CAKE DEBUT: Magic Hedge #2 by Marian Runk

Marian is excited to debut the second installment of her Ignatz Award nominated autobiographical series "The Magic Hedge," at CAKE. In addition to examining the familiar subjects of bird-watching, family relationships, queer romance and community, much of Issue #2: Firsts, Seconds, and Endings will return to vivid moments of Marian's childhood growing up in Dallas, Texas. First Snowy Owl sightings, second words uttered as a toddler, awkward childhood vocabulary mistakes, broken hearts, and childhood mentors lost to the AIDS epidemic are memorialized with love and humor in this new collection.

Marian is a Texan born, Chicago-based cartoonist who loves birds, cats, and country music. The second issue of her Ignatz-nominated comic series, The Magic Hedge, will debut at CAKE. When she’s not at her day job (peddling birth control and promoting safer sex to the Chicagoland area), she’s probably drawing comics, playing guitar, singing in a choir, or watching birds along the shore of Lake Michigan.

Visit Marian's website, and pick up Magic Hedge #2 at Table 46 June 16 & 17th!