CAKE DEBUT: Mumblecore Comix by Kevin Budnik

May 31, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

A collection of anti-gags drawn in homage to the film genre that gave voice to a generation of shoegazing depressives. Originally serialized in The Columbia College Chronicle, “Mumblecore Comix” features painfully unfunny banter and includes previously unreleased strips. Guaranteed to make you chuckle quietly to yourself. Kevin Budnik is a cartoonist and Chicagoan who, with … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Wolfman Chicago Eats Pants Pie by Nate Beaty

May 31, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

Can’t get enough Nate Beaty? Neither can we! Debuting at CAKE will be Nate Beaty’s latest mini of “not at all daily strips”, Wolfman Chicago Eats Pants Pie. Nate’s life is full of silly tragedies that make for good bathroom reading, his Wolfman Chicago series proves it. Nate Beaty is a multi-sarcastic hacksaw. He makes … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Piecemeal #3 by Nate Beaty

May 31, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

Nate Beaty sent CAKE a whole slew of photos of Piece Meal #3, which features the first chapter of a longer story. Check this out: Nate Beaty is a multi-sarcastic hacksaw. He makes comics in his multi-cat Chicago home. Visit Nate’s website, and pick up Piecemeal #3 at Table 4 June 15 & 16th!

CAKE DEBUT: The End by Anders Nilsen

May 30, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

Assembled from work done in Anders Nilsen’s sketchbooks over the course of the year following the death of his fiancée in 2005, The End is a collection of short strips about loss, paralysis, waiting, and transformation. It is a concept album in different styles, a meditation on paying attention, an abstracted autobiography and a travelogue, … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Ghosts and Ruins by Ben Catmull

May 30, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? This gorgeous, coffee-table art book is a compendium of old, forgotten haunted houses imagined by artist Ben Catmull, along with the stories and rumors of who haunts them, and why. Each spread features a different haunted house, lovingly and exquisitely rendered in scratchboard on masonite, with a short, … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Eye of the Majestic Creature vol 2 by Leslie Stein

May 30, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

Eye of the Majestic Creature Vol. 2 is the second book collecting Leslie Stein’s loose, funny and charming autobiographical narratives that combine idiosyncratic fantasy and stark reality. Larrybear, our hero, has moved from the countryside to the city, where she finds work as a shop girl. Quotes from Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie are sprinkled throughout … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: The End of the Fucking World by Charles Forsman

May 30, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors, Special Guests

TEotFW follows James and Alyssa, two teenagers living a seemingly typical teen experience as they face the fear of coming adulthood. Forsman tells their story through each character’s perspective, jumping between points of view with each chapter. But quickly, this somewhat familiar teenage experience takes a more nihilistic turn as James’s character exhibits a rapidly … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Daniel Clowes Reader from Fantagraphics

May 30, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

This landmark collection features ten of Daniel Clowes’s most influential graphic narratives, along with interviews in which he talks about his career and creative process, and twelve thought-provoking essays by contemporary scholars and critics. A wide-ranging introduction to the work of one of the most important living cartoonists, The Daniel Clowes Reader features Ghost World, … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Great Moments In Western Civilization Cooperative In The Beginning by Caitlin Cass

May 29, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

The Great Moments in Western Civilization Cooperative collects five years of canonical failure and heartache into a single volume. This book includes selections from the Cooperative’s monthly print periodical and internet gag cartoons. Its good ole fashioned folklore is guaranteed to bring you comfort as you revel in the missteps of our Great Western forefathers. … Read More