CAKE DEBUT: Primahood: the Second Album by Tyler Cohen

Primahood: The Second Album shares more real and and surreal adventures of MamaPants and Primazons. There are further glimpses into the feral and cultured world of the Primazons; MamaPants rides twists and turns through her young daughter's engagement with marriage. Full-color, 24-page book.

Tyler Cohen is addicted to actual books and paper in a time when we are moving into the digital, and finds it highly ironic that she reads a lot of science fiction. She made mini-comics back in the nineties, then diverged to spend time with creatures she calls Primazons, drawing snapshot, ethnographic moments of their lives. Now, returning to comics with Primahood and Primahood: the Second Album, her work continues to playfully tell stories and ask questions that might lead to thoughts about femaleness, social constructs, feminist parenting, and how we relate to one another.

Visit Tyler's website, and pick up Primahood: the Second Album at Table 48 June 16 & 17th!