CAKE 2017 Debuts!

Every year, we are honored to see comics artists use CAKE as a venue to debut new comics.  Be the first person on the planet to get a copy of these new and innovative titles! You can view our debuts on our 2017 Debut page.Here are a few titles that will be debuting at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo on June 10 & 11:

Destroyed Cell

by Andy GlassTable 109bA new series from Chicago cartoonist Andy Glass. DESTROYED CELL - A hyper-realistic, paranoid and poetic adventure set in a (possible?) future of oppression, resistances, mutation and cataclysmic change! 32 pp, b/w

Half Asleep Volume 7

by Beth Hetland and Kyle O'Connell Table 502aThe PENULTIMATE volume of Beth and Kyle's series, Half Asleep! After being submerged for an entire volume in her dreams, some time later and back in reality Ivy begins her journey to the end.Series summary-- at age 11 Ivy Lassette is the youngest student enrolled at the elite college, Ebony-Alerca. Ivy’s studies focus on Hypnology, an experimental discipline that teaches students how to access and inhabit their dream worlds with the same conscious control they experience in waking reality. Ivy’s world-renown and highly demanding professor also happens to be her mother, Dr. Michelle Lassette. Follow Ivy and Dr. Lassette as they navigate the layers of existence attempting to understand the world, each other, and themselves.

Chicago in the Fall

by Cathy HannahTable 410bDiary comic with daily four-panel strips from September - November 2016. About cats, naps, and boys

Is This OK? #7

by Hannah KaplanTable 517bThe seventh issue in annually published diary comics series by Hannah Kaplan, "Is This OK?" is a 28-page full-color mini-comic. It contains recent comics drawn entirely in colored pencil. The comics touch on issues such as the recent election, relationships, and the ups and downs in the daily life of a woman in her early thirties who is finally realizing the finitude of life. It's very funny. You need not have read any other comics in the series to enjoy this publication.


by Heberto BICIOTable 222bA book about playing with shadows and revealing secrets.


by NouTable 515Can you see the answers are all here?

Shadow Hills 10

by Sean FordTable 22aThis is the 10th issue of Shadow Hills. It's the last part in a story about a plague that hits a fracking town and two sisters who are trying to find a way to stop it.Shadow Hills 10 is a 24pp black and white comic book with full color cover. It is 6.5" x 8.5" and printed on nice paper. This issue features a special back cover drawn by Alex Kim. Check out his comics and drawings on Instagram @atronkim


by Xia GordonTable 515lines, lights, and emotions.