CAKE DEBUT: Epilogue May 2015 by Kevin Budnik


Epilogue is a 12-page-a month ongoing series that began in January 2015. Written and drawn on a weekly basis, the story organically follows Kevin's daily life. His point of view is one of quarter-life crises focusing on struggling with mental clarity and the daily stress of relationships and employment.This is the fifth issue of the series, collecting each journal entry from May, 2015

kevinbudnikKevin Budnik is an cartoonist and illustrator from Chicago. He has been producing comics steadily since 2010. His comics are largely autobiographical, and explore Kevin’s coming to terms with anxiety and adulthood. Kevin’s books include Dust Motes (Yeti Press), Old Gum Wrappers and Grocery Lists, and Flower Grow (self-published). His newest series, Handbook, is written in part from journals he kept in therapy for disordered eating.

Visit Kevin's website, and pick up Epilogue May 2015 at Table 88B June 6 & 7th!