CAKE DEBUT: Stonewall: Book One by Sasha Steinberg

Stonewall (Book One) is the first of a ten-part comics series, which dramatizes the events of the 1969 "Stonewall Riots" in Manhattan (the spontaneous and violent uprisings that spearheaded the LGBT rights movement). This ongoing series will present the same historical events from three different perspectives, each one drawn in a classic comics style.In Book One, we are introduced to the first of these perspectives. At the center of this story is "Miss Venus," a beautiful young transsexual who has yet to see the dark underbelly that defined gay life in the late sixties. Although Venus is a fictional character, she embodies many of the real fears and dreams of the era. Her world, drawn in statuesque poses, expressive brush strokes, glamorous outfits, and fierce eyebrows, directly recalls the art of Tarpe Mills (1915-1988) - one of America's first female cartoonists, whose work also dealt with themes of violence, gender, and the law.28-page comic in glorious full-color!

Sasha is an American comics artist. He is currently a graduate student at The Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont. He holds a B.A. in Modern Literatures from Vassar College, and is particularly interested in developing queer literary comics that depart from standard autobiographical tropes.

Visit Sasha's website, and pick up Stonewall: Book One at Table 8 June 16 & 17th!