CAKE DEBUT: Traducciones by Inés Estrada

Traducciones by Inés Estrada

A story tangled in symbols about a translator who works from home and her experiences with long distance romance, sex, interpretations, friends and having fun in this pointless void we call living.Published by Ediciones Valientes

Traducciones by Inés EstradaTraducciones by Inés EstradaTraducciones by Inés EstradaTraducciones by Inés Estrada

Inés EstradaInés Estrada is a cartoonist and sort of a nomad. She is the editor of the comics section of Vice Mexico and she also manages Gatosaurio, a webshop where you can find her stickers and comics. Most of her work is self-published, but she has also worked with publications such as Kuš (Latvia), The Believer (US) and Ediciones Valientes (Spain.) She has inhaled inhuman amounts of car smog biking through her home town of Mexico City, which has surely damaged her brain into seeing the psychedelic colors and shapes you can find in her work.

Visit Inés' website, and pick up Traducciones at Table 71 May 31st & June 1st!