CAKE DEBUT: Sequential Vacation 2 by Sar Shahar


Sequential Vacation 2 follows the yearning romantic beach fantasy of a man spending his weekend alone. The second issue of Sar Sharhar’s lauded series finds the artist using graphically intricate textures to further his storytelling.


Secret AcresSar Shahar graduated in 2006 from CalArts with a BFA in Fine Arts. His previous comic, Sequential Vacation 1, was selected as one of the thirty best mini-comics of the year by the Comics Journal. He lives in Los Angeles, where he teaches drawing and cartooning classes to middle and high school students.Secret Acres was launched in 2007 to champion the finest unpublished comics creators, and to distribute quality mini-comics. We continue to do everything we can to get our comics into the hands of reader who will love them as much as we do. Secret Acres’ publications include the Ignatz Award-winning Gaylord Phoenix, Monsters, Troop 142 and I Will Bite You!

Visit Secret Acres' website, and pick up Sequential Vacation 2 at Table 56 June 15 & 16th!