CAKE DEBUT: Lollygag from Yam Books

Lark Pien and Rina Ayuyang have collaborated to present Yam Book's first release of 2012. Lollygag, a revealing anthology edited by cartoonist and artist Lark Pien, collects the compulsive doodles from the sketchbooks of some of the most dynamic and inventive minds in art and comics. Contributors include Trevor Alixopulos, Rina Ayuyang, Nick Bertozzi, Lille Carré, Martin Cendreda, Capucine Delouis, Eleanor Davis, Vanessa Davis, Renee French, Shaenon Garrity, Tom Gauld, John Hankiewicz, Tom Hart, Dylan Horrocks, Tom Kaczynski, Dave Kiersh, Larry Marder, Maré Odomo, Lark Pien, Jesse Reklaw, Jim Rugg, Daria Tessler, Angie Wang, Malachi Ward, and Dan Zettwoch. Each page sheds new light on the murky minds of cartoonists, quirks and all!

Rina Ayuyang is a cartoonist based in Oakland, California. Her comics have been collected in the Ignatz-nominated book “Whirlwind Wonderland” co-published by Sparkplug Comic Books and Tugboat Press. She has contributed to various anthologies like Unicorn Mountain #3 and Stripburger, and plays the “nice” co-host on the comics podcast, The Comix Claptrap. She also runs the publishing company, Yam Books.lark pien began making mini-comics in 1997. she is best known for her Long Tail Kitty series, oil paintings, and coloring of American Born Chinese(1). anthology contributions include Blood Orange, Flight, Hi-Horse Omnibus, and Orchid. Long Tail Kitty(2) and Mr. Elephanter(3) are her first hardcover children’s books. lark lives equidistant to jason shiga, dan clowes, and rina ayuyang, who all are also cartoonists. isn’t that nice.

Visit Yam Books' website, and pick up Lollygag at Table 39 June 16 & 17th!