CAKE DEBUT: Acid Ankh by Dawn Aquarius

May 5, 2014By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

Cyborg romance. Occult gags. Biker gore. Cosmic floozies. Born of the strange seeds of California, Dawn Aquarius draws greasy bikers, slimy skulls and serpents, and occult psychedelia for pleasure and money. Pick up Acid Ankh at Table 9A May 31st & June 1st!

CAKE DEBUT: The Love Bunglers by Jaime Hernandez

May 5, 2014By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

The suppression of family history is the initial thread that ties together The Love Bunglers, featuring Hernandez’s longtime Love and Rockets heroine Maggie. Because these secrets can’t be dealt with openly, their lingering effect is even more powerful. But Maggie’s ability to navigate and find meaning in her life — despite losing her culture, her … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Bomb Run and Other Stories by John Severin, Will Elder, Harvey Kurtzman

May 2, 2014By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

One of the most fruitful collaborations in the history of comics resulted in 34 taut, gritty war stories — spanning the centuries, emotionally draining and dramatically eloquent — collected here. Published by Fantagraphics Fantagraphics Books is the Publisher of the World’s Greatest Cartoonists. Whether contemporary graphic novels, classic comic strips, European bande dessinee, or groundbreaking … Read More

CAKE Application Deadline Extended Through Dec 20!

December 16, 2013By NeilCAKE, Exhibitors

Oh my goodness gracious me! It’s December 16th, and you missed the deadline to apply for CAKE 2014?! Have no fear! We are extending the deadline through Friday, December 20th. At 11:59pm CST on December 20th, we are shutting down access to the application, and will not accept any requests for an extension. So if … Read More

CAKE 2014 Exhibitor Application to Open Oct. 15

October 2, 2013By GraceCAKE, Exhibitors

The 2014 exhibitor application will open Tuesday, October 15 and close on December 15, 2013. Potential exhibitors need not rush to submit applications, as CAKE is a curated show. The application period lasts 8 weeks and we encourage you to take your time to put together a strong application. Please direct any questions you may … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Godhead #1 by Caitlin Skaalrud

June 7, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

The first part of a Midwesterner’s fable, in which three misfit friends discover a severed head that grants wishes in a cornfield outside of small town Wrenshall, Minnesota. Caitlin Skaalrud self-publishes comics from a garage and studio in South Minneapolis under the moniker Talk Weird Press. In 2012, “Sea Change: A Choose-Your-Own-Way Story” was awarded … Read More

CAKE DEBUT: Sequential Vacation 2 by Sar Shahar

June 6, 2013By NeilCAKE, Debuts, Exhibitors

Sequential Vacation 2 follows the yearning romantic beach fantasy of a man spending his weekend alone. The second issue of Sar Sharhar’s lauded series finds the artist using graphically intricate textures to further his storytelling. Sar Shahar graduated in 2006 from CalArts with a BFA in Fine Arts. His previous comic, Sequential Vacation 1, was … Read More