CAKE DEBUT: Expectation by Amy Peltz


Expectation is a story of hope and tragedy inspired by the life and work of the early-twentieth-century Expressionist artist Egon Schiele, whose tortured, attenuated forms are instantly recognizable. Wordless and rendered in pencil, this thread-bound mini-comic by Amy Peltz explores how narrative can be conveyed with a minimum of means. In some respects continuing the style of her previous comics Shopping and Houses, Expectation also takes this approach in new directions, finding in pencil smudges, erasures, and traces a visual analogue for memory and loss.

peltzAmy Peltz is an artist, editor, and writer living in Chicago. When not working at the Art Institute of Chicago, she makes, reads, and thinks about comics.

Visit Amy's website, and pick up Expectation at Table 83B June 6 & 7th!

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