CAKE DEBUT: The End of the Fucking World by Charles Forsman

May 30, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors, Special Guests


TEotFW follows James and Alyssa, two teenagers living a seemingly typical teen experience as they face the fear of coming adulthood. Forsman tells their story through each character’s perspective, jumping between points of view with each chapter. But quickly, this somewhat familiar teenage experience takes a more nihilistic turn as James’s character exhibits a rapidly forming sociopathy that threatens both of their futures. He harbors violent fantasies and begins to act on them, while Alyssa remains as willfully ignorant for as long as she can, blinded by young love.

Forsman’s story highlights the disdain, fear and existential search that many teenagers fear, but through a road trip drama that owes as much to Badlands as The Catcher in the Rye. Forsman’s inviting, Charles Schulz-influenced style lends a deadpan quality that underscores the narrative’s tension. The End of the Fucking World is certain to be one of the most talked-about graphic novels of 2013.

Forsman is arguably the most acclaimed talent to come out of the Center for Cartoon Studies, a school founded in 2004 by graphic novelist James Sturm and educator Michelle Ollie in White River Junction, VT. Forsman graduated in 2008 and is a two-time Ignatz Award-winner for his self-published minicomic, Snake Oil. The End of the Fucking World is his first graphic novel.

Fantagraphics Books
Fantagraphics Books

Charles Forsman (B:Mechanicsburg, PA, 1982) graduated from The Center for Cartoon Studies in 2008. That same year he won 2 Ignatz awards for his series Snake Oil. He lives in Massachusetts where he runs a micro press called Oily Comics. Fantagraphics Books will release The End of the Fucking World and Celebrated Summer in the second half of 2013.Charles Forsman is a special guest at CAKE, and will be at table 46!

Fantagraphics is a publisher of the World’s Greatest Cartoonists

Visit Fantagraphics’ website, and pick up The End of the Fucking World at Tables 13 & 14 June 15 & 16th!

CAKE DEBUT: The Amazing, Enlightening and Absolutely True Adventures of Katherine Whaley by Kim Deitch

May 30, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors, Special Guests


This is a story about a girl, born at the beginning of the 20th century. She grows up in a small river town in upstate New York. One day the mysterious Charles Varnay, an eccentric who dresses in the style of an 18th century dandy, comes to town, his sole companion a remarkably intelligent dog named Rousseau. Varnay wants to star Katherine in a movie serial he plans to make, called The Goddess of Enlightenment.

Katherine is rather put off when she discovers that he expects her to appear nude in this film. But even more strange is the film’s subject matter: It has to do with seven metal urns that Varnay claims are actual recordings of the voice of Jesus Christ which, he says, contain an urgent message that the modern world needs to hear!

Varnay also claims that his dog, Rousseau, is the product of experiments he has been making in advanced selective breeding. He’s eager to continue these experiments with human subjects; Katherine realizes that he’s expecting her to be a part of this, and it worries her…

The Amazing, Enlightening and Absolutely True Adventures of Katherine Whaley is a full-length graphic novel created in a striking “widescreen” landscape format that allows Deitch to give full rein to his astonishing graphics.

Fantagraphics Books
Fantagraphics Books
Kim Deitch
Kim Deitch

Kim Deitch has a reserved place at the first table of underground cartoonists. The son of UPA and Terrytoons animator Gene Deitch, Kim was born in 1944 and grew up around the animation business. He began doing comic strips for the East Village Other in 1967, introducing two of his more famous characters, Waldo the Cat and Uncle Ed, the India Rubber Man. In 1969 he succeeded Vaughn Bodé as editor of Gothic Blimp Works, the Other’s underground comics tabloid. During this period he married fellow cartoonist Trina Robbins and had a daughter, Casey. “The Mishkin Saga” was named one of the Top 30 best English-language comics of the 20th Century by The Comics Journal, and the first issue of The Stuff of Dreams received the Eisner Award for Best Single Issue in 2003. Deitch remains a true cartoonists’ cartoonist, adored by his peers as much as anyone in the history of the medium. Kim Deitch is a special guest at CAKE, and will be signing at Chicago Comics June 14th at 6pm!

Fantagraphics is a publisher of the World’s Greatest Cartoonists

Visit Fantagraphics’ website, and pick up The Amazing, Enlightening and Absolutely True Adventures of Katherine Whaley at Tables 12, 13 & 14 June 15 & 16th!

CAKE DEBUT: Daniel Clowes Reader from Fantagraphics

May 30, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors


This landmark collection features ten of Daniel Clowes’s most influential graphic narratives, along with interviews in which he talks about his career and creative process, and twelve thought-provoking essays by contemporary scholars and critics.

A wide-ranging introduction to the work of one of the most important living cartoonists, The Daniel Clowes Reader features Ghost World, Clowes’s celebrated graphic novel about the complex friendship of two teenage girls. It also includes stories — some reprinted for the first time — about boys coming of age, troubled superheroes, and the place of artists and critics in popular culture. The volume’s dozen critical essays illuminate Clowes’s comics by locating them within biographical, artistic, and socio-historical contexts, including the Indie and DIY movements, Generation X philosophy, and the history of American cartooning. Selections by artists who influenced Clowes and a detailed chronology of his work round out the collection, and extensive annotations shed light on the cartoonist’s sources and cultural references. Perfect for the college literature/graphic narrative classroom.

Fantagraphics Books
Fantagraphics Books

Fantagraphics is a publisher of the World’s Greatest Cartoonists

Visit Fantagraphics’ website, and pick up the Daniel Clowes Reader at Tables 13 & 14 June 15 & 16th!
The MCA will be hosting an exhibit on Daniel Clowes this summer! Check it out!

CAKE DEBUT: Great Moments In Western Civilization Cooperative In The Beginning by Caitlin Cass

May 29, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors


The Great Moments in Western Civilization Cooperative collects five years of canonical failure and heartache into a single volume. This book includes selections from the Cooperative’s monthly print periodical and internet gag cartoons. Its good ole fashioned folklore is guaranteed to bring you comfort as you revel in the missteps of our Great Western forefathers.
228 Pages, Full Color

Check out the collection’s preview video on youtube.

Caitlin Cass
Caitlin Cass

Caitlin Cass calls herself the Great Moments in Western Civilization Cooperative. The cooperative is a one-person arts group and publishing house best known for their monthly periodical The Great Moments in Western Civilization Postal Constituent. Forged in 1986, Great Moments in Western Civilization did not assume its formal name until 2007, but Cass has been curating great moments since birth. She grew up outside of Chicago and after spending much of her youth impersonating disaster victims for the local historical society, she retreated to Santa Fe, New Mexico to study luminiferous aether in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The Cooperative is currently based in Buffalo, NY.

Visit Caitlin’s website, and pick up G.M.I.W.C.C. In the Beginning at Table 81 June 15 & 16th!

CAKE DEBUT: My Dirty Dumb Eyes by Lisa Hanawalt

May 29, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors


“For years I’ve encountered Lisa Hanawalt’s comics and illustrations piecemeal — in various magazines and periodicals. They’re always a pleasant jolt. Now, they’ve been assembled into one thick, blazing bludgeon. I envy you getting walloped by them all for the first time. This is a Hanawalt assault. Succumb.”–Patton Oswalt

My Dirty Dumb Eyes introduces Lisa Hanawalt as a first-rank cartoonist/humorist/stalker for an audience that likes its humor idiosyncratic, at times anthropomorphic or scatological, often uncomfortable, and always absurd. Her world vision is intricately rendered in a full spectrum of color, unapologetically gorgeous and intensely bizarre. With movie reviews, tips for her readers, laugh-out-loud lists and short pieces such as “Rumors I’ve Heard About Anna Wintour,” and “The Secret Lives of Chefs,” Hanawalt’s comedy shines here, making the quotidian silly and surreal, flatulent and facetious.

Lisa Hanawalt
Lisa Hanawalt
Drawn and Quarterly
Drawn and Quarterly

Lisa Hanawalt is a renowned self-publisher and illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York. Her comics work has won several awards, and she was recently nominated for a James Beard Award for Humor for her piece, “The Secret Lives of Chefs.” Hanawalt’s illustration and comics clients include The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Hairpin, McSweeneys, Chronicle Books, and Vanity Fair. She lives in Brooklyn with a dog and a comedian. MY DIRTY DUMB EYES (May 2013) is her first book with Drawn & Quarterly.

Drawn & Quarterly is one of the most influential art and literary comics publishers in North America, publishing work by such luminaries as Lynda Barry, Kate Beaton, Chester Brown, Dan Clowes, Julie Doucet, Seth, Adrian Tomine, and Chris Ware.

Visit Lisa’s website, and pick up My Dirty Dumb Eyes at Tables 35 & 36 June 15 & 16th!

CAKE DEBUT: El Gallo de la Muerte by Odin Cabal

May 28, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

front cover

After a botching an assassination attempt cartel hit-man Dei is exiled to Kenosha, Wisconsin were he finds himself in the middle of the domestic problems of his new neighborhood.

page 1

page 8

Midwestrn Cuban Comics
Midwestrn Cuban Comics

Midwestrn Cuban Comics is an on going series which features stories based mainly in the Midwest staring mainly Latinos.

Visit Odin’s website, and pick up El Gallo de la Muerte at Table 31 June 15 & 16th!

CAKE DEBUT: Lose #5 by Michael DeForge

May 28, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Special Guests


This issue of Lose houses three self-contained stories: “Living Outdoors” tracks two high school students as they explore a zoo and experiment with hallucinogens. “Muskoka” is the story of a cowboy on the road home to see his family. “Recent Hires” follows a young author’s descent into the criminal underworld in order to win the affections of a girl.
ISBN: 978-0-9879630-6-2
7 x 10 inches, 48 pages, b&w, softcover
June 2013










“His [DeForge’s] newest releases–a collection of convention minis and other short run one-offs called Very Casual, and the fifth issue of whatever-he feels-like Lose series–is exactly what one arrogantly screeches all cartoonists should be doing all the time: great, unique comics that only that individual could make that are a little better than their previous work, hearty and head-rushing experiences that plainly demand attention and then reward it easily.” — Tucker Stone, The Comics Journal

Michael DeForge
Michael DeForge

Michael DeForge was born in Ottawa, Canada. He currently lives and works in Toronto as a cartoonist, commercial illustrator and designer for the hit Cartoon Network program Adventure Time. Past illustration clients include The Believer, Vice, New York Times Magazine, and The Walrus. His one-person anthology series Lose has received great critical and commercial success and is published by Koyama Press. Lose #1 won in the Best Emerging Talent category at the 2010 Doug Wright Awards, and Lose #3 won the 2011 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Comic. Lose #4 was released in Spring 2012 and is nominated for Best Single Issue (or One-Shot) at the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. The fifth Lose installment is slated for Spring 2013. His web comic strip Ant Comic is serialized weekly and will be collected into a graphic novel by Drawn and Quarterly upon its completion. DeForge’s work blends an encyclopaedic knowledge of cartooning with a range of influences that include Jack Kirby, Eduardo Munoz Bachs, Mark Newgarden, and Hideshi Hino.

Visit Michael, and Koyama Press’ websites, and pick up Lose #5 at Tables 66 & 67 June 15 & 16th!


CAKE DEBUT: Powdered Milk vol’s 9 & 10 by Keiler Roberts

May 27, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors


Keiler Roberts be debuting two books at CAKE. Powdered Milk vol. 9 contains vignettes that are mainly about her two year old daughter. The Man Who Could Not Read (Powdered Milk vol. 10) begins with a memory of a film she saw as a child, and develops into fictional characters and themes about perception and Dairy Queen.



Keiler Roberts
Keiler Roberts

Keiler Roberts studied art at the University of Wisconsin and Northwestern University. After painting and drawing for ten years, she began making comics in 2009. She teaches in the Department of Art, Media, and Design at DePaul University and lives in Evanston, Illinois with her husband, daughter, and dog.

Visit Keiler’s website, and pick up Powdered Milk at Table 89 June 15 & 16th!

CAKE DEBUT: Snack Pak #1 by Rob Kirby

May 27, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

Snack Pak #1_1

Snack Pak #1 is a new collection of autobiographical vignettes and diary comics from the creator of Curbside, Boy Trouble, and the Ignatz nominated THREE.
“Kirby’s the kind of artist who can do just about any type of storytelling, and minis like this are clearly a way for him to stay nimble and loose while he’s between longer projects, with results that are delightful for the reader.”
-Rob Clough

013 Nothing Happening_1

018 Coffee_1

021 Diary Comic excerpt 1-12-13_1

Rob Kirby
Rob Kirby

Robert Kirby, straight outta Minneapolis, has been publishing comics since 1991. His books include Curbside, (funded with the Xeric Grant in 1998), Curbside Boys (Cleis Press, 2002), The Book of Boy Trouble, and The Book of Boy Trouble Volume 2: Born To Trouble (Green Candy Press, 2006 & 2008). In 2011, Robert received the Prism Queer Press grant for his anthology series THREE, which was also nominated for Outstanding Anthology or Collection in the 2011 Ignatz Awards. Rob’s currently working on a big new all-color queer comics anthology, due from Northwest Press in Fall 2013.

Visit Rob’s website, and pick up Snack Pak #1 at Table 58 June 15 & 16th!

Special Guest Announcement: Chris Ware

May 2, 2013By NeilCAKE, Special Guests

We are thrilled to announce Chris Ware will be a special guest at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, June 15 & 16 2013!

As part of our programming, Roctober’s Jake Austen will host Chris Ware in conversation to talk about Ware’s career and his connection to Chicago and its living comics history.

Chris Ware is the author of “Jimmy Corrigan – the Smartest Kid on Earth,” which received the Guardian First Book Award and was included in the 2002 Whitney Biennial of American Art. His most recent book “Building Stories” was voted a 2012 Top Ten Book of the Year by the New York Times, Time Magazine and Publishers Weekly. An irregular contributor to The New Yorker, he guest-edited the 13th issue of “McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern” and was the first cartoonist chosen to regularly serialize an ongoing story in The New York Times Magazine. His work has been the focus of solo exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery in Nebraska and the Gävle Konstcentrum in Gävle, Sweden, as well as regular exhibitions at the Adam Baumgold Gallery in New York and the Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago, as well as at the Galerie Martel in Paris in March, 2013.

“There’s no writer alive whose work I love more than Chris Ware. The only problem is it takes him ten years to draw these things and then I read them in a day and have to wait another ten years for the next one.”—Zadie Smith

For decades, Chris Ware has been a shining star of cartooning culture abroad and in the Midwest metropolis of Chicagoland. His dedication to craft, production, and originality are a consistent source of inspiration to his peers. Since his appearance in the comics world, he has dramatically impacted the realm, raised the bar, and opened the door of potential to many young artists. It is an honor to us to have him involved with CAKE this year.

Our full slate of programming will be announced mid May.
Check out all of our guests & exhibitors who will be participating at CAKE, June 15 & 16!