CAKE 2017 Special Guest Announcement: Ben Passmore!

CAKE is excited to announce our next special guest for 2017: Ben Passmore!Ben Passmore lives in New Orleans where he is constantly creating quality comics, including Your Black Friend, which looks at race in the modern United States, and DAYGLOAYHOLE, a “psychedelic post-apocalyptic adventure comic about misanthropy, old punks, gentrification, TV faced monsters, anarchism, art theory, lame literary references, and a bunch of other words.” He has also been published on The Nib, and he continues to create stories about police abolition, sex addiction, struggles with radical utopian ideas, gentrification, and inherent classism in art esthetics, and sex addiction on Patreon. For more information, please visit Ben’s website, or follow him on Tumblr, Instagram or Facebook.The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) is a weekend-long celebration of independent comics, inspired by Chicago’s rich legacy as home to many of underground and alternative comics’ most talented artists–past, present, and future. Featuring comics for sale, workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions, and more, CAKE is dedicated to fostering community and dialogue among independent artists, small presses, publishers, and readers. The sixth annual CAKE will take place Saturday, June 10, and Sunday, June 11, 2017, at the Center on Halsted, 3656 North Halsted Avenue in Chicago. For any questions about CAKE, please email