CAKE DEBUT: Jumbly Junkery #11 by L. Nichols

Now firmly in the double digits with #11, the latest issue of Jumbly Junkery contains a suite of whimsical and sad musings on loss. Stories include an oyster shucker who hears songs in his seafood, to a man lost in the desert, determined to move forward. As the pages progress, Jumbly Junkery #11's drawings evolve from realism, to abstraction, to nearing mathematical equations. Topped off with a heart pounding animal-driven motorcycle race, this issue is full of what L. Nichols' fans have come to expect from a master of the minicomic!

L. left a life of engineering to live and work as an illustrator, artist and graphic designer in Brooklyn.

Visit L. Nichols' website, and pick up Jumbly Junkery #11 at Table 49 June 16 & 17th!