CAKE DEBUT: Past Coasts by Jon Drawdoer


"Past Coasts" features queer characters in a psychedelic, literary sci-fi comic. A bubble ship glides above alien coastline. The ship breathes in and out. Regard your life as a passing memory. Listen to your mind underneath the surface of thoughts. Float in the pleasant calm of a universe that makes visual sense. It's just you and me now, reader. I've never stopped trying to understand you.

drawdoerJon Drawdoer is an american cartoonist in Chicago, IL. He has written, drawn, and printed the comics Infinite Jest Tijuana Bible, Be the Love 1-2, Guy Gardners, and Apple Orchard. He’s been praised by critic Rob Clough twice. Jon studied cartooning at the Old Town School of Folk Music and the Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW). In 2014, Jon exhibited comics art at SAW and at Challengers Comics.

Visit Jon's website, and pick up Past Coasts at Table 48A June 6 & 7th!