CAKE 2015: 2 Days Left to Apply!

The deadline for the exhibitor application for CAKE 2015 is on Monday, December 15th, meaning there are only two days left to apply. If you're still planning to apply, please do so at you're still deciding whether you want to apply, Keith Herzik, an exhibitor at CAKE 2014, described his experience for us:"Cake is a fun time!"I feel like I heard 'Man, I didn't know what to expect...this is great!' Over and over."I like the mix of people that come out to support the scene. Here are a few examples:

  • The excited young, looking to stay hip to new art and artists and opportunities
  • The experienced old, looking to see what looks familiar to them from when they were hip
  • The parents bringing children to stimulate their minds
  • The fellow artists
  • Out-of-towners!

"I love matching faces and personalities of artists to their art, with everyone in the same room breathing the same air ."Two great memories for me are:

  1. The meeting and trading of zines with a knowledgeable collector. He came around on all of the days with alternative and underground books from the nineteen seventies; the nineteen eighties; the nineteen  nineties .  I hope I can be as cool and encouraging  someday.
  2. Also the meeting my future employer is a highlight. Currenty she is probably around five years old...a really excited little girl who ran to my table (accompanied by her parents) and squealed with delight at my colorful cartoons (she liked the newest issue of my series !). I heard: 'Now honey, remember we said we could only pick out one thing to buy today...' ( I nodded and winked back at the father as they prepared to leave my table after looking just about everything over) 'We are still looking around...' Far out!   Thirty five minutes later the little darling came back and bought the book that made her squeal so much. Thank you!

" Yipes! I better get some new stuff to sell!"The Fourth Annual Chicago Alternative Comics Expo will take place on Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7, 2015 at the Center on Halsted, 3656 N Halsted Ave. If you have any questions about CAKE, please contact us.

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