CAKE DEBUT: My Dirty Dumb Eyes by Lisa Hanawalt


"For years I've encountered Lisa Hanawalt's comics and illustrations piecemeal -- in various magazines and periodicals. They're always a pleasant jolt. Now, they've been assembled into one thick, blazing bludgeon. I envy you getting walloped by them all for the first time. This is a Hanawalt assault. Succumb."–Patton OswaltMy Dirty Dumb Eyes introduces Lisa Hanawalt as a first-rank cartoonist/humorist/stalker for an audience that likes its humor idiosyncratic, at times anthropomorphic or scatological, often uncomfortable, and always absurd. Her world vision is intricately rendered in a full spectrum of color, unapologetically gorgeous and intensely bizarre. With movie reviews, tips for her readers, laugh-out-loud lists and short pieces such as “Rumors I’ve Heard About Anna Wintour,” and “The Secret Lives of Chefs,” Hanawalt’s comedy shines here, making the quotidian silly and surreal, flatulent and facetious.

Lisa Hanawalt Drawn and Quarterly

Lisa Hanawalt is a renowned self-publisher and illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York. Her comics work has won several awards, and she was recently nominated for a James Beard Award for Humor for her piece, “The Secret Lives of Chefs.” Hanawalt’s illustration and comics clients include The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Hairpin, McSweeneys, Chronicle Books, and Vanity Fair. She lives in Brooklyn with a dog and a comedian. MY DIRTY DUMB EYES (May 2013) is her first book with Drawn & Quarterly.Drawn & Quarterly is one of the most influential art and literary comics publishers in North America, publishing work by such luminaries as Lynda Barry, Kate Beaton, Chester Brown, Dan Clowes, Julie Doucet, Seth, Adrian Tomine, and Chris Ware.

Visit Lisa's website, and pick up My Dirty Dumb Eyes at Tables 35 & 36 June 15 & 16th!