CAKE DEBUT: Dancing with Shadows by Andrew Holmquist


Sun tanning next to your boyfriend, he pulls away from a kiss and beckons you into the ocean. You chase him, he swims out and slips from view as a wave rolls towards you. Crash! Space and time split apart, cascading layers of reality upon you, splitting your body into sweaty slices of cheese and tissue paper. You cobble yourself together into a semblance of a man and - SNAP! - its time! Fred Astaire would be proud of the moves you make tip-tapping across the page in a bright yellow suit with matching shoes. Deep sea dive to find a coffin that opens a door onto the best night club that never was and you have yourself a story! No promises that it will make any more sense than this, but oh what a beauty it all is in 3-color risographic glory!


holmquistAndrew Holmquist is an artist and cartoonist based in Chicago. He received his BFA (2008) and MFA (2014) degrees from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, each from the department of painting and drawing. His work ranges from paintings to sculpture to video performances and comics, and he is interested in blurring the lines between all of these distinctions.

Visit Andrew's website, and pick up Dancing With Shadows at Table 20A June 6 & 7th!