CAKE DEBUT: Blimpakind by Talya Modlin

Talya Modlin Drinking Buddies Cover

Blimpakind: Drinking BuddiesThe first story of he Blimpakind series. Udell and Chief are close room-mates who visit their semi-friend, Pepin, after his sordid travels. They both find themselves in a thick web of conning, lust and a bad allergy flare up.Blimpakind: The Isles of Amos**This is the secret debut of the current story of Blimpakind. (Learn the ending before the internet does!)Amos is a solitary adventurer, but he's not sure why he ended up on such a desolate planet. He finds he is not really alone, and no one is really on his side while everything goes completely wrong. Can he figure out his purpose while also managing a great escape?

Talya Modlin Isles Cover

Talya ModlinA chicago-based independent comic artist, illustrator, and doodle-cook. It’s like a fry-cook but for doodling.

Visit Talya's website, and pick up the Blimpakind comics at Table 92A May 31st & June 1st!