CAKE DEBUT: Hot Dog Beach 2 by Lale Westvind

Hot Dog Beach 2 wants to rip your eyes out and cradle them in inky muck and half tone dots .This sequel to the first chaotic romp introduces new characters, new energy and new absurdities.Behold the vehicular love child of the flesh woman! Cry at the fall of Dinky the Jerk, follow Mop and Fuzz on their death march into oblivion. Watch mystery after mystery unfold and wonder if they will ever be resolved.There's a job to be done, no one knows what they're doing or why but as long as they get paid in the end they're gonna do it doggone it! This is the sentiment of the inhabitants of Hot Dog Beach, a world where one's linear depiction dictates physicality.Hot Dog Beach is the first serialized comic by Lale Westvind. It hopes to be a gargantuan tome of interwoven nonsense one day and picking up this habit now could prove beneficial to your overall well-being! Imagine the possibilities!Hot Dog Beach 3 is already in the works, as well as an animated version of the opening pages of #2.

Lale Westvind makes comics and animations in the wee hours between closing time and 4 a.m., covered in pork fat and rank milk residue, crouching in a dark corner of the gleaming amuse bouche that is New York City.

Visit Lale's website, and pick up Hot Dog Beach 2 at Table 5 June 16 & 17th!