CAKE DEBUT: Prizon Food Part 2 by Eric Schuster & Party Food (aka Joe Gillette)

Prizon Food is an offshoot and printed companion to Party Food -- which is a multimedia project by MCAD grad Joe Gillette. Using puppets, video projections, and a symphony of chopped and screwed pop music, Party Food explores themes of love and loss, heritage and rebellion, production and consumption, [one big long fart noise] somethingsomething existentialism. Prizon Food is bit-art-ified and candy colored by fellow MCAD'er alum Eric Schuster.

Joe Gillette is multimedia artists whose work veers into performance, video, and comics. His work has been displayed/showcased/performed on both coasts and in the mid-west.Eric Schuster is a comic artist and illustrator living in Minneapolis. He is a MCAD graduate with a BFA in Comic Art. He enjoys biking and tea.

Visit 2D Cloud and Prizon Food's websites, and pick up Prizon Food Part 2 at Table 50 June 16 & 17th!