Comics Around Town: 2 Cookie Minimum tonight! 9pm

June 2, 2014By NeilComics Around Town

Just because CAKE is over, it doesn’t mean the comics fun in Chicago has to stop! TONIGHT! 2 Cookie Minimum Tuesday, June 3rd 9pm Hungry Brain 2319 W Belmont This month readers are Allyson Frazier Christine Petrowich Mason Johnson Huey Amaru with comics readings by John Porcellino Alex Nall 2 Cookie Minimum is a monthly … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Everyone Is Someone’s Fetish by Tony Breed

May 31, 2014By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

The story of a gay married couple and their friends. Stories of romance, sex, marriage, music, kids, life, and why it’s not a good idea to shave your whole body. Volume 4 from the popular web comic. Tony Breed is the man behind the Ignatz-nominated web comic Finn and Charlie are Hitched ( The slice-of-life … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: The Star-Spangled Angel Part One by Scott Roberts

May 30, 2014By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

An 8” x 10.5” 3-color Risograph psychedelic comic picture book, based on my performance at Brain Frame 14. “The Star-Spangled Angel” tells the tale of two childhood friends, mutation mishaps, personal evolution, and complicated male relationships. Scott Roberts makes experimental comics. His animations, sculptures, and video installations have been shown in galleries and museums. He … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Blimpakind by Talya Modlin

May 30, 2014By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

Blimpakind: Drinking Buddies The first story of he Blimpakind series. Udell and Chief are close room-mates who visit their semi-friend, Pepin, after his sordid travels. They both find themselves in a thick web of conning, lust and a bad allergy flare up. Blimpakind: The Isles of Amos **This is the secret debut of the current … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Powdered Milk vol.13 by Keiler Roberts

May 30, 2014By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

16 pages of life with a three year old – arguments, apologies, education, macaroni and cheese, and first memories. Autobio, b&w. Keiler Roberts studied art at the University of Wisconsin and Northwestern University. She teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and DePaul University and lives in Evanston, Illinois with her husband, … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Poop, Boobs, Poo by Sam Sharpe

May 29, 2014By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

Cackle, chuckle, chortle, guffaw. This is a list of the things you’ll do when you get your hands on Sam Sharpe’s newest book. Poop, Boobs, Poo assembles all of Sam’s hilarious one-panel strips into one gut-busting compendium. This is truly gag comics at their finest! Published by Yeti Press Sam Sharpe is Chicago based writer/cartoonist/illustrator. … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Borderland by Rumi Hara

May 29, 2014By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

Rumi is an illustrator living in Savannah, GA. Her new book Borderland combines watercolor illustrations, comics, and photographs to tell a story of the Sea Islands along the Georgia coast. Emphasizing the characteristics of the region as an in-between space of Africa and America, water and land, reality and imagination, the story develops around the … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Well Come by Erik Nebel

May 29, 2014By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

Yeti Press thinks Erik Nebel is one of today’s most underappreciated artists and they couldn’t be happier publishing a collection of his webcomic Well Come. This truly unique book is a window into a surreal, spiritual world that twists and turns unexpectedly from one emotion to another. Published by Yeti Press Yeti Press is small … Read More

CAKE 2014 Signing Schedule

May 29, 2014By NeilCAKE

In chronological order: SATURDAY MAY 31, 2014 12-1 Noah Van Sciver + Tom Kaczynski at Fantagraphics’ tables 6 & 7 12-2 Elisha Lim at Koyama Press’ table 69 12-2 Andrea Bell at Yeti Press’ table 41 12:30-2:30 Andy Burkholder at 2D Cloud’s table 11 12:30-2:30 Blaise Larmee at 2D Cloud’s table 11 1-3 Conor Stechschulte … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: La viejita y el viejito by Laurie Piña

May 28, 2014By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

Two siblings in the late ’60s deal with unease and skepticism when they receive visits from a couple of strange house guests. ‘La viejita y el viejito’ is a quiet horror story about how your parents never believed you when you told ’em you experienced something weird as a kid. Laurie Piña is a little … Read More