CAKE DEBUT: Startled Maggie #1 by Meghan Hogan

Startled Maggie is an auto-bio serial focusing on a mischievous little spit-fire. Drawn in light pencil, this new series is pointed at the ephemeral qualities of memory and what makes early life such a funny and charming place.

Meghan Hogan is the comic book artist and crochet toy designer behind Startled Maggie. She graduated cum laude with a B.A. from Hamline University with a major in studio arts and a minor in anthropology. After a year of portrait commissions and local art shows she ran away with her boyfriend to Cirque du Soleil. They traveled with the circus to many cities doing gift shop merchandising and security. When they returned to Minnesota they got security gigs as museum guards, started their own businesses, and got hitched.

Visit Meghan's website, and pick up Startled Maggie at Table 50 June 16 & 17th!