CAKE 2015 is over, but there’s more!

Thanks to all our exhibitors, attendees, sponsors, and staff for making CAKE 2015 a smashing success! We’re all getting some well-needed rest, but we’re also already starting to plan next year’s event, and we would love your help. If you were at the festival (as an exhibitor or attendee), we would really appreciate it if you would fill out our survey and let us know what you thought about the show and what you would like to see next year. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

Announcing the Second Annual Cupcake Award!

For the second year in a row, CAKE is accepting applications for the Cupcake award. This year’s special guest judge is John Porcellino, and the winner that he selects will receive $250.00 to print a new minicomic, a free half-table at CAKE 2016, and the mentorship of the esteemed Mr. Porcellino. We are now accepting applications, and the deadline to apply is July 31, 2015. Please see the flyer below for details on eligibility and how to apply:



If you have any questions about CAKE or the Cupcake award, please contact us at cakexpo@gmail.com.


1 DAY TO CAKE: Come To Our Kickoff Events Tonight!

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 12.40.29 PM

Jaime & Gilbert Hernandez Signing at Graham Crackers Comics, 77 E Madison St from 6-8pm10426531_10153241612788771_5280296124610601335_n-2
CAKE Presents: Eleanor Davis, John Porcellino & Keiler Roberts panel moderated by Hillary Chute at Quimby’s Bookstore, 1854 W North Ave at 7pm


Qviet Book Release/Exhibition at Learning Machine Gallery, 3145 Morgan at 7pm


Gula-Gila “CAKE Weekend Kickoff” Concert with bands featuring CAKE exhibitors, 3012 S. Archer Ave 3rd floor at 8PM

We can’t wait to see you there!


CAKE DEBUT: Trash City Comix by Samuel Nigrosh, Zach Dillon, Ryan Doherty


Total trash from the Windy City Dumps crew. They tried to kill themselves but it didn’t work so they are making more comics for YOUR pleasure. This collection comes with a special Risographed cover making it worth millions on the second hand SCUM market. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll pay bills & die so get this and feel better for 5 minutes.





Samuel Nigrosh is a Chicago based artist & illustrator who runs Sun Eater Studio.

Visit Samuel’s website, and pick up TITLE at Table 10B June 6 & 7th!


CAKE DEBUT: Soft Violence by Danielle Chenette


“Soft Violence” is the story of Penny, who’s luck changes one day while walking through the mall. Enticed by a charismatic saleswoman, Penny decides to purchase a bottle of the cool, new product “Adventure Serum”, which allows the user complete control of their wildest dreams! However, the batch Penny bought (at a slightly reduced price) is well past the expiration date, meaning her results may vary… 24 Pages, B&W.




Danielle Chenette makes comics, paintings, prints, and animations in Chicago IL.

Visit Danielle’s website, and pick up Soft Violence at Table 77A June 6 & 7th!


2 DAYS TO CAKE: Events Around Town!

Thursday, June 4:

Friday, June 5:


After Parties

Saturday, June 6:

CAKE is hosting two Saturday after parties in the same building!


Enter through the 4th floor entrance for both parties, a $5 donation supports the bands & the Observatory, an independently run music space.

8pm – whenever! The Observatory, 3036 N. Lincoln, 4th floor. CAKE will be hosting a night of musical performances after the first day of exhibition. Bring some cash, there will be a bar. Performers include: Ambergris featuring Matt Thurber, Traducer featuring Lane Milburn, Pet Theories featuring Brian Cremins, and Naff Whiff featuring Eddy Rivera.

8pm – midnight: 3036 N Lincoln, 3rd floor. For exhibitors looking for a quiet place to meet up, join us on the 3rd floor (below The Observatory) for a Drink & Draw sponsored by Print Ninja. Snacks will be provided by CAKE; BYOB, or purchase drinks at The Observatory and bring them downstairs to the drink & draw. To get to the Drink & Draw space, go to the 4th floor after party and go down the back stairwell to the 3rd floor (the same stairwell that allows rooftop access).


CAKE DEBUT: Hot Dog Beach #3 by Special Guest, Lale Westvind


Mop and Fuzz crash through the green house of Jazzy Milkman’s chaotic desert bungalow on a V8 motorbike “borrowed” from a dead guy. Now if they could just find Jazzy and get the “Big Digger” they might get paid.
Drawn with an overflowing enthusiasm for depicting MOVEMENT and ENERGY.
The third issue of Hot Dog Beach, 40 pages, black and white with color cover, 8×10.5




Lale Westvind is the creator of over a dozen self-published comics including Hot Dog Beach, Hyperspeed to Nowhere and Express Less. She lives and works in her native New York City.

Visit Lale’s website, and pick up Hot Dog Beach #3 at Table 95B June 6 & 7th!


CAKE DEBUT: Dancing with Shadows by Andrew Holmquist


Sun tanning next to your boyfriend, he pulls away from a kiss and beckons you into the ocean. You chase him, he swims out and slips from view as a wave rolls towards you. Crash! Space and time split apart, cascading layers of reality upon you, splitting your body into sweaty slices of cheese and tissue paper. You cobble yourself together into a semblance of a man and – SNAP! – its time! Fred Astaire would be proud of the moves you make tip-tapping across the page in a bright yellow suit with matching shoes. Deep sea dive to find a coffin that opens a door onto the best night club that never was and you have yourself a story! No promises that it will make any more sense than this, but oh what a beauty it all is in 3-color risographic glory!


Andrew Holmquist is an artist and cartoonist based in Chicago. He received his BFA (2008) and MFA (2014) degrees from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, each from the department of painting and drawing. His work ranges from paintings to sculpture to video performances and comics, and he is interested in blurring the lines between all of these distinctions.

Visit Andrew’s website, and pick up Dancing With Shadows at Table 20A June 6 & 7th!


3 DAYS TO CAKE: Artist Signings!



The CAKE 2015 signing schedule is up! Check it out to see when our special guests, publishers, and CAKE poster artist Ivan Brunetti will be signing at their tables.




CAKE DEBUT: Good to Know by Isabella Rotman

photo 1 (9)

Good To Know is a tiny zine of useful information by Isabella Rotman. Topics include how to build a campfire, some ways to purify water, plants to avoid, a very good plant to know, how to find the north star, how to open a bottle without a corkscrew, how to improvise a dental dam, some very useful knots, how o break into stuff, how to jump a car, and how to change a tire. This zine is cute and pocket sized, so you can easily carry it with you to be prepared for most minor emergencies.

photo 4 (3) photo 2 (8) photo 3 (5)

In conjunction with this zine, Isabella Rotman will be selling “Damsel In Distress Kits” which are basically just Altoid tins filled with a bunch of incredibly useful things, like safety pins, needle and thread, a tiny pocket knife. The Damsel in Distress Kits come with a zine, but get there fast, she is only bringing 20 of them.

photo (20) photo (21)


Isabella Rotman is a cartoonist and illustrator from Maine living and drawing in Chicago. Her art is usually about the ocean, mermaids, crushing loneliness, people in the woods, or sex. You can find her at table 78.


CAKE DEBUT: Pet Theories



Pet Theories is releasing their first album just in time for CAKE weekend. The band, which features Allison Felus on vocals and keyboard bass, Tony Trigilio on drums, and CAKE panels coordinator Brian Cremins on guitar and vocals, will be playing the CAKE after-party at The Observatory onSaturday, June 6th. Their album, which features a fabulous cover by Chicago cartoonist Amara Leipzig, draws on a variety of influences, from Krautrock and show tunes to 60s folkrock and psychedelia (with a little Modernist poetry and Bronze Age comic books thrown into the mix). 



They’ll have CDs for sale, along with more of Amara’s work, at table 78. The band would also be happy to trade for zines or minicomics! At the show, Allison will also have copies of her new zine, Satan Is My Father, a collection of essays about forgotten and imaginary bands.





See you at the after-party!

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