CAKE DEBUT: Emotional Distance No's 1 & 2 by Zach Mason


My name is Zach Mason. I'm from Rockville, Maryland (just outside DC)and I will have two new comics at CAKE.The first debut is a second edition of Emotional Distance 1. Thiscomic was available at SPX 2012 as a black and white, digitallyprinted booklet and quickly sold out. The new version of thissingle-panel joke collection is a very pretty risograph-printedbooklet with blue ink on pink paper.The second debut is Emotional Distance 2. This comic is brand new forCAKE and is a full-color digital print which collects moresingle-panel joke comics as well as abstract, stand-alone work.I'll be at table 10. Please come say hi.For more information:


Zach MasonCreator of Emotional Distance. His comics have also appeared in Comics Workbook.

Visit Zach's website, and pick up Emotional Distance at Table 10 June 15 & 16th!