CAKE DEBUT: Futurdog by Roxanne Palmer

June 15, 2012By NeilDebuts

Futurdog is a science-fiction comic about a dog making his way from a weird, depressing wasteland into a weird, overwhelming metropolis. 24 pages, black and white.

Roxanne Palmer draws comics about leopard slug sex, murder, and other sorts of things under the not-really-pseudonym of Roxy Drew. By day, she’s a mild…ish-mannered science journalist, with works appearing in Slate, Nature Medicine, and the Science Creative Quarterly.

Visit Roxanne’s website, and pick up Futurdog at Table 15 June 16 & 17th!

CAKE DEBUT: Stonewall: Book One by Sasha Steinberg

June 15, 2012By NeilDebuts

Stonewall (Book One) is the first of a ten-part comics series, which dramatizes the events of the 1969 “Stonewall Riots” in Manhattan (the spontaneous and violent uprisings that spearheaded the LGBT rights movement). This ongoing series will present the same historical events from three different perspectives, each one drawn in a classic comics style.

In Book One, we are introduced to the first of these perspectives. At the center of this story is “Miss Venus,” a beautiful young transsexual who has yet to see the dark underbelly that defined gay life in the late sixties. Although Venus is a fictional character, she embodies many of the real fears and dreams of the era. Her world, drawn in statuesque poses, expressive brush strokes, glamorous outfits, and fierce eyebrows, directly recalls the art of Tarpe Mills (1915-1988) – one of America’s first female cartoonists, whose work also dealt with themes of violence, gender, and the law.

28-page comic in glorious full-color!

Sasha is an American comics artist. He is currently a graduate student at The Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont. He holds a B.A. in Modern Literatures from Vassar College, and is particularly interested in developing queer literary comics that depart from standard autobiographical tropes.

Visit Sasha’s website, and pick up Stonewall: Book One at Table 8 June 16 & 17th!

CAKE DEBUT: Jumbly Junkery #11 by L. Nichols

June 15, 2012By NeilDebuts

Now firmly in the double digits with #11, the latest issue of Jumbly Junkery contains a suite of whimsical and sad musings on loss. Stories include an oyster shucker who hears songs in his seafood, to a man lost in the desert, determined to move forward. As the pages progress, Jumbly Junkery #11’s drawings evolve from realism, to abstraction, to nearing mathematical equations. Topped off with a heart pounding animal-driven motorcycle race, this issue is full of what L. Nichols’ fans have come to expect from a master of the minicomic!

L. left a life of engineering to live and work as an illustrator, artist and graphic designer in Brooklyn.

Visit L. Nichols’ website, and pick up Jumbly Junkery #11 at Table 49 June 16 & 17th!

CAKE DEBUT: Lollygag from Yam Books

June 15, 2012By NeilDebuts

Lark Pien and Rina Ayuyang have collaborated to present Yam Book’s first release of 2012. Lollygag, a revealing anthology edited by cartoonist and artist Lark Pien, collects the compulsive doodles from the sketchbooks of some of the most dynamic and inventive minds in art and comics. Contributors include Trevor Alixopulos, Rina Ayuyang, Nick Bertozzi, Lille Carré, Martin Cendreda, Capucine Delouis, Eleanor Davis, Vanessa Davis, Renee French, Shaenon Garrity, Tom Gauld, John Hankiewicz, Tom Hart, Dylan Horrocks, Tom Kaczynski, Dave Kiersh, Larry Marder, Maré Odomo, Lark Pien, Jesse Reklaw, Jim Rugg, Daria Tessler, Angie Wang, Malachi Ward, and Dan Zettwoch. Each page sheds new light on the murky minds of cartoonists, quirks and all!

Rina Ayuyang is a cartoonist based in Oakland, California. Her comics have been collected in the Ignatz-nominated book “Whirlwind Wonderland” co-published by Sparkplug Comic Books and Tugboat Press. She has contributed to various anthologies like Unicorn Mountain #3 and Stripburger, and plays the “nice” co-host on the comics podcast, The Comix Claptrap. She also runs the publishing company, Yam Books.

lark pien began making mini-comics in 1997. she is best known for her Long Tail Kitty series, oil paintings, and coloring of American Born Chinese(1). anthology contributions include Blood Orange, Flight, Hi-Horse Omnibus, and Orchid. Long Tail Kitty(2) and Mr. Elephanter(3) are her first hardcover children’s books. lark lives equidistant to jason shiga, dan clowes, and rina ayuyang, who all are also cartoonists. isn’t that nice.

Visit Yam Books’ website, and pick up Lollygag at Table 39 June 16 & 17th!

CAKE DEBUT: Skids #1 by Sally Carson

June 15, 2012By NeilDebuts

Come ride with Sally on her auto-biographical adventure! The Skids is about Sally’s days as a New York City bike messenger just after 9/11. Issue 1 of the series will debut at CAKE. Sally will also have some minis that she made at Center for Cartoon Studies’ workshops. Come rap with her about bikes, mushroom hunting, and 90’s East Coast hip-hop.

Sally Carson is a retired bike messenger. Her book, The Skids, is about the year that she spent messengering in New York City just after 9/11.

Visit Sally’s website, and pick up Skids #1 at Table 73 June 16 & 17th!

CAKE DEBUT: Upgrade Soul by Ezra Claytan Daniels

June 14, 2012By NeilDebuts

UPGRADE SOUL is an immersive science fiction graphic novel written
and illustrated by Ezra Claytan Daniels. Featuring an original score
by Alexis Gideon and interactive design by Erik Loyer. Upgrade Soul
will be released for iPad in Summer, 2012 from Opertoon.

UPGRADE SOUL is the story of an elderly couple who become the guinea
pigs of a visionary procedure that aims to revivify them by filtering
toxins from their bodies on a molecular level. When the procedure
experiences a fatal complication, the couple is faced with severely
deformed, though intellectually superior duplicates of themselves.
Soon, it becomes clear that only one version of each individual can
survive, and the psychological battle for dominance begins.

Ezra Claytan Daniels is a writer/illustrator based in Chicago. His critically acclaimed graphic novel, The Changers, began a unique comics career peppered with collaborative multimedia projects including the experimental iPhone App, Ruben & Lullaby, the animated rap opera, Sun Wu Kong, the feature documentary, Lunch Line, and the narrative concert series, Black Violet. Ezra is also the creator of the live art spectacle, The Comic Art Battle, and Loaded Blanks, a line of fill-in-the-blank greeting cards. Ezra is currently at work, with interactive artist Erik Loyer and underground rap luminary Alexis Gideon, on a digital sci-fi graphic novel, UPGRADE SOUL.

Visit Ezra’s website, and check out Upgrade Soul at Table 67 June 16 & 17th!

CAKE DEBUT: High Score from 2D Cloud

June 14, 2012By NeilDebuts

Debuting at CAKE is a limited edition microcomic companion to Rusel DeMaria’s upcoming 3rd edition of High Score: An Illustrated History of Electronic Games.

Artists included in the volume are:

Toby Jones:
Toby Jones currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He is responsible for the comics “Memory Foam” and “Arthur Turnkey”. He is currently working as a storyboard artist on Cartoon Network’s Regular Show. He is most likely not the worst person you will ever meet.

Eric Schuster:
Eric is a comic artist and illustrator currently living in Minneapolis. He is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (BFA Comic Art). He enjoys biking and tea.

Saman Bemel Berud:
Saman Bemel Benrud is an artist, designer, and comic maker. He recently had an apocalyptic dream involving earthquakes, tornadoes, and giant panthers. In order to prevent the end of the world, he had to collect all the stars and bring them back to his castle. The dream ended well, with pixel victory fireworks exploding against the night sky.

Hannah Blumenreich:
Hannah Blumenreich makes comics about herself but sometimes she makes other comics, and they’re also about herself.

Peter Wartman:
My name is Peter Wartman. I’m an illustrator living in Minneapolis Minnesota where I’m currently working at CSA Design.I also draw comics and have done some work on children’s books; I like anything that lets me tell a story, really, especially if I can draw monsters and robots too.

about 22 pages 4″x 5″ full color

2D CLOUD is a micro-press comics publisher based in NE MPLS. We publish paper-craft art books, mini comics, and graphic novels by an assortment of creatives. Select past releases include Yearbooks by Nic Breutzman, Death of Elijah Lovejoy by Noah Van Sciver, Things You Carry by Vincent Stall/King Mini, Motherlover by Breutzman and brothers Holden. New titles to make their Chicago debut include Startled Maggie by Meghan Hogan, Little Heart: A Comics Anthology for Marriage Equality by various, Prizon Food 2 by Eric Schuster & Party Food. We also distro Will Dinski’s minis and Pornhounds by Sharon Lintz.

Visit 2DCloud’s website, and pick up High Score at Table 50 June 16 & 17th!

CAKE DEBUT: Hot Dog Beach 2 by Lale Westvind

June 13, 2012By NeilDebuts

Hot Dog Beach 2 wants to rip your eyes out and cradle them in inky muck and half tone dots .This sequel to the first chaotic romp introduces new characters, new energy and new absurdities.

Behold the vehicular love child of the flesh woman! Cry at the fall of Dinky the Jerk, follow Mop and Fuzz on their death march into oblivion. Watch mystery after mystery unfold and wonder if they will ever be resolved.
There’s a job to be done, no one knows what they’re doing or why but as long as they get paid in the end they’re gonna do it doggone it! This is the sentiment of the inhabitants of Hot Dog Beach, a world where one’s linear depiction dictates physicality.

Hot Dog Beach is the first serialized comic by Lale Westvind. It hopes to be a gargantuan tome of interwoven nonsense one day and picking up this habit now could prove beneficial to your overall well-being! Imagine the possibilities!
Hot Dog Beach 3 is already in the works, as well as an animated version of the opening pages of #2.

Lale Westvind makes comics and animations in the wee hours between closing time and 4 a.m., covered in pork fat and rank milk residue, crouching in a dark corner of the gleaming amuse bouche that is New York City.

Visit Lale’s website, and pick up Hot Dog Beach 2 at Table 5 June 16 & 17th!

CAKE DEBUT: Thickness #3 edited by Ryan Sands and Michael Deforge

June 13, 2012By NeilDebuts

The third (and final) issue of this erotic comics anthology is a doozy. Edited and published by Ryan Sands and Michael DeForge, the book features 80 pages of new comics, as well as a 16 page mini and pin-up poster… all published in lush/dirty risograph splendor!

The book features the following contributors
• 30XX by Lamar Abrams
• THE CHASM by Julia Gfrörer
• THE COCKROACH by William Cardini & Sean T. Collins
• STANDING OVATIONS by Gengoroh Tagame
• QVIET by Andy Burkholder
• …and a pinup by HamletMachine

Visit the Thicnkess website, and pick up Thickness #3 at Table 54 June 16 & 17th!

CAKE DEBUT: Fuck Shits by Box Brown

June 13, 2012By NeilDebuts

Fuck Shits, 32 pages, is two stories about kids pushed to the fringes
of their little worlds.

Box Brown is a cartoonist and runs Retrofit comics, a small publisher based in Philadelphia. It focuses on frequent publication of quality low priced stapled comics.

Visit Box’s website, and pick up Fuck Shits at Table 68 June 16 & 17th!