CAKE 2017 Debuts!

Every year, we are honored to see comics artists use CAKE as a venue to debut new comics.  Be the first person on the planet to get a copy of these new and innovative titles! You can view our debuts on our 2017 Debut page.Here are a few titles that will be debuting at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo on June 10 & 11: 

Fog Over Tolbiac Bridge: A Nestor Burma Mystery

by Jacques TardiParis, 1950s. Nestor Burma’s past comes knocking when a young gypsy woman leads him to a hospital where he discovers a recently deceased old buddy from his anarchist days. While Burma has chosen to move onto the (more or less) straight and narrow as a private eye, his friend had stayed on the other side of the law as a counterfeiter and worse. So now it’s up to Burma to avenge his friend, keep the girl safe, and hopefully unravel a mystery whose roots run far and deep back into the past... Fog Over Tolbiac Bridge is the first of four major graphic novels adapted by Tardi from the legendary French crime writer Léo Malet’s original Nestor Burma novels, each set in Paris. Tardi’s stylish use of mechanical gray tones provides the book with a lovely period feel which, combined with Tardi’s usual obsessive visual research, gives it a uniquely personal, authentic quality. Tardi’s adaptation is a cracking good detective yarn and a milestone in comics history.Table 417 & 418

Let Some Word That Is Heard Be Yours

by Alex NallThe next installment of Nall's 'Teaching Comics' series, 'Let Some Word That Is Heard Be Yours' explores the life and influence of tv's Fred Rogers, better known as Mister Rogers.Table 301b

Midwestrn Cuban Comics 10

by Odin D. CabalBaseball, romance, and near death experience. Maria and company are back in black in the streets of Milwaukee.Table 110b

A New Low

by Johnny RyanFor more than a decade, Johnny Ryan (Angry Youth Comix, Prison Pit) has been filling the back page of Vice magazine with some of the most transgressively hilarious and politically incorrect comics to ever grace a glossy, national magazine. A New Low collects this impressive body of work, as well as several other surprises. The victims of Ryan’s skewering satire in this collection include: G.G. Allin, Caddyshack, Bill Cosby, E.T., Everybody Loves Raymond, Ireland, Italy, Kenny G, Kid Rock, D.H. Lawrence, Ted Nugent, Russians, Small Wonder, The Shield, Spain, Two and a Half Men, Vice magazine, Wall Street, and so much more that can’t be so easily categorized (such as “Erotic Art Collecting Squirrel” or “Whorenado,” to name but a few). Johnny Ryan’s utterly unpretentious taboo-tackling is an infectious and hilarious bombardment of political incorrectness, taking full advantage of the medium’s absurdist potential for maximum laughs. In an age when the medium is growing up and aspiring to more mature and hoity-toity literary heights, Ryan builds on the visceral tradition that cartooning has had on our collective funny bone for over a century, and A New Low collects almost 100 full-color examples of Vice’s signature cartoonist.Tables 417 & 418

The Complete Strange Growths, 1991-1997

by Jenny ZervakisJenny Zervakis was part of a wave of underground, do-it-yourself cartoonists who came of age during the Zine Revolution of the 1990's. At a time when most "alternative comics" were loud, abrasive, and sarcastic, Jenny's zine, Strange Growths, was warm, understated, and emotionally bare. Now, for the first time, these inspirational and groundbreaking comics have been collected in book form. The Complete Strange Growths: 1991-1997 gathers the first thirteen issues in their entirety, plus a selection of rare comics from anthologies, and a new interview with Jenny, conducted by Robert Clough.Table 105

Upgrade Soul Vol 3

by Ezra Claytan DanielsAfter almost 15 years in the making, Ezra Claytan Daniels' award-winning science fiction epic finally concludes. Upgrade Soul Volume 3. 96 pages, full color, squarebound. “Upgrade Soul is a dazzling, disturbing piece of science fiction that examines aging, family and science gone wrong. It’ll grip you from the first page on.” —Heidi MacDonald, The BeatTable 211a


by Andrea PazienzaFantagraphics is proud to introduce American (and English-speaking) readers to this blazingly honest cartoonist of international stature. Andrea Pazienza was part of a group of Italian cartoonists and illustrators who pioneered a breakthrough approach to comics in Italy, comparable to what Moebius did at Les Humanoïdes Associés with Métal Hurlant in France and Robert Crumb with Zap in the U.S. Pazienza was a true visionary, with a fluid line and an uncanny sense of color and composition, and his innovative graphic style served up stories that were iconoclastic, outrageous, humorous, and deeply personal, often based on himself and his microcosm of friends and collaborators. Zanardi portrays a lost generation of late-1970s/early-1980s teenagers, coping with family problems, school, sex, and drugs — a universal tale in many Western countries. Pazienza was a revolutionary cartoonist who ushered an underground sensibility to Italian and European comics, breaking from the more staid tradition of genteel adult (and children’s) graphic albums.Tables 417 & 418