CAKE DEBUT: An Honest Performance by Will Dinski


The newest from Will Dinski. A brief meditation on truth, representation, and loss, all done in Dinski's thoughtfully composed yet seemingly tossed off style. Limited riso edition made exclusively for 2dCloud.

willdinskiWill Dinski is a cartoonist and book artist. He lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota.2dcloud 2DCLOUD is a comics publisher and visual purveyor based in Minneapolis, MN. Founded in 2007 as a loose collective of local artists focused on the advocacy of experiments in visual narrative, the label has since expanded its scope to publish challenging, expressive work by both new and established creatives across North America and beyond. We seek out and champion artists with a distinct vision, one that questions norms both within comics and culture at large.

Visit Will and 2DCloud's websites, and pick up An Honest Performance at Table 75 June 6 & 7th!