CAKE DEBUT: Need More by Kevin Czapiewski

"Need More" is a meditation on the timeless phenomenon of missing someone close to you, aided by modern technology. In this case, that means Tumblr and tattoos. A short mini comic, "Need More" is a 12 page comic in glorious black and white, with a color cover.

Also be sure to come by Kevin's table (Table 74) to pick up the brand new (and free) June issue of Trigger, starring the Deep Dark Truthful Mirror.Kevin Czapiewski (pronounced “chappy-ESSky”) is the Cleveland-based artist of the webcomic Project: Ballad. His other work includes the collection Birthday Surprise, the anthology PUPPYTEETH (co-edited with Liz Suburbia), and the webcomic Spoilers. He also writes a column for the Comix Cube blog and occasionally teaches a class on the art of comics.

Visit Kevin's website, and pick up Need More & Trigger at Table 74 June 16 & 17th!