CAKE DEBUT: Esoteric Dialogue #1 & #2 by Scott Bufis & Matthew Salazar


Esoteric Dialogue is a series of short stories that take place in a world of strange alternate realities and dark conspiracies. Issue #1 tells the story of five kids in the woods role-playing as different aspects of the New World Order while playing a D&D/Risk-like board game that shows snippets of lesser-told histories that make up a world that eerily resembles our own. Issue #2 contains two stories - the first follows the exploits of two privileged aliens that will stop at nothing to find a way to clean their spaceship without doing any actual work, and the second tells the story of a dejected homeless man who stumbles into a cartoonish wonderland of a world that has been made to be his personal paradise.



scottbufisTwo Tone Comix is a Chicago-based illustrated story collaboration between writer Scott Bufis and illustrator Matthew Salazar. Their comic book series, Esoteric Dialogue, will be debuting at CAKE 2015.

Visit Two Tone Comix's website, and pick up Esoteric Dialogue #1 & #2 at Table 62B June 6 & 7th!