CAKE Drink and Draw Brunch Special Thanks

On April 30, 2017, CAKE hosted a Drink and Draw fundraiser at Empty Bottle. We would like to thank the people and institutions who helped make this year's event so good. Empty Bottle was a wonderful venue who was super accommodating and nice to us. Special thanks to our contacts Mike, Tim, and Sarah, and Marie for working the door.CAKE Coordinator Corinne Halbert did a great job with the event logistics - thank you, Corinne!Hey- you know who generously donated their time and did an outstanding job DJing on a stormy Sunday afternoon? Joe Tallerico and Tony Breed did. That's who. Thank you both.Blick Art MaterialsQuimby's and Mike Freiheit sponsored our event, and we are so thankful for their generosity.Special thanks for everyone who volunteered for CAKE at the event:  Neil Brideau, Mike Freiheit, Corinne Halbert, and Jeff Zwirek.