CAKE DEBUT: Bluff Issue 1 by Odin Cabal

May 28, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

Blapho is an anthology series from Midwestern Cuban Comics. The first issue features David Kubrick Private Dick, Lucky Dog, and Life in Cars. Published by Midwestrn Cuban Comics Midwestrn Cuban Comics is a small press comics series created by Odin Cabal. The issues are compilations of vignettes revolving around a small cast of characters who … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Expectation by Amy Peltz

May 27, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

Expectation is a story of hope and tragedy inspired by the life and work of the early-twentieth-century Expressionist artist Egon Schiele, whose tortured, attenuated forms are instantly recognizable. Wordless and rendered in pencil, this thread-bound mini-comic by Amy Peltz explores how narrative can be conveyed with a minimum of means. In some respects continuing the … Read More

CAKE DEBUTS: Two New Comics by Aaron Poliwoda

May 27, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

Prolific zinester, Aaron Poliwoda will be debuting TWO new comics at CAKE, here’s a description of them in his own words: I have two comics debuting. One is a wrestling comic about the life of the Ultimate Warrior who died in 2014. The other is Autism Conversations. It is an approximately 150-page comic of email … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Dial 9 (For an Outside Line) by Peter + Maria Hoey

May 26, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

The 7th title in our Coin-Op Singles series. Dial 9 (For an Outside Line) chronicles the rough intersection between musician and hotel. Peter and Maria Hoey are brother and sister artists. Since 2007 they have published their work independently under their studio name: Coin-Op. Their comics have received notice in The Best American Comics 2011, … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: An Honest Performance by Will Dinski

May 26, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

The newest from Will Dinski. A brief meditation on truth, representation, and loss, all done in Dinski’s thoughtfully composed yet seemingly tossed off style. Limited riso edition made exclusively for 2dCloud. Will Dinski is a cartoonist and book artist. He lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 2DCLOUD is a comics publisher and visual purveyor based … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Miseryland by Special Guest, Keiler Roberts

May 25, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

Miseryland is a collection of Keiler Roberts’ ongoing autobiographical comics series Powdered Milk. Throughout the book, short stories and vignettes build into one narrative. The first scene shows Roberts’ three-year-old daughter Xia watching her shrink the window cellophane with a hairdryer. “It’s getting fancier and fancier,” she observes. Throughout the book Xia is a major … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Epilogue May 2015 by Kevin Budnik

May 24, 2015By NeilBenefit, Debuts

Epilogue is a 12-page-a month ongoing series that began in January 2015. Written and drawn on a weekly basis, the story organically follows Kevin’s daily life. His point of view is one of quarter-life crises focusing on struggling with mental clarity and the daily stress of relationships and employment. This is the fifth issue of … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Funeral Pudding Chapter Three by Tyler Boss

May 23, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

Cigarettes, wheel of fortune and smut magazines, the third chapter of the on-going series Funeral Pudding. A twelve page, riso printed pamphlet comic. Tyler Boss was born in America. He makes comics and paintings. Visit Tyler’s website, and pick up Funeral Pudding Chapter Three at Table 15A June 6 & 7th!

CAKE DEBUT: SuperCakes by Kat Leyh

May 21, 2015By NeilCAKE, Debuts

What’s harder than fighting robot aliens and ice monsters? Being in a relationship! SuperCakes follows May and Molly as they learn to live together while still being on-call to battle the next baddie that’s ravaging their city. Kat Leyh’s SuperCakes touches on topics most “capes and tights” comics wouldn’t even fly near. “Kat’s comics shine … Read More