CAKE is run by a small, dedicated crew of volunteer organizers and coordinators. Here are our organizers and volunteers present and past.



Matt Brady

Matt Brady is a lifelong comics fan and occasional comics critic. For more than ten years, he has maintained the blog Warren Peace Sings the Blues, where he writes about comics, movies, TV, and whatever else meets his fancy. He lives and works in the Chicago suburbs, where he tries to share his comics obsession with his three children.

tyrell cannon

Tyrell is a comic book artist living and working in Chicago, IL. He is known for his comics Gary, Victus, ERIS, and is also the co-editor of the science fiction romance comics anthology Speculative Relationships. In addition to self-publishing his work, Tyrell has created covers and pinups for Dark Horse, Image, and Heavy Metal comics.

Tyrell strives to create comics that are thoughtful, well-crafted, diverse in subject matter, and push the comics medium forward. He hopes to help promote the art form by supporting fellow creators and engaging in meaningful discussions about the potential of comics.


sage coffey

Sage Coffey is a non-binary cartoonist in Chicago, IL. Since 2016 they've edited Sweaty Palms, a comic anthology about anxiety. 2018 Locher award honorable mention. Sage has been published by The Washington Post, The Nib, and multiple comics anthologies such as the Ignatz award winning anthology Comics for Choice. They also love bugs and wrestling!


Mike Freiheit

Mike Freiheit is a cartoonist, illustrator and teacher living in Albany Park with his wife and cats. He created the graphic novel Monkey Chef: A Love Story from Kilgore Books, Go Fuck Myself, and is currently finishing up a new book called WOODS.


Chris Lopez

Chris Lopez grew up in swampy south Florida, raised by Cuban food, alligator sightings, and mosquito bites. Now he's a long-term Rogers Parker living with his husband and their cat, where he's made various comics and contributed to a few comics anthologies. Currently, Chris is working on a graphic novel that will most definitely get finished one day.


Jon mastantuono

Jon Mastantuono is a queer cartoonist living in Chicago. Jon has written and drawn many comics, including 2017's 'the guest house', and contributed to anthologies about bears, school mascots, queer horror, astrology, and professional wrestling.


jackie roche

Jackie Roche is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator specializing in nonfiction comics about history and current events. She illustrated Samya Kullab’s Escape from Syria (Firefly Books, 2017), colored by Mike Freiheit, which won the School Library’ Association’s 2018 Information Book Children’s Choice Award. Her work has also been published by The Nib, Columbia Magazine, Harvard Library, and various anthologies.

tony circle.png

tony recktenwald

Tony Recktenwald is an especially sweaty cartoonist and zinester who both loves ice cream and has a severe reaction to dairy. Originally hailing from the humid marshlands of central Florida, he survived his time in Florida on a steady diet of oranges, roadkill, and lost tourists. Tony finally made Chicago his home in 2013 and when he’s not teaming up with the Super Heros who make CAKE possible every year, you can find him sloshing through 25¢ comic bins, loitering around aisles at Quimbys, or drawing demons, flails, skeletons, or other illustrations that disappoint his mom and dad.


Ed witt

Ed Witt was born in the wilds of Northern Michigan and quickly escaped to Northern Chicago. He makes comics, illustrations, and t-shirts and also runs a comic artists collective called Northside Comic Artists.



Programming: Ben Bertin • Tyrell Cannon • Amber Huff • Alex Nall

Public Relations: Megan Metzger

Past Organizers + Coordinators

We would also like to mention an extremely deep well of gratitude for all of the previous CAKE organizers and coordinators. Many thanks to those who started this organization and those who kept it running throughout the years:

Organizers: Alli Alleman • Ben Bertin • Neil Brideau • Jessica Campbell • Edie Fake • Marnie Galloway • Max Morris • Amy Peltz • Grace Tran • Jeff Zwirek

Coordinators: Brian Cremins • Corinne Halbert • Cathy Hannah • Amara Leipzig • Isabella Rotman • Sheika Lugtu