CAKE DEBUT: Detrimental Information by John & Luke Holden

Detrimental Information by John & Luke Holden

An odyssey of the everlasting nature of boyhood told via poems, short stories, crude scrawls and xeroxed doodles. 13 years worth of American tales are strung together in a fast and loose zig zag formation, leaving the reader out of breath and full of tearful laughter.Published by 2d Cloud

John Holden 2D Cloud

John Holden is a spoken word artist, video story teller, and a goddamn poet. His video ramblings and parodies have graced the World Wide Web via his hit online video series, Total Vom, where they have racked up more than a million viewings. John’s poems and shorts stories have been featured in zines, comics, and music. Detrimental Information, a 13 year zine series he co-created with his brother Luke is set to debut stateside at CAKE. He will be stationed at his publishers table (2D Cloud), wherever that may be, he will be ready!2D Cloud is a Xomics Publisher and Visual Purveyor. We publish work in print and online.

Visit 2D Cloud's website, and pick up Detrimental Information at Table 11 May 31st & June 1st!