Panel: Place as Character

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June 11th, 3:00–4:00 p.m. Place as Character

According to an old maxim, all cartoonists lavish attention on either their characters or their settings, but not both. The work of Emil Ferris, Sophie Goldstein, Laura Knetzger, and Mita Mahato give the lie to this assertion because, in their comics, place is itself a character. Through the use of highly rendered drawings that overtake the page (Ferris), dense cut-paper landscapes (Mahato), a forest that represents the joy and mystery of discovery and growth (Knetzger) or deadly and deceptively destitute dystopias (Goldstein), these artists make their stories’ settings come alive. They are joined in conversation by moderator Rob Clough, a comics critic who writes primarily for The Comics Journal and High-Low.  This panel is sponsored by Blick.

Workshop: My So-Called Cartoon Life

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June 10th, 12:00–1:00 p.m.  My So-Called Cartoon Life: Alter Egos with Celia Marquis

Comics is a great medium for telling personal stories, be they funny, contemplative, or traumatic. In comics narratives, authors’ alter egos may resemble them physically and/or psychologically, but they may also possess traits that their makers don’t have or that are exaggerated for various reasons. Join TRANSIT recipient Celia Marquis, a Montreal-based cartoonist, as she guides you through the process she uses to  develop her own alter egos and then leads you through exercises to conceptualize your own.  This workshop is sponsored by Cream Wine.

CAKE 2017 Debuts!

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Every year, we are honored to see comics artists use CAKE as a venue to debut new comics.  Be the first person on the planet to get a copy of these new and innovative titles! You can view our debuts on our 2017 Debut page.
Here are a few titles that will be debuting at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo on June 10 & 11:

having given up,

by Emily Hutchings
Table 310b
“having given up,” is a collection of new poems and drawings by Emily Hutchings. Speaking from within the ebbs and flows of depression, and as a method of understanding the more granular details of leaving that void, this book dips in and out of dream logic, body horror and an occasional bout of stillness- like the stiffness of a shaking hand when you try to show someone else that you are trembling. This book contains portions of the text from Hutchings’ performances at the Cards Against Humanity’s comics reading series and Zine Not Dead in 2016.


by Yewon Kwon
Table 209a
CEASE TO EXIST is a 28 page perfect bound offset and risograph book about desperately wanting to disappear but being terrified of death.

Pallor Pink Vol. III: To Those In Glass Houses

by Nicole Del Rio, Griffin Miller, Rohan McDonald, Margaret Hitch, Robert Rusch, Annie Klein, Jess Cadwell, Kane Shirley, Jordan Jackson, Yewon Kwon, Justin LaGuff, Winnie Black
Table 209a
Pallor Pink Vol. III is here!! TO THOSE IN GLASS HOUSES is a 36 page saddle stitched 2-color offset book with a screen printed vellum cover. Featuring work from 12 different artists, these will be available at CAKE alongside a series of risograph prints from all those involved!


by Rohan McDonald
Table 209a
A risograph printed, 11 x 17 mini comic that experiments with poetic formulas and excessive drawings of trees!


by higu rose
Table 516b
Have you ever gotten your tits chopped off? I sure have. It’s a wild ride. TITTYCHOP BOOBSLASH explores the absurdity of “the body” — my specifically, “my body” — and how to cope with it. Twenty years of dysphoria, seven months anticipation, five weeks bedrest, one month on drugs. All to get rid of those breasts and feel at ease in this body I’ve been damned with. I spent 2016 in terror and excitement preparing for my top surgery, thinking gender thoughts and reinventing my relationship to my body. TITTYCHOP BOOBSLASH reviews it all. A month to month retelling of a trans person who finally decided to do something for themself instead of deferring to stoicism. That’s me, and this is my body. Black & white self-published memoir comic.

Long Black Veil

by Isabella Rotman
Table 212b
All text/lyrics from the folk song Long Black Veil, originally written by Danny Dill and Marijohn Wilkin and recorded by Lefty Frizzell in 1959. Since then Long Black Veil has been covered by many artists, including Johnny Cash, Joni Mitchell, and my Nonnie. My favorite part of any family holiday was when three generations of women would gather together to sing murder ballads. These are the times I would feel most connected to my Nonnie, and all it took was a morbid plot, the celebration of death, and four simple chords. So here it is, my take of a beloved family tradition, adoringly interpreted into an old-timey lesbian witch ballad. The love of music lives on.

Panel: Gabrielle Bell and Kevin Huizenga

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Sunday, June 11th, 1:00–2:00  p.m. “Comics Is a Way of Thinking”

In Gabrielle Bell’s and Kevin Huizenga’s work, comics is a site for poetry, autobiography, and fiction, but underlying these subjects is an exploration of the nature of thought, consciousness, existence, and the human condition. Comics is uniquely suited to investigate such issues, with its ability to convey both thought and speech, to represent time via the space of the page, and to graphically portray abstract ideas. Bell and Huizenga have, perhaps more than any other artists working today, exploited this potential. Designer and artist Alex Kostiw will moderate this discussion of how exactly these cartoonists use comics in pursuit of philosophical discovery. This panel is sponsored by CHIRP Radio.

Workshop: Comics 101 With Corinne Mucha

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Sunday, June 11th, 12:00–1:00 p.m.  Comics 101

Are you a kid (or a kid at heart)? Do you love to doodle, draw, and invent amazing characters who you send on exciting adventures? Are you hoping to turn this hobby into a practiced skill? If so, then acclaimed teaching artist Corinne Mucha’s workshop is perfect for you. Mucha will lead participants through a variety of exercises that will challenge and excite the next generation of comics creators. This workshop is sponsored by Quimby’s and is appropriate for all ages.

CAKE 2017 Debuts!

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Every year, we are honored to see comics artists use CAKE as a venue to debut new comics.  Be the first person on the planet to get a copy of these new and innovative titles! You can view our debuts on our 2017 Debut page.
Here are a few titles that will be debuting at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo on June 10 & 11:


From Ian McDuffie, Table 310a:

Bodies Of Work

Bodies of Work is a collection of Ian McDuffie’s short comics work from the last ten years. It includes cartoons that have been included in anthologies, as well as some works that never saw the light of day. Steel yourself for death, pasta, Kate Bush, sorrow, transformation, and a talking phallus.


Lazarus shows a slice of life of Thomas Jerome Newton, an ancient alien, prisoner of Earth, drunk, stumbling and sleeping through his life, unable to die. Loosely adapted from both Walter Tevis’ “The Man Who Fell To Earth,” Nicolas Roeg’s film of the same name, and David Bowie & Enda Walsh’s musical “Lazarus.” 24 pages, b/w.

2 Stories

Ian McDuffie’s 2 Stories contains two brand new tales of isolation, loss, appropriation, ignorance, disgust, alienation, and evil. These stories depict two different characters will a complete lack of understanding of their place in the world, and how they overreact to that lack. Comeuppance comes to them in different ways. 24 pages, b/w.

From Corinne Halbert, Table 410a:

Hate Baby 666

For Horror Movie fans, BDSM fetish freaks and lovers of Satan! Hate Baby 666 is more sinful than ever before. Enjoy a series of debaucherous vignettes including Seven Deadly Sins and Six Names of Satan. 32p, b+w 5.5”x8.5” for adults only!

Lady Like

Reimagined vintage ads marketed towards women with an added Horror twist. This sassy little mini-comic is poking fun at the blatant sexism of advertising campaigns from the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s. 20p, b+w, 5’5”x8.5” step into the past and have a laugh.

From Scott R Miller (also at Table 410a):

Printsploitation No. 3

The third installment of PRINTSPLOITATION a horror and cult movie Illustration fanzine. Featuring art from Putrid, Corinne Halbert, Reuben Splatterbeast and many more! New larger format, 8.5”x11” b+w.