CAKE DEBUT: Structures 12-23 by Vincent Stall

This is the second book in the Structures series. This time cartoonist and designer Vincent Stall was invited to contribute 11 structures. Vincent's constructions contain a kind simultaneity of decay and growth. Are they ruins of an unknown civilization or the beginnings of a new one?1-color cover.20 pages5.25 x 7 inch pamphlet

From Yo Gabba Gabba to General Mills, Vincent Stall’s work proves that no brand is too big, too small, or too unusual. Designing and producing work for Dominos Pizza, Kmart, Haute Dish, Big Brain Comics, Dunn Brothers, Dairy Queen, Northwest Airlines...blah blah blah, his award-winning work has appeared in the graphic design annuals Graphis, Print, and CA.His true roots trace back to founding King Mini International, a boutique design house, where he spent several years “figuring it all out”. In addition to publishing numerousbooks, including the much loved Robot Investigator, the much misunderstood Everyone Takes A Turn, as well as Passenger Side and Jetsam, Stall’s work also graces the walls of music venues and transit kiosks in the form of rock and roll posters. Under the name King Mini, his illustration work has appeared in such comic book and rock poster books as Sonic: Visuals of Music, MeatHaus, and 2D Cloud's Things You Carry

Visit Vincent and Uncivilized Books' website, and pick up Structures 12-23 at Table 27 (though Vincent will be tabling at table 49) June 16 & 17th!