CAKE DEBUT: Dancing with Shadows by Andrew Holmquist

June 3, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts


Sun tanning next to your boyfriend, he pulls away from a kiss and beckons you into the ocean. You chase him, he swims out and slips from view as a wave rolls towards you. Crash! Space and time split apart, cascading layers of reality upon you, splitting your body into sweaty slices of cheese and tissue paper. You cobble yourself together into a semblance of a man and – SNAP! – its time! Fred Astaire would be proud of the moves you make tip-tapping across the page in a bright yellow suit with matching shoes. Deep sea dive to find a coffin that opens a door onto the best night club that never was and you have yourself a story! No promises that it will make any more sense than this, but oh what a beauty it all is in 3-color risographic glory!


Andrew Holmquist is an artist and cartoonist based in Chicago. He received his BFA (2008) and MFA (2014) degrees from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, each from the department of painting and drawing. His work ranges from paintings to sculpture to video performances and comics, and he is interested in blurring the lines between all of these distinctions.

Visit Andrew’s website, and pick up Dancing With Shadows at Table 20A June 6 & 7th!

CAKE DEBUT: Good to Know by Isabella Rotman

June 2, 2015By Isabella RotmanCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

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Good To Know is a tiny zine of useful information by Isabella Rotman. Topics include how to build a campfire, some ways to purify water, plants to avoid, a very good plant to know, how to find the north star, how to open a bottle without a corkscrew, how to improvise a dental dam, some very useful knots, how o break into stuff, how to jump a car, and how to change a tire. This zine is cute and pocket sized, so you can easily carry it with you to be prepared for most minor emergencies.

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In conjunction with this zine, Isabella Rotman will be selling “Damsel In Distress Kits” which are basically just Altoid tins filled with a bunch of incredibly useful things, like safety pins, needle and thread, a tiny pocket knife. The Damsel in Distress Kits come with a zine, but get there fast, she is only bringing 20 of them.

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Isabella Rotman is a cartoonist and illustrator from Maine living and drawing in Chicago. Her art is usually about the ocean, mermaids, crushing loneliness, people in the woods, or sex. You can find her at table 78.

CAKE DEBUT: Pet Theories

June 2, 2015By Isabella RotmanBenefit, CAKE, Debuts, Programming



Pet Theories is releasing their first album just in time for CAKE weekend. The band, which features Allison Felus on vocals and keyboard bass, Tony Trigilio on drums, and CAKE panels coordinator Brian Cremins on guitar and vocals, will be playing the CAKE after-party at The Observatory onSaturday, June 6th. Their album, which features a fabulous cover by Chicago cartoonist Amara Leipzig, draws on a variety of influences, from Krautrock and show tunes to 60s folkrock and psychedelia (with a little Modernist poetry and Bronze Age comic books thrown into the mix). 



They’ll have CDs for sale, along with more of Amara’s work, at table 78. The band would also be happy to trade for zines or minicomics! At the show, Allison will also have copies of her new zine, Satan Is My Father, a collection of essays about forgotten and imaginary bands.





See you at the after-party!

CAKE DEBUT: The Serpent Repents by Matt Reints and Kristoffer West Johnson

June 2, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts


The Serpent Repents is a mini-comic written by Matt Reints with artwork by Kristoffer West Johnson. It is a fictional story about the unexpected spiritual journey of a preacher’s kid growing up in an unusual church.
Published by West Johnson

Matt Reints lives in Minneapolis, MN. He creates mini-comics mostly about slices of small town life but also some high strangeness phenomena.

Visit Matt’s website, and pick up The Serpent Repents at Table 62A June 6 & 7th!

CAKE DEBUT: Past Coasts by Jon Drawdoer

June 2, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts


“Past Coasts” features queer characters in a psychedelic, literary sci-fi comic. A bubble ship glides above alien coastline. The ship breathes in and out. Regard your life as a passing memory. Listen to your mind underneath the surface of thoughts. Float in the pleasant calm of a universe that makes visual sense. It’s just you and me now, reader. I’ve never stopped trying to understand you.

Jon Drawdoer is an american cartoonist in Chicago, IL. He has written, drawn, and printed the comics Infinite Jest Tijuana Bible, Be the Love 1-2, Guy Gardners, and Apple Orchard. He’s been praised by critic Rob Clough twice. Jon studied cartooning at the Old Town School of Folk Music and the Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW). In 2014, Jon exhibited comics art at SAW and at Challengers Comics.

Visit Jon’s website, and pick up Past Coasts at Table 48A June 6 & 7th!

CAKE DEBUT: Midwestrn Cuban Comics Issue 9 by Odin Cabal

June 2, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts


The adventures of Pito and Maria continue in Midwestern Cuban Comics Issue 9. Watch as Maria comes to terms with all her sticky family history and her estranged daughter. Also Pito and Maria go to the ballpark and Charlie tries to get some ladies.


Midwestrn Cuban Comics is a small press comics series created by Odin Cabal. The issues are compilations of vignettes revolving around a small cast of characters who come in and out of each others’ lives. Leading the cast and anchoring them together is Maria Garcia, a Cuban American trying to figure out identity and life fulfillment in the Midwestern city of Milwaukee, WI.

Visit Odin’s website, and pick up Midwestrn Cuban Comics Issue 9 at Table 22A June 6 & 7th!

CAKE DEBUT: Esoteric Dialogue #1 & #2 by Scott Bufis & Matthew Salazar

June 1, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts


Esoteric Dialogue is a series of short stories that take place in a world of strange alternate realities and dark conspiracies. Issue #1 tells the story of five kids in the woods role-playing as different aspects of the New World Order while playing a D&D/Risk-like board game that shows snippets of lesser-told histories that make up a world that eerily resembles our own. Issue #2 contains two stories – the first follows the exploits of two privileged aliens that will stop at nothing to find a way to clean their spaceship without doing any actual work, and the second tells the story of a dejected homeless man who stumbles into a cartoonish wonderland of a world that has been made to be his personal paradise.





Two Tone Comix is a Chicago-based illustrated story collaboration between writer Scott Bufis and illustrator Matthew Salazar. Their comic book series, Esoteric Dialogue, will be debuting at CAKE 2015.

Visit Two Tone Comix’s website, and pick up Esoteric Dialogue #1 & #2 at Table 62B June 6 & 7th!

CAKE DEBUT: Primahood: 4 Ever! by Tyler Cohen

June 1, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts


Catch up with MamaPants and more Primazon oddity! 32 pages of full-color vignettes coming out of the liminal space of identity, parenthood, and the un/conscious of Tyler Cohen.



Tyler Cohen is a cartoonist who works with multiple voices: surrealism, true vignettes, and journalistic bits about language in a series called Primahood. Her work has been published in “Qu33r” (Northwest Press), “The Feminist Utopia Project” (Feminist Press), and on Mutha magazine online.

Visit Tyler’s website, and pick up Primahood: 4 Ever! at Table 48B June 6 & 7th!

CAKE DEBUT: Creatures of Love by Leslie Perrine

June 1, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts


Creatures of Love is a mini-comic about one creature’s quest to understand its future by uncovering its past. With a hand-stamped cover the comic is printed on one sheet of paper and folds out in an accordion-style revealing a history as it unfolds. In 15 tiny, hand drawn, water colored pages the reader will discover how important it is for any creature to understand its origins.

Leslie Perrine is a writer and illustrator living in Chicago, IL. She enjoys writing for all ages, people and creatures. She is a co-founder of the Chicago Zine Fest and loves self-publishers. Ask her about her cat named Bum.

Visit Leslie website, and pick up Creatures of Love at Table 29B June 6 & 7th!

CAKE DEBUT: Partners by John Vestevich

May 31, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts


Partners’ is an exploration of self-esteem and body image. Through a series of autobiographical encounters, I examine what it is about what we bring with us into the bedroom that determines the manner in which these situations unfold. Sex is confusing.


John Vestevich works as a designer in Chicago and makes comics after work (sometimes during).

Visit John’s website, and pick up Partners at Table 57A June 6 & 7th!