CAKE DEBUT: Demon Gunz by Bernie McGovern

Bernie McGovern - DemonGunz Cover

DemonGunz: A Minicomic Anthology presents the first eleven issues of the autobiographic DemonGun and DemonDust books. Chronicling the first months of sobering up from a decade of alcoholism, DemonGunz wastes no time before tumbling into bizarre reflections on the creative process. Embark on its dreamworld meanderings through impossible phenomena and the heart-warming friendship of a disembodied nervous system.Self published, 134 pages, B&W

Bernie McGovern - DemonGunz Excerpt

Bernie McGovernBernie McGovern is a cartoonist, puppet designer, animator, and teacher living in his native Chicago. His real-life adventures are documented in the new comic “DemonTears,” released by Hic & Hoc Publications, alongside the mini-comics “DemonGunz” and “DemonDust.” He loves demons. Book 7 of the self published, terribly long, epic series “An Army of Lovers will be Beaten” will be available this year at CAKE, possibly near a plate of heart-shaped snacks. By day, Bernie is an Artist in Residence with the nonprofit Snow City Arts Foundation, bringing school credit and art education to children while staying in Chicago hospitals.

Visit Bernie's website, and pick up An Demon Gunz at Table 86 June 15 & 16th!