CAKE DEBUT: Qviet by Andy Burkholder


Qviet focuses on the abstractions of sex, of seeing, and the fluid relations between the two. Using the strip, one of the oldest formal modes in comics, as the misleadingly benign container for his explorations, Burkholder challenges the reader to reimagine not only what falls under the purview of this form, but the larger conceptions of sex as a set of abstract symbols that inform our daily lives. Qviet stands as an example of the ever expanding potential of comics in the 21st century.Published by 2D Cloud



andyburkholderAndy Burkholder is a Chicago cartoonist who has been very active over the past several years, creating mini comics and posting a steady stream of work online. Andy’s comics are abstract yet playful, often times dealing with very adult themes twisted through an extremely dry sense of humor. His work has been featured in anthologies such as Sonatina, Happiness, and Thickness. Oily has published his Ground trilogy. Andy has also produced several self-published mini-comics and recently wrapped up his long-running story Qviet which will be collected and published by 2D Cloud in 2015.2dcloud2DCLOUD is a comics publisher and visual purveyor based in Minneapolis, MN. Founded in 2007 as a loose collective of local artists focused on the advocacy of experiments in visual narrative, the label has since expanded its scope to publish challenging, expressive work by both new and established creatives across North America and beyond. We seek out and champion artists with a distinct vision, one that questions norms both within comics and culture at large.

Visit Andy and 2D Cloud's website, and pick up Qviet at Table 75 June 6 & 7th!