CAKE DEBUT: August by Jack Gross

May 31, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

Ambrose is small, trans, and insecure. He lives with his roommate and long time friend, Luis, in the suburbs of Portland. When he’s suddenly approached by a handsome stranger, Ambrose has to decide what’s best for himself and his happiness, which is a lot harder than he expects. August is part one of a longer … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Gorilla Year 3 by Cara Bean

May 30, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

Gorilla Year 3 features three meditations on the human condition using gorilla imagery. It is a 32 page minicomic with a special two color insert. Gorilla Year 3 was created at the Sequential Artist Workshop. Cara Bean is a Boston area cartoonist and teacher. She attends the 2014-15 program at the Sequential Artists Workshop. Her … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Dirty Hands by David Alvarado

May 30, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

David Alvarado has been self-publishing his zine of printed ephemera for six issues. Now the collected Dirty Hands will show the complete illustrative works of an artist that’s bound to make waves for years to come. Walking donuts, walls of felt puppets, talking teeth — no one does the absurd and bizarre quite like Alvarado. … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: DBMSG77 by Ian McDuffie & Chris O’Leary

May 30, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

DBMSG77 is an alternate history comic, detailing David Bowie’s ill-fated 1977 concert at Madison Square Garden. Adapted from Chris O’Leary’s epic Bowie-centric blog/book series, “Pushing Ahead of the Dame,” DBMSG77 uses alternate-dimension fan recollections and dark imagery to tell the unfortunate tale of this dark mass. The tires screech. A miniature T-Shirt flaps in the … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Munch; Survival of the Larvae by Cara Bean

May 29, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

Munch is a 16 page minicomic about a little group of caterpillers friends. It features the title character who is a little anxious about growing up. This is a kid friendly story and fun for adults too. Cara Bean is a Boston area cartoonist and teacher. She attends the 2014-15 program at the Sequential Artists … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: A Collection of FEELS by Ian McDuffie

May 29, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

FEELS is a webcomic about the rug pulled out from under. Or, a group of newly-minted art school freshmen. A Collection of FEELS is a starter’s guide, a best-of (so far), if you will. Meet the cast, stay the night in the dorms. The gang’s all here, in vibrant color, and morose attempts to fit … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: The Yellow Zine 6 by Roman Muradov

May 28, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

1. lists 2. Seinfeld 3. dogs 4. lists 5. pigeons 6. lisps 7. Julian Barnes’s nose 8. “arches torn midyawn” 9. lists 10. lists Roman Muradov is an illustrator and cartoonist from Moscow, Russia, currently living in San Francisco. His clients include the New Yorker, New York Times, Penguin, Random House, Vogue, Lucky Peach and … Read More