CAKE DEBUT: Poop, Boobs, Poo by Sam Sharpe

Poop, Boobs, Poo by Sam Sharpe

Cackle, chuckle, chortle, guffaw. This is a list of the things you'll do when you get your hands on Sam Sharpe's newest book.Poop, Boobs, Poo assembles all of Sam's hilarious one-panel strips into one gut-busting compendium. This is truly gag comics at their finest!Published by Yeti Press

Poop, Boobs, Poo by Sam SharpePoop, Boobs, Poo by Sam Sharpe

Sam SharpeSam Sharpe is Chicago based writer/cartoonist/illustrator. You can find his work in many anthologies as well as his comic series Viewotron.Yeti PressYeti Press is small publishing behemoth out of Chicago. Our goal is to provide a steady stream of sometimes-humorous, often-reader friendly comics and graphic novels.

Visit Sam and Yeti Press' websites, and pick up Poop, Boobs, Poo at Table 41 May 31st & June 1st!