Announcing the 2015 Cupcake Award Winner: Goda Trakumaite!

CAKE is proud to award the second annual Cupcake Award to Goda Trakumaite! Launched in 2014, the Cupcake Award emerges from CAKE’s commitment to support independent comics and the self-publishing community. As the winner of this year’s Cupcake Award, Trakumaite will receive $250 to support the printing of a new comic, a free half table at the 2016 CAKE festival, where the comic will debut, and mentorship support from special guest juror John Porcellino. George Porteus and M. Dean received honorable mentions, and we congratulate them for their strong applications. “I feel really grateful, excited and nervous about this award. I have been drawing for a while but haven't really ever shared my comics with anyone other than close friends. Applying for this award was kind of a first attempt to go in that direction of more deliberate and wider sharing, I did it just to ‘get in the habit’ of doing stuff like this, and then was really really surprised to get the notifying e-mail. Since then I've been re-reading John Porcellino's work, feeling very moved by it (especially the Hospital Suite book), relating a lot to all the different varieties of anxiety depicted therein, and getting excited to get some feedback and mentorship from such a cool artist. This is all very special to me. Thank you CAKE!” -Goda TrakumaiteGodaThe application for CAKE 2016 is now open! To apply, please head to The application period is open until November 30, we encourage you to take your time and put together a strong application. CAKE 2016 will take place June 11 & 12 at the Center on Halsted, 3656 N Halsted Avenue. CAKE’s standard table space is a half-table (3′ x 2.5′). A registration fee of $65 is due upon acceptance into CAKE. There is no application fee. Please direct any questions you may have to We will reply to all questions as quickly as possible.