CAKE DEBUT: The Ruins: Part One by Amara Leipzig

TheRuins: Part One by Amara Leipzig

An old woman looks back on her life and tells the story of how one day, she seemingly came into existence from nothing. Born into the wilderness, she can find no other life, yet is surrounded by the artifacts of its existence: the ruins. She struggles to survive, make sense of her world, and understand why she is there. This is a story about how we create logic and how we use language as much as it is a mystery.The Ruins: Part One debuting at CAKE is the first half of this novel-length comic. It combines the prologue and first two chapters, previously released as self-published minicomics, into one volume with an additional 50+ pages.

TheRuins: Part One by Amara LeipzigTheRuins: Part One by Amara Leipzig

Amara LeipzigAmara Leipzig is a cartoonist, bookmaker and printmaker living in Chicago, IL.

Visit Amara's website, and pick up The Ruins: Part One at Table 93A May 31st & June 1st!