CAKE DEBUT: DBMSG77 by Ian McDuffie & Chris O'Leary


DBMSG77 is an alternate history comic, detailing David Bowie's ill-fated 1977 concert at Madison Square Garden. Adapted from Chris O'Leary's epic Bowie-centric blog/book series, "Pushing Ahead of the Dame," DBMSG77 uses alternate-dimension fan recollections and dark imagery to tell the unfortunate tale of this dark mass.



ianmcduffieThe tires screech. A miniature T-Shirt flaps in the wind. Much like a snail’s trail, a wayward eyeball makes its way across the windshield. Ian McDuffie lives in Chicago, and works all the time, mostly on the comic FEELS, which you would probably like.

Visit Ian's website, and pick up DBMSG77 at Table 33B June 6 & 7th!