 will take place June 11 & 12 at the Center on Halsted, 3656 N Halsted Avenue. CAKE’s standard table space is a half-table (3′ x 2.5′). A registration … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Soft Violence by Danielle Chenette

June 4, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

“Soft Violence” is the story of Penny, who’s luck changes one day while walking through the mall. Enticed by a charismatic saleswoman, Penny decides to purchase a bottle of the cool, new product “Adventure Serum”, which allows the user complete control of their wildest dreams! However, the batch Penny bought (at a slightly reduced price) … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Hot Dog Beach #3 by Special Guest, Lale Westvind

June 3, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

Mop and Fuzz crash through the green house of Jazzy Milkman’s chaotic desert bungalow on a V8 motorbike “borrowed” from a dead guy. Now if they could just find Jazzy and get the “Big Digger” they might get paid. Drawn with an overflowing enthusiasm for depicting MOVEMENT and ENERGY. The third issue of Hot Dog … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Dancing with Shadows by Andrew Holmquist

June 3, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

Sun tanning next to your boyfriend, he pulls away from a kiss and beckons you into the ocean. You chase him, he swims out and slips from view as a wave rolls towards you. Crash! Space and time split apart, cascading layers of reality upon you, splitting your body into sweaty slices of cheese and … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Past Coasts by Jon Drawdoer

June 2, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

“Past Coasts” features queer characters in a psychedelic, literary sci-fi comic. A bubble ship glides above alien coastline. The ship breathes in and out. Regard your life as a passing memory. Listen to your mind underneath the surface of thoughts. Float in the pleasant calm of a universe that makes visual sense. It’s just you … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Midwestrn Cuban Comics Issue 9 by Odin Cabal

June 2, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

The adventures of Pito and Maria continue in Midwestern Cuban Comics Issue 9. Watch as Maria comes to terms with all her sticky family history and her estranged daughter. Also Pito and Maria go to the ballpark and Charlie tries to get some ladies. Midwestrn Cuban Comics is a small press comics series created by … Read More